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  1. Ya know Louie the Hammer...I have a schizoaffective disorder and I should be dead by now because of it. I have been in jail and in the nut house. I was homeless for 9 months and hearing voices and I now own a home in the MTS of the great state of Tennessee. I saw my grand daughters 2 in my life and haven't talked to my family in 25 years. I've been in 3 motor cycle accidents. My grandmother died in front of me. I am coming up on being sober 25 years. My father was a violent alcoholic and my mom is a Irish Catholic head case. I was molested when I was 10 years old and just like all my problems in life I dealt with it. I don't let any thing rule my life...I leave that to Lab Rat (my squeeze). If you want to drive me away from my second home...go ahead. I'll survive it...I swear to God ! It's only a message board...for God's sake; it's not reality.
  2. ultraliberals love to say the day is coming when Whites will be the minority group and Amigo's will be the majority. I hope they see the day when English is the secondary language.
  3. The kind of car that killed James Dean:
  4. The final weekend of zarHO's life has never been discussed as much as the way she was found on Sunday, August 5, 2025; naked, face down in her bed with her phone in her hand. Just days before she was hanging out at the bitch & HO annual convention with JinnMartini after being unceremoniously shunned by Old Mack. Despondent and heartbroken, she did her best to have a good time bashing Catholics and praising ultraliberals with the other posters...trying to keep them from realizing how depressed she was.
  5. Dr. Joe B. here is another gun safety tip...never confront a intruder unless you have to. Call the police, sit in the corner of a room and wait for them to come. (be sure and drop your gun when they do) De. Joe B. I told you I taught a (I hate to use the word) Black PHD how to play chess. He wrote a book and it had a chess board on the cover so he wanted to learn.
  6. I am going to teach Lab Rat (my squeeze) how to shoot soon...if I ever get around to it. I just came in contact with The Den of Thieves I'm weary they will try and rob my garage when I am not home and she is.
  7. Apparently you do not know about firearms safety. Whenever you are handed a gun you always check to see if it is loaded...even if the guy handing it to you unloaded it in front of you. As I posted (I read) it wasn't a accident it was criminal negligence. Regardless...Alec "Six Shooter" Baldwin is a hypocrite...for touching any kind of gun at all. The little whore.
  8. I am a lot of things...I am a loser and a winner at the same time. I am in cyber love with zarHO and she doesn't even know I exist.
  9. People are shunning me right now. (in this thread) I post something and get nothing...5 post later somebody says the same thing and the place lights.
  10. Where you in Philly ? If I hit the Powerball I could live in NYC for a few years. (if I have them left)
  11. Philly (my home jawn) has a higher murder count (not rate) than NYC. Half the POP is on Welfare or in jail. They have a city wage tax, a soda, a 2% sales tax and they still can not get the services the people need.
  12. jiveman...I love them all except welfare queens, mules / coyotes and jail birds (who come here and continue their illegal behavior) As I said before immigrants...have great food. I use to drive a VC around (in my pick up) who did sign work. (He lost his lisc for DUI) We went to a (real) African take out and because my mom loves fish I bought her a platter. So I started going there (like every other week) getting her different kinds of fish. My man had 3 kids and whenever I went there one or all of them were there working. Try and get that from a Afro-America...I'm not saying they don't exist BUT you could probably count them on your 2 hands. Lab Rat (my squeeze) and I went for "Mexican" yesterday...there was about 300 people at the place. (lot of church goers) Thank you and God / Nature bless.
  13. NHB message board madness...a place where totally anonymous nuts sitting around in their underwear argue with other totally anonymous nuts who are buzzed out of thier minds...both thinking they're always right. Spelling nazi's who make mistakes in their correction post. It's a hang out for a assorted cast of emotionally disturbed out of work actors; killing time while waiting for the right part to come along. A fruit salad of disturbed humanity of which most belong in the funny farm or have already been there and the rest belong in the discount aisle of Hacks-R-Us.. It's only a message board...for God's sake; it's not reality.
  14. jiveman...when my ancestors came here the country was a lot different than...there wasn't so many people than. (Which means less global warming for one thing.) One thing about poor foreigners who come to the USA...they have a good network. I told you when I lived in Philly...I had friends who were Muslims from Africa. They stuck together and if they came across anything good (eg) a coat at a thrift store they would buy it and pass it on. Like Dave Chappell said: The Irish were the niggers of EURO.
  15. You gives a hoot about them ? Nobody did anything for my Irish ancestors when they first came to America...except thier own. I'm not sure if it is my grandfather or my great grandfather BUT he was a Soviet Jew...who came here with nothing BUT a name and a bag of clothes. I wonder if this is a fake meme...you know made by a ultraliberal.
  16. Gee bigmouth...you sure told him ! I hate to get personal BUT were you playing with yourself while you posted it.
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