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  1. Old Mack: you have sunk to a low with TDS and king .

    although I respect your seniority here, I’m taken back by the level of nonsense you participate in. 

    It truly devalues you as a member of this forum . 


  2. Old Mack

    Are you moist

    Reading my post !
  3. Old Mack

    Iran For Idiots

    Another video of Iranian provocation: BTW: The last video I posted was from the US GOV...Fox News had nothing to do with it.
  4. Old Mack

    Iran For Idiots

    The Strait of Hormuz...International waters; where Iran harrasses shiping.
  5. Old Mack

    Iran For Idiots

    splunch may take his neighbors throwing stones at his house BUT most normal people wouldn't. spluch suffers from Acute Trump Deranged Syndrome and thinks nothing he does is right; even tho Trump has access to INTEL spluch doesn't Iran is the largest supplier of weaponry in the world to terrorist ORGs. Iran has harassed US Naval Vessels in the Straits of Hormuz with speed boats as if to bomb them like the US Cole. (see video) Iran has harassed US Navel vessel with drones that can be armed. Iran leadership has said US Naval vessels in the Straits of Hormuz are targets of opportunity. They have also shot at the USS Harry S. Truman in the Strait of Hormuz and have taken US Sailors hostage. Iran has it's coast line (the Straits of Hormuz a very important shipping lane) loaded with OFFENSIVE armament and has threatened to close it down. Which would destabilize the surrounding countries and cause peopleblems at other of oir allied countries. Iran has directly threatened our allied Israel...if Iran attacks Israel; Iran attacks America..
  6. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow outlined key passages from the book that could lend credence to the allegation that Trump in 2013 hired Russian prostitutes to urinate on a bed that then-President Barack Obama slept on. Maddow noted that although Corn and Isikoff’s book asks more questions than it answers on the alleged incident that gave the dossier its notorious nickname, “they have lots of new detail about that allegation” — including that Trump did in fact book the Ritz-Carlton “presidential” suite where Obama once stayed.
  7. I find it fascinating that a former Trump doorman heard 40 years ago from some guy that he heard Trump has a love child. Madcow
  8. My bad...I was thinking of Robert Johnson and readily admit I am wrong. I do not know enough to call Mr Smith a racist BUT I do standby part 2 of my statement. BTW: Robert F Smith worked at Goldman Sachs and AOC thinks he should be allowed to exist. Just some fun facts !
  9. How many times have you watched Fox News ? They have opposing points of view...guest on all the time ! And what poll are you citing...that every Fox News viewer complains about far left views when they supportt liberal thinking ir did you make that up to ?
  10. Well actually he is not a racist...he is (was) a big supporter of President George W Bush / The Republican Party and doesn't (didn't) care for President Obama. I just like saying stuff like that because if the Koch Brother went to 'Historical White' College and than said they were paying off everyones student loans...ultraliberals would cry racism.
  11. He's a racist...they are all POCs.
  12. Old Mack

    PM for king of the country !

    Ringo always was my favorite Beatle !
  13. Old Mack

    Black Culture

    More Black on White crome that you'll never here about...pass the local news and one day. I wonder what Big Mike Brown is thinking !
  14. The Times said the nature of the transactions was not clear. Whether anything improper occurred or not is unclear.... Five (UNNAMED) people who once worked at the bank and some who are still employed there confirm this activity to the New York Times.