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  1. I doubt if there will ever be another Civil War in the USA. Here are the questions every potential Civil War warrior would need to ask themselves: 1) Am I willing to possibly lose all or most of my material possesions and creature comforts? 2) Am I emotionally prepared to possibly see my family, friends and loved ones lose their lives? 3) Am I prepared to possibly lose my life in a Civil War? 4) Am I prepared to live in a Martial Law society for an extended period of time at the end of said Civil War? Unless you can answer YES to all those questions, don't even
  2. Why would anyone need a gun like this? It is not needed for hunting. It is not needed for self defense/home protection. The only thing it's good for is mass killings. This was a sad day for California.
  3. I read an article a few weeks ago about the history of the Electoral College. I don't remember all the details of the article. But, I do remember thinking the Electoral College needs to be abolished.
  4. Thank you for posting these sites. I think I'll check them out.
  5. Do you remember the 2000 Presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore? Florida went against the will of the people. Oh wait. The Republicans had the Supreme Court decide that one for Bush. Sorry.
  6. So, what is the point in us regular citizens voting? If our voices don't matter in the long run, why bother? Why not just have the Electoral College choose the President?
  7. It prevents our elections from being decided by the majority. Which is exactly what the men who implemented it wanted. They didn't want the citizens to choose our President. So, they created the Electoral College to have ultimate control.
  8. During the colonial and antebellum period the Electoral College had a vital role in our elections. That is no longer true. We need to abolish the Electoral College.
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