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  1. Isn't that PIC from Modern Monster magazine ?
  2. Just came upon it while look at car pages...I don't need other people's material ! BTW: Was that you who did knock off Old Mack threads ?
  3. I've always suspected that BUT never was 100% sure. Are you kidding...that is the condensed version.
  4. Spock...how do you say sha wing in Vulcan ?
  5. Haven't given up on this thread just haven't seen any cool PICs.
  6. Can you go back to profound gibberish ?
  7. Never thought the day would come when I said I'm glad my grandfather is dead. If he saw 1% of the stuff that goes on today...he would have a stroke.
  8. I wonder if she does porno ! (I don't know...look at bump on her lip)
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