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  1. You might get some trim from her if you got her drunk and told her...why don't you try the pole instead of hole...just once.
  2. Example of NHB redundant thread titles: Do you think Trump should be schooled by BHO ? I think Trump should be schooled by BHO just because of how he knots his tie ! Do you think Trump could give any schooling back to BHO ? Trump should be schooled by BHO...what do you think ? Think Trump should be schooled by BHO...you're not alone ! How much of the world thinks Trump should be schooled by BHO ? The world thinks Trump should be schooled by BHO...what about you ? Do you ever sit around and think about Trump being schooled by BHO ? Even Trump thinks he should be schooled by BHO ! Try and think how much better it would be if Trump was schooled by BHO ! Bill Maher thinks Trump should be schooled by BHO ! Jim Acosta doesn't think Trump should be schooled by BHO...he knows it !
  3. Hey...I tell you what; how many other hotties do you think were at the cattle call ? madcow is a very interagent woman...it's just that she looks like Buddy Holly.
  4. I believe in the rule of law and a president keeping his promises. (so far Trump has) The agenda says...when face with irrefutable facts the dedicate must divert, clamor, be repetitious, equivocate or just totally ignore the argument.
  5. I worship no one except the God of Abraham and bob dylan...I guess. Anyhow they are all liars and money changers. At least Fox has hot babes...while msnBS has madcow.
  6. Adult film actress Jessica Jaymes, whose real name is Jessica Michael Redding, was found dead at her San Fernando Valley, California home by a friend who went to check on her after not hearing from her in 'a while.' The porn star was reported to have had a history of seizures and sources told TMZ that a variety of prescription drugs were found in her home. The cause of death is not currently known and an autopsy is pending.
  7. The Prez wants to help the homeless and the commie news network still knock him. In 2016 and early 2017, Barack Obama appointees in the FBI, CIA and Department of Justice tried to subvert the Trump campaign, interfere with his transition and, ultimately, abort his presidency. Now, congressional Democrats promise impeachment before the 2020 election. The usual reason for such hatred is said to be Trump's unorthodox and combative take-no-prisoners style. Critics detest his crude and unfettered assertions, his lack of prior military or political experience, his attacks on the so-called bipartisan administrative state, and his intent to roll back the entire Obama-era effort of "fundamentally transforming" the country leftward.
  8. You're a Islamophobia. The executive branch consists of the president, the vice president and the cabinet. Both the president and vice president are chosen by the Indonesian electorate through presidential elections. They serve for a term of five years that can be extended once by another term of five years when re-elected by the people. During these elections the president and vice president run as a fixed, inseparable pair, which implies that the composition of this pair is of great political strategic importance. ...The highest court in Indonesia's judiciary system is the independent Supreme Court (Mahkamah Agung). It is the final court of appeal and also deals with disputes between lower courts. A relatively new court, established in 2003, is the Constitutional Court (Mahkamah Konstitusi), which monitors whether decisions made by the cabinet and parliament (MPR) are in line with the Indonesian Constitution. However, most of the legal cases in Indonesia are handled by the public courts, administrative courts, religious courts and military courts.
  9. I saw a DEM member of Congress (from NY) who said he was more interested in getting folks affordable scriptis than impeaching Trump.
  10. What would BHO do...whatever was expedient at the time. CNN Jan 21, 2009: Promising "a new era of openness in our country," President Obama signed executive orders Wednesday relating to ethics guidelines for staff members of his administration. "Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency," Obama said. PBS Mar 18, 2015: WASHINGTON — The Obama administration set a record again for censoring government files or outright denying access to them last year under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, according to a new analysis of federal data by The Associated Press.
  11. I didn't see it on TV or read about it...did he give anyone a new nickname ? Thats my FAV thing about him. Did the commie news network make up anything about him being there ?
  12. If you can't pick the ugly one out of that litter...you need glasses !
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