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  1. I doubt if there will ever be another Civil War in the USA. Here are the questions every potential Civil War warrior would need to ask themselves: 1) Am I willing to possibly lose all or most of my material possesions and creature comforts? 2) Am I emotionally prepared to possibly see my family, friends and loved ones lose their lives? 3) Am I prepared to possibly lose my life in a Civil War? 4) Am I prepared to live in a Martial Law society for an extended period of time at the end of said Civil War? Unless you can answer YES to all those questions, don't even think about having a Civil War. There are many other (peaceful) ways to solve our problems. Let's do it that way. πŸ™‚
  2. I read an article a few weeks ago about the history of the Electoral College. I don't remember all the details of the article. But, I do remember thinking the Electoral College needs to be abolished.
  3. Thank you for posting these sites. I think I'll check them out.
  4. Do you remember the 2000 Presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore? Florida went against the will of the people. Oh wait. The Republicans had the Supreme Court decide that one for Bush. Sorry.
  5. So, what is the point in us regular citizens voting? If our voices don't matter in the long run, why bother? Why not just have the Electoral College choose the President?
  6. It prevents our elections from being decided by the majority. Which is exactly what the men who implemented it wanted. They didn't want the citizens to choose our President. So, they created the Electoral College to have ultimate control.
  7. During the colonial and antebellum period the Electoral College had a vital role in our elections. That is no longer true. We need to abolish the Electoral College.
  8. Yes, we should abolish it. And we should make it retroactive to 2016. πŸ˜„
  9. Question: How many here think that there is a connection between the pillaging of third world countries and the caravans of people coming thru Mexico, wanting to get into the USA? Many of the people are from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatamala. Did the big corps have a hand in destroying their home countries?
  10. Yes, it is great info. It helps me to understand our foreign policy better.
  11. I am a lifelong California resident. I have visited several other states (Arizona, Nevada, Louisiana, Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma), but I wouldn't want to live in any of them. I love it here. Yes, the housing market is kind of expensive. But, there are many nice things here too. 1) Great colleges and universities. 2) State of the art hospitals; for adults and children. 3) Beautiful national parks (Yosemite, Sequoia) and amusement parks (Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm). 4)Relatively cheap food since California is an agricultural state. One thing I don't recommend is to live in the cities. I live in a small town, surrounded by a rural area. And, it's helpful if you can speak Spanish, but it's not mandatory.πŸ˜„
  12. This book was written by John Perkins. He worked for multi-national corporations for many years. He would help the big corps exploit third world countries---steal their natural resources and mineral wealth. This book helps explain why the third world countries are so poor and disadvantaged. Nobody will not be so quick to call them "Bad wordholes" after reading Mr. Perkins book. Thankfully, Mr. Perkins no longer works for these corporations and is trying to help the poor,, third world countries and the people in them. I wish him Godspeed.
  13. After the Republicans lose in November, are they finally going to come into the 21st century? Are they going to realize they can no longer win elections by playing to people's fears and insecurities and xenophobia? What are your thoughts?
  14. LOL! Rasmussen is dreaming. Voters are not going to trust a 70 year old man with the mind of a 12 year old handling the nuclear button. Donald Trump is not presidential; and that's not going to change.
  15. The only human traits I would wipe out would be: 1) Hatred 2) Greed 3) Racism 4) Jealousy. If we could get rid of just these 4, this would be a beautiful world.
  16. Hillary will make a great President. As good as any of the men we've had so far,
  17. Trump knows he will lose against Hillary. It's all in the cards. They both know it. Hillary is the one the establishment wants.
  18. Even when he uses the telepromter, he still doesn't make sense. Poor thing.
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