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  1. The NRA has great influence over the Republicans. They donate generously to their political campaigns. In return the Republicans shy away from making any strict gun control laws.
  2. 1) No gun sales whatsoever to anyone under 21 years of age. 2) Require people to fill out the same paperwork to buy bullets as they do to buy a gun. 3) Require parents to keep all guns under lock and key if there are children under 21 years old in the home. (This will be hard to enforce, but we can still put it out there) 4)Require anyone seeking to buy a gun to show three references from people (not relatives) who know them well. This is what I'd like to see. We make it too easy for people to get and use guns. I know these changes wouldn't keep every nut away from guns, but I think it would help. Our kids are worth it.
  3. But Republicans are the ones who are in the back pockets of the NRA. How do you explain that?
  4. You are right. The parents need to speak out. They need to take action too. Something has to change.
  5. So----I wonder why they didn't invite Trump to the wedding? I think the reason Harry married Megan is because he got a taste of chocolate and discovered that he liked it. Nothing wrong with that.😉
  6. Oh no! Not again! When is this madness going to stop?
  7. I am so thankful to Justice Stevens for introducing this idea. Now we just need to move it forward. I hope this change will occur in my lifetime.
  8. Wildfire

    How is banning

    If the government does decide to come get them, what would you do?
  9. He was suggesting that Blacks are in the condition they are in as a result of supporting Democrats. I pointed out to him that it is deeper than that. Racism is rampant in both political parties, Democrat and Republican. Thank you for speaking a bit clearer.
  10. I'd say he was in danger. If somebody came to my job and started shooting on the first floor, I'd still feel scared even if I was on the second floor.
  11. Wildfire

    How is banning

    Yes, it is. They don't like it. But, that's too bad.
  12. Wildfire

    How is banning

    And you were talking about my sentence structure? LOL!