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  1. SpyCar's Garage

    How much would it be to rotate my tires while telling what a great president Donald Trump is ?
  2. PM for king of the country !

    Sorry it was unaccepted...no trim for the King.
  3. SpyCar's Garage

    Observing ultraliberal behavior is at the heart of everything Old Mack post. Everyday Michelle Obama use to wake up in a house that slaves built and contains no Bibles but in the mean time...on a Chinese made TV she bought at Walmart, (where Tim Tebow once worked when he was in College, the same one Glen Beck thought about going to) Sarah Palin simultaneously watched MSNBC on how the REPUBS were completely to blame for every thing wrong with the Government, CNN about the Trayvon Martin injustice and Fox News about East Jerusalem (but there was no mention of global warming disproportionately caused by Israel and the effect it has on the peace loving Palestinian people); while she read a article on gun control (and day dreamed about what has a greater impact...same sex marriage or the Republican war on women) as she ate a Chick-Fil-A sandwich...washing it down with a 64 oz Coke, that she bought at a Koch Brothers franchise (where everyone works at minimum wage), right next to the Catholic Church (where the local Tea Party meets to discuss keeping minorities down, the illegal immigrant problem, Obama not being born in America, assonating Sandra Flunke and the war in Iraq that Haliburton started) which was built where a old growth forest use to be, that the Red Skins used for burying their dead and as a center for redistributing their wealth until White Christian European males (who Mitt Romney is a direct descendant of) came and stole their land...planting it with genetically altered crops and polluted it and never paid enough taxes on it because they are the greedy rich who take advantage of the Bush tax cuts (like Donald Trump) and hoping they could some day build a prison there to warehouse Black inmates that racist cops rail roaded, all the while...Debbie Wasserman Schultz in a outrageously sheer pair of pants...(without any underwear on) danced on Ronald Reagan's grave, as vegetarians held up protest signs and hippies gave the peace sign, Colin Kaepernick knelt down,Occupy Wall Street protesters chanted and burned an American flag and just for fun Hillary Clinton stuck pins in a Karl Rove voodoo doll as Al Sharpton a Holocaust denier yelled (in the heart of KKK country) at Ted Nugent 'we wanna get paid for slavery (even tho it ended 150 years ago)...you White privilege MOFO...as Chelsea and Ivanka mud wrestled, MILO refereed and Rush Limbaugh counted his millions.
  4. PM for king of the country !

    Give me your credit card number.
  5. SpyCar's Garage

    I used the wrong word...what a meant to say was it will cut down on your traffic. Shunners will now shun you if they think you're some how connect to the King of Shun. Keep post short for awhile. Lash out at anyone you want this is your garage....blufog is my fav followed by xman... that was a pretty good shot at teacher !
  6. doodoo...I keep hear what a evil man Trump is; what has he actually done to earn the badge ?
  7. No way dude....you must have read that at one of those fake websites.
  8. My best guess is because they are not trustworthy lying hacks ! I hope this helps you benson.
  9. One of former President Barack Obama’s pet programs, the so-called “ObamaPhone” subsidy that gave the poor a free cell phone and service, was just audited by President Donald Trump’s administration. The reported amount of fraud and waste the auditors found is staggering. . According to The Washington Times, “The report, requested by Sen. Claire McCaskill, Missouri Democrat, also says the program has stashed some $9 billion in assets in private bank accounts rather than with the federal treasury, further increasing risks and depriving taxpayers of the full benefit of that money.” That’s billion with a “B”. All taxpayer money that has been lost in private bank accounts. . “A complete lack of oversight is causing this program to fail the American taxpayer — everything that could go wrong, is going wrong,” said McCaskill. “We’re currently letting phone companies cash a government check every month with little more than the honor system to hold them accountable. That simply can’t continue.” . The report found that of the 10.6 million individuals that have been given a taxpayer-funded phone, up to 36 percent of them may not qualify for the program. That means there could be 3,816,000 deadbeats billing you and your family for their cell phone usage every month. . It gets worse. . “More than 5,500 people were found to be enrolled for two phones, while the program was paying for nearly 6,400 phones for persons the government has listed as having died,” The Washington Times report stated. “Investigators also submitted fraudulent applications to see what would happen, and 12 of the 19 phone carriers they applied to approved a phone.” . Of course, that only includes the portion of the people surveyed — that number is probably much, much higher. How did this happen? There’s a complete lack of oversight, critics say. It’s just government money being thrown into a black hole. Clearly, it’s time for Trump to end this wasteful welfare system — for good. — The Horn editorial team
  10. I love Obamas trillion and trillion s of bail out $$$...the country is really moving.
  11. Codename: Mackadamia

    5 Statistics That Show Media Bias Is Real . Poll after poll shows that the public has some serious disdain for the media and it's easy to see why: the media's left-wing bias is shoved in the public's face on a daily basis, especially during the age of President Trump, yet the media still puts on the facade that they're objective. . The leftist bias that is pervasive in the media is borne out by various statistics. Here are five such statistics showing that leftist media bias is real. . 1. Only 7% of journalists are Republican. This is according to research conducted by a couple of journalism professors at Indiana University, which also found that 28% of journalists are Democrats, meaning that Democrat journalists outnumber Republican journalists by a margin of 4-to-1. While it's true that those numbers mean that 65% of journalists don't identify with either party, journalist Judith Miller pointed out in a Prager University video that "by any fair measure this group is overwhelmingly on the political Left." . 2. In 2016, not a single White House reporter was a Republican. Naturally, 88% of them wrongly thought that Hillary Clinton was going to win the presidential election. That said, 60% of them were not registered to vote but 15 reporters said they would vote for either Clinton or Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) while only three said they would vote one of the Republican presidential candidates. . 3. 96% of media donations to presidential candidates went toward Hillary Clinton in 2016. According to the Center for Public Integrity, members media donated $396,000 to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. $382,000 was donated to Clinton, while only $14,000 was donated to Trump. . 4. 51% of newspaper and Internet publishing jobs are in counties that Hillary Clinton won in 2016 by over 30 points. It's even worse when focusing solely on online publishing jobs: (H/T: Politico Magazine) . Today, 73 percent of all internet publishing jobs are concentrated in either the Boston-New York-Washington-Richmond corridor or the West Coast crescent that runs from Seattle to San Diego and on to Phoenix. The Chicagoland area, a traditional media center, captures 5 percent of the jobs, with a paltry 22 percent going to the rest of the country. And almost all the real growth of internet publishing is happening outside the heartland, in just a few urban counties, all places that voted for Clinton. So when your conservative friends use “media” as a synonym for “coastal” and “liberal,” they’re not far off the mark. . In sum, the aforementioned statistics show that most members of the media are leftists who supported Hillary Clinton in areas that supported Clinton, which should make the following statistic a lot less surprising. . 5. 80% of the media coverage in Trump's first 100 days as president was negative. According to a study from Harvard's Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, Trump's best week of coverage was when the tone was 70% negative and 30% positive; his worst was when the tone was 90% negative and 10%. By contrast, the media coverage during Barack Obama's first 100 days was 59% positive and 41% negative. George W. Bush's were 57% negative and 43% positive and Bill Clinton's were 60% positive and 40% negative. . And that trend has only continued beyond Trump's first 100 days, as a Media Research Center study found that the media overwhelmingly covered the Russia investigation more than any other issue since mid-May. No wonder most Americans despise the media. This article has been modified to state that 51% of Internet and online publishing jobs are in counties Hillary Clinton by over 30 points.
  12. That one dude...the FBI shot down like a rabid dog. I'm surprised they were brought up on charges...he didn't need to get shot. If only he was a ghetto rat...there would have been a BIG investigation.
  13. PM for king of the country !

    Currently, she anchors Fox Report and co-anchors Outnumbered. She has won six Emmy Awards, including Best Newscaster. Hot Moma HARRIS FAULKNER
  14. I call them (codeword) Democrats.