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  1. I doubt if there will ever be another Civil War in the USA. Here are the questions every potential Civil War warrior would need to ask themselves: 1) Am I willing to possibly lose all or most of my material possesions and creature comforts? 2) Am I emotionally prepared to possibly see my family, friends and loved ones lose their lives? 3) Am I prepared to possibly lose my life in a Civil War? 4) Am I prepared to live in a Martial Law society for an extended period of time at the end of said Civil War? Unless you can answer YES to all those questions, don't even
  2. LOL! Rasmussen is dreaming. Voters are not going to trust a 70 year old man with the mind of a 12 year old handling the nuclear button. Donald Trump is not presidential; and that's not going to change.
  3. The only human traits I would wipe out would be: 1) Hatred 2) Greed 3) Racism 4) Jealousy. If we could get rid of just these 4, this would be a beautiful world.
  4. Hillary will make a great President. As good as any of the men we've had so far,
  5. Trump knows he will lose against Hillary. It's all in the cards. They both know it. Hillary is the one the establishment wants.
  6. Even when he uses the telepromter, he still doesn't make sense. Poor thing.
  7. I've heard a rumor that Donald Trump is only running for President to help Hillary Clinton get elected. Watching they way he acts and talks, I tend to agree. The man has no presidential qualities about himself. None. And he is not trying to aquire any. I feel sorry for all the true believers who thought he was serious about becoming President and helping them with their problems.
  8. Cruz is doing the same thing John McCain did when he choose Sarah Palin to be his VP. He is hoping she will get him some votes. It's so cynical and obvious. But, I guess all politics is cynical and obvious. Maybe that's why I love it so much. :-)
  9. Does anyone here think for one minute that the Senate would vote to indict Hillary Clinton? Of course not. Why do these people continue to waste taxpayer's money on stupidity? They may as well forget about Hillary's emails.
  10. I read somewhere that there are only 3 countries that don't have a central (Federal Reserve) bank. Those three are Cuba, Iran and North Korea. I like Obama, but I wonder if this is why he is trying to normalize relations with Cuba.
  11. Sasha and Malia have grown up to be beautiful young ladies. They are the kind of children anyone would be proud to have. Good job President and Mrs. Obama.
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