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  1. OK...well let me when you get the right answer. BTW: 2 things...everybody gets the NFG treatment and you have done well for yourself. And...did you ever here of the North Star ?
  2. My new painting...I call it Nails on the chalkboard.
  3. drjoke: Why should taxes payers foot the bill for something that is preventable ! I mean ultraliberals don't want their taxes going to the military / war BUT let me guess....that is differant. BTW: Did you ever hear about the AB ghetto lottery scam ? Bitches and HOs in the Hood go around and FK a bunch of OGs and than called them up later and tell they are with child and need $$$ for a AB. AB spreads AIDS / STDs...because it encourages sexual promiscuity ! Think about !
  4. I'm guessing for the same reason ultraliberals do ! A bunch of baby killers...that is kind of laughable. Sleepy Joe...get away from me with that needle: My body My choice !
  5. Come on rippy...that is a picture I can't unsee. BTW: I thought I have some problems with my daughter...now I don't feel so bad.
  6. I'll bet that gorilla cookie is going to do some hard time. I'll also bet it is not her first case(s). This place needs a giant LOL button. BTW: I say every circus needs a side show. (that is my role here)
  7. Not sure of the people on the right...BUT the bitch & HO is taking her problems out on VC because of the people on the left.
  8. I'll ask zarHO...heard she is a wood expert.
  9. I wish I was in the clique...this thread would be 10 pages long. BTW: king about the gorilla cookie...you're kidding.
  10. They do it all the time. What happened to George Floyd in the clips...the satanic ultraliberal agenda driven media were playing on the was not the entire video story. IMHO...the copper was only guilty of official misconduct MAYBE manslaughter. Don't know the legal def in Minn BUT OG died in thier custody...they should have called the EMTs the first time he said I can't breath.
  11. See you...wouldn't wanna be you. He's going to be a old man when he gets out. That dude didn't deserve that...maybe if he threatened the coppers family or spit in his face ! OK one or two pops in the head is enough for that. That copper is obviously a wacko...like I always say: I wonder what his new nick name is around HQ. I wonder how many other MOFO he has done that to.
  12. Message board madness...where totally anonymous nuts sitting around in their underwear argue with other totally anonymous nuts who are totally buzzed out of thier minds...both thinking they're always right. It's a hang out for a assorted cast of emotionally disturbed out of work actors; killing time while waiting for the right part to come along. A fruit salad of humanity of which most belong in the discount aisle. Spelling nazi's who make mistakes in their correction post. To sum it up...shall we say...it is airport for headcases with to much time on thier hands; nuts coming in for a landing, nuts idling on the tarmac and nuts taking off.
  13. Doctors immediately called 911 when the girl showed up telling officers they had a rape victim they needed to see immediately, he said. When officers arrived, Miranda-Jara proudly said he was the father of the child the 12-year-old mother was about to give birth to, and he acted a bit unsure as to why police were even getting involved. Officers believe Miranda-Jara was fully expecting to go home with his child-girlfriend and newborn baby later that day as if everything was perfectly legal. The age of consent in Oklahoma is 16. (Thier highlight) This week, the Tulsa Police Department announced the arrest of the girl’s mother, Desiree Castaneda, and charged her with enabling child sexual abuse and child neglect. https://www.breitbart.com/immigration/2021/07/30/convicted-illegal-alien-rapist-accused-impregnating-12-year-old/
  14. We have these things called satellites * and brilliant people. BTW: cornhole...did you ran away...so you didn't have to respond to the most shunned poster in the world ? Here one minute gone the next...are you afraid the clique might shun you to ? US Navy renews training in celestial navigation over GPS hack fears https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2015/10/22/us-navy-renews-training-in-celestial-navigation-over-gps-hack-fears/ *
  15. CLICK DFC ! CLICK Satellite navigation in the 18th century More than two centuries ago, it was possible to very accurately pinpoint your position on earth by means of 'satellites'. Man has navigated across the globe by means of satellites for thousands of years – however, until the mid twentieth century, these were not GPS-satellites, but stars. In reality, the sun and the stars aren’t satellites of the Earth, but celestial navigation is based on a precopernican world view (the earth was believed to be the centre of the universe). This may sound a little outdated, but this system was perfected to such an extent that in the second half of the eighteenth century it was almost as accurate as the present-day GPS. Moreover, it was much more robust. Shooting stars To determine one’s position on earth, one has to be able to find out the degree of longitude (east-west) as well as the degree of latitude (north-south). The latitude (the distance to the equator or the poles) has been easy to determine since antiquity - by measuring the angle of the sun relative to the horizon. Other stars could also be used for this, such as the polar star in the northern hemisphere. Throughout history several instruments were developed for the ‘shooting’ of stars, tools that became increasingly accurate and practical: the astrolabium (since the 4th century), the quadrant (since the 13th century), cross-staff (17th century), the octant and the sextant (both in the 18th century). The sextant is accurate to a resolution of 100 to 200 metres, depending on the quality of the instrument and the experience of the user. This is as accurate as the commercial GPS network was in 2000.
  16. You can't kill me...I am already dead. Haven't you figured that out yet?
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