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  1. What is up with the safety here? Saw it on Can't Decide's site. Please inform, if you can. Thanks ya'll.

  2. am i commenting here now to landru?

  3. So why did you "unapprove" my post, little one? Oh, yeah, to protect poor banned word Thrash.
  4. Of course you did, protecting banned word Thrash using banned word profanity. Man, this is picture perfect. I'm out of here.
  5. Anyway, because I like you I wanted to give you a heads up. Bottomline, this site isn't safe and user info is at risk.

  6. You can google the site name and get the history. But basically it was sold in 2007, and the current owner isn't a liberal, which is why most of the mods are rightwing

  7. Basically freaks like lewserin have access to all the member information. I don't think this site is safe. Regrettably I'm leaving

  8. Hey, Cant.

    I've been looking into the moderator policy of this site, based on your comments, and what I've found isn't pretty. I'll fill you in shortly

  9. Well, you've made my point and the point of this thread. There shouldn't be any conservative moderators and no crackpot mods -- especially with member information. The owner of this site (who took over in 2007) really doesn't give a rat's ass about liberalism, it appears. That's OK, by the way, just be honest about it.
  10. Meaning pretending there is a moral equivalency between rabid tea baggers (which is the Republican Party) and progressive who want to make the nation more just, more free, and more prosperous, is just the kind of thing you'd expect to hear from a conservative pretending to be a liberal. In any case, a liberal site would be proliberal and not defend the GOP. More to the point it wouldn't have a political forum dominated by moderators who are rightwing weirdos. So you've made my point. The moderators don't even follow the rules and keep the tea baggers off LO, so this rings somewhat hollow. They post here all the time.
  11. Why is thrash a moderator on a supposedly liberal forum, especially since she obviously give private information to that unstable rightwinger lewser? She basically controls the board whenever lewser whines to her. Sound like this site has zero safeguards and may get sued one day. Here's a concept: when one of the weirdos threaten a member, ban them and take down the post. What is so hard about that?
  12. This site was sold in 2007. Up to then it was a liberal forum. Since then there's nothing really liberal about. Just look at the moderators. Most of them of ignorant tea baggers. The point of the site is to make money for the new -- can't blame them for that. But it's not a truly liberal site in any manner.
  13. In fact there is, since it's illegal to threaten a public offical. The double standards on this forum are ridiculous. Shape up, dudes and start dealing with this unstable conservatives.
  14. Glad to see you back. Are you landru from that other forum of the same name? If so, I quoted you in this forum from that. Anyways, hope you don't mind.

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