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  1. White House Press Secretary called Joe Biden a “man of strong faith” today even though he not only supports killing babies in abortions but has promoted abortion extensively by forcing Americans to fund it and fund the Planned Parenthood abortion company. Psaki dodged a question about the Catholic bishops voting to rebuke Biden and pro-abortion Catholic politicians by approving an outline to create a new document on the importance of communion and public life. “Well Joe Biden is a strong man of faith,” Psaki said. “As he noted just a couple of days ago, it’s personal. H
  2. ...Video footage recorded at the scene of the riotous Juneteenth celebration shows a pair of black women ruthlessly beating a white female attendee, as countless members of the crowd surrounded the group cheering on the violence and, at times, throwing their own jabs at the victim of the attack. Additional video shows a mob of hundreds of rioters tearing through city streets as police struggled to keep the situation under control. As has been seen in recent race riots throughout the country, several rioters took breaks from the action to twerk while others danced on the tops of moving vehicle
  3. A woman in Michigan who authorities say shot at a Flint police officer at a traffic checkpoint during a parade on Juneteenth and was struck when the officer returned fire has since died at the hospital. Michigan State Police is investigating following the officer-involved shooting that happened at approximately 2:14 p.m. Saturday in the city of Flint. Officials identified the woman as Briana Sykes, 19, of Flint. A preliminary investigation revealed that an officer working a traffic point for the Juneteenth Celebration Parade "was fired upon by a lone occupant of a vehicle who drove
  4. Before I got hooked on the electronic crack pipe I use to read these things called books. One guy who claimed he was a victim of a priest and was never in the same room with the guy...hit the ghetto lottery. Yeah...he was in jail and his ambulance chaser lawyer got him the $$$. The Church paid him off because what he was asking for was cheaper than fighting it. BTW: Scout this is not a thread to debate the Catholic sex scandal...it is about the hypocrisy of the baby killing Catholic DEMs, satanic ultraliberal agenda driven media and their pet par
  5. If you combined the NYC / LA school districts you would get the same amount of perverts amongst the staff. The only difference is the satanic ultraliberal agenda driven media and their pet parrot bloggers cover it up because both school districts are run and have been run for years by ultraliberals. Also the Harps are the loudest voice against AB. The Bishops are not criticizing Biden...they are exercising thier right to follow thier religion. Do you think Sleepy Joe is the first Catholic to be denied communion ? If you do not like the Catholic Church tha
  6. Skans...thank you for not shunning me BUT...this is not a thread about a paintuing...it is about the hypocrisy of the baby killing Catholic DEMs, satanic ultraliberal agenda driven media and their pet parrot bloggers. .
  7. jiveman...thank you for not shunning me BUT is a childish rant all you have ? You're calling me a racist BUT are supporting anti-Semitism...that makes sense. ultraliberals think there is such a thing as good hate and bad hate and they get to decide which is which.
  8. My thread...and you're telling me something I post does not have anything to the OP. OK ! Let me guess Scout...you to are now concern that baby killers might not be able to get communion anymore...to. Skans...will you tell her that baby killers can get communion (even tho they should take it) and what the Bishops are doing is agreeing to draft a standard policy. (mainly because Sleepy Joe talks about how much of a Catholic he BUT is still into killing babies) We will always love Mason, even tho he killed 5 of our other family members.
  9. My point is ultraliberals constantly knocking the Catholic Church and bucked them at every chance they get. BHO took The Little Sister of the Poor to Supreme Court because of their Catholic beliefs. I believe in the Constitution but that was extreme and he lost. I wonder how much $$$ BHO cause them in legal fees. Unlike NLM the $$$ collect goes o help the poor. So all of the sudden ultraliberals are concerned with people not being able to get communion. Why don't the ultraliberal stay the FK out of this and not get involved in Doctrine they do not believe
  10. That is not correct. You better go back to Wikipedia and reread it. Skans...this is not a thread to debate the Catholic Doctrine...it is about the hypocrisy of the baby killing Catholic DEMs, satanic ultraliberal agenda driven media and their pet parrot bloggers.
  11. It ultimately led to the entire event being canceled, although a statement by Eat up the Borders did not apologize, and was promptly condemned on social media. The statement read: 'Our mission at EUTB, is to uplift as many passionate small businesses in the Philadelphia areas as possible. We want to provide a platform where we can gather around a table to share history, culture, language, and most importantly, FOOD. In order to best serve our guests, we decided to remove one of our vendors for Sunday's event so that we could deliver an optimal experience t
  12. Skans...this is not a thread to debate the Divinity of Jesus...it is about the hypocrisy of the baby killing Catholic DEMs, satanic ultraliberal agenda driven media and their pet parrot bloggers. . As Jesus the Christ said: "Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of dead men's bones and everything unclean.
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