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  1. Well I just ended it...FK you and your bottle of bourbon; now put me back on shun you cyber weirdo.
  2. bigjive put me back on shun...will ya; ya FKn cyber weirdo.
  3. I'll go with bigjive being a pill popper...coke heads aren't as punctual.
  4. Yeah right. It is the only explanation for your erratic posting.
  5. I don't know...don't you think Trayvon pounding the hell out of Zimmy had something to do with his death ? Maybe Zimmy saved a neighbors life that wouldn't be packing...who might have had crossed Trayvon in the wrong way; like 2 days later since Trayvon was a time bomb waiting to go off.
  6. I wish I had been there Chuck...when that guy said (eg) FK the Military; I would have said...whats your name dude and wouldn't have let up ! No matter what he said...I would just keep repeating...whats your name dude.
  7. Thats why I bump the Trayvon thread...gotta keep the ultraliberals pissed off somehow. Nothing gets them worked up like a homie getting what his hand calls for.
  8. Question: what is the difference between me a a Democrat ? (My) Answer: a dress ! Now if you watch this video you'll get to see a male Mr Garrison look a like protester in a dress. I pretty much doubt he is on the conservative side. Go have another drink...it will make you feel better.
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