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  1. I am a paleo-Dylan fan and I like trim. In fact I love it.
  2. zarHO...when you go out ride'n that bad Harley please put on some boots.
  3. Did you ever hear about the guy who hit himself in the head because it felt so good when he stopped ? I’ve been watching a lot of Ben Shapiro's videos, his articles, his speeches,… on the issues of transgenderism, some I watched again in order to be reminded of his arguments regarding transgenderism and the way he feels about transgenders.
  4. I remember a ultraliberal here tried to tell me a tranny was a woman. He got all upset when I told him no it is a man with his penis cut off or a man in a dress who wishes his penis was cut off. He really got upset when I explained to him scientifically that was correct. It is simple: If a body was found burnt beyond recognition and a autopsy was performed on the remains...what would the doctor pronounce it. There are 3 sexes: male, female and the mentally ill. Ben Shapiro
  5. Just think if this was Trump and a District Judge over ruled him ultraliberals would be walking around with a woody. BTW: I read Sleepy Joe wants to release sex offenders and other predators.
  6. I must be getting old dude...I'd rather take the Vett for a ride
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