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Old Mack

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  1. HUH

    1. Imgreatagain


      What’s going on Mr Mack? Are you having a meltdown?

  2. Will you remain in my prayers....since you didn't shun me before it was cool.


    Speaking of bowling...was never a big fan BUT I remember sometimes it would come on like some times on a Saturday afternoon.


    If I remember correctly it was from Vegas and always big $$$ games.  I use to watch and got a kick out of it.


    BTW: I only bumped this because I saw your handle at teachers thread.


    Hope all is well.

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    2. Old Mack

      Old Mack

      I enjoy cyber drama...not childish 4 letter word throwing.

    3. Imgreatagain


      Isn’t he the guy that had a butthole photoshopped onto his face? 
      the image haunts me to this day. 

    4. Old Mack

      Old Mack

      Don't remember but sounds like something you can't unsee.

  3. 'When you ain't got nothing, you got nothing to loose.' Bob Dylan

  4. zarHO is shunning me again.


    I sent her a nice PM and assured her I was only fun'n with her and was not going to stalk her or anything like.


    I guess I'll have to wait until she is drunk again and nobody else is around to hear back from her.






  5. WTF...is this hippy skata ?

  6. What are you doing next May Day ?

  7. Where are ya SloMo ?

  8. David...I tried to make a donation to help pay the rent and it wouldn't let me.


    Whats up with that ?


    , Old Mack

  9. Chuck....the other day I got a $28.00 book for .50 ata thrift store. It is all about different ammo's of the world. If you would like it....when I'm don't reading it I'd be glad to send it to you ONLY by GENERAL Delivery. Doc it's only a scatch, Mack

  10. What does Rachel live on the equator ?

  11. Not sure...lets see !

    1. Old Mack

      Old Mack

      Testing, testing...1, 2, 3, 4,...is thic mic on...test, test !

    2. Old Mack

      Old Mack

      Got a PM notification...so it might be working !


    3. SiiyaSlarebil


      Testing complete and all systems are operational. Wassup, Mack?

  12. Testing, testing...1, 2, 3, 4,...is thic mic on...test, test !

  13. Testing, Testing...is this MIC on, 1, 2, 3, 4, Test, Test !

  14. Testing, Testing...is this mic on...test, test, 1,2,3, 4, test !

  15. Thanks for the bump !

  16. Happy hunting ! As always, Mack

  17. My friend has written a book about the Civil War, he also gave his research notes to some guy who used them to write a book and was mentioned in the forward of another Civil War book. I talk to him on the phone once a week for at least a hour...it's amazing the knowledge he has.

  18. lh, I am a Civil War buff. I have a friend who is a retired National Park Ranger at Civil War sites, who also did research for National Park Service. I told him about your thread and he said the way you find campsites is look for slight indentions in the ground arround battle grounds. (from the shebangs) He said you should look at North South Trader magazine.

  19. Where ya been...was BHO's victory to much for ya ?

  20. Thanks for the shout out...I do my best to hold the ultraliberals feet to the fire. And I'll have to tell ya, the King been know to give Old Mack a chuckle.

  21. my Museum and not have to worry.

  22. I have a 'Old School' Shovelhead BUT now that I'm Old, I'd rather look at bikes than ride them. I'm no longer bulletproof. My last accident was a real life changer even tho I wasn't hurt that bad. Never heard of those Bultacos but look them up. If I ever hit the Powerball, I'm going to buy a bunch of old bikes like them and put them on a milkcrate so I can ride it in...

  23. Yo Chuck, If your going up I-75 to get to Knoxville...stop by and see me. I live 10 minutes from the Interstate. I'll throw some chicken and such on the grill !

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