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  1. I never knew you had that level of comedic talent. Well done sir.
  2. Without ever citing the law specifically. What you have is an allegation. Work on it maybe ? Good luck.
  3. Looks as though you've asked the question which remains unanswered.
  4. I didn't even know it had been concluded he had been smothered with a pillow.
  5. Kinda looks like issues our society would likely deem "serious" contained in this report in regard to Target and possibly others. https://downloads.frc.org/EF/EF16F27.pdf 1.CBS Chicago: Man Tried To Film Girl In Target Dressing Room In Palatine(March 29, 2017)2.WBIR: Peeping Tom caught in the act at West Knoxville Target(March 28, 2017)3.WPRI: Man Charged With Voyeurism in Target Bathroom(January 17, 2017)Lincoln, R.I. –A man was charged with video voyeurism after he placed a camera in a Target bathroom.4.Fox News: Man Used Cellphone to Record Woman Undressing at Target in Dallas, Tex.(September 15, 2016)5.ABC 7: Man Seen Recording Women in Target Changing Room(September 12, 2016)Brick, N.J. –A man was observed reaching under the stalls of a unisex dressing room with a cellphone in a Target store to record women.6.FOX 4: Man Accused of Taking Photos in Target Dressing Room(September 7, 2016)Dallas, Tex. –Police were seeking a man who is accused of pointing a cellphone camera at a woman in a Target changing room.
  6. Democrat hypocrisy. They go together like peas and carrots. What was once shocking and scandalous is now mundane.
  7. It's a man. I know as I suffer the same obvious problem he has. One of my balls is slightly bigger than the other two. It can be awkward. Bless his heart.
  8. I've had a few guitars over the years, always looking for sumthin better. Sold most of em in the past couple years. Number One, a 93' LP Studio which wuz the white with gold pick ups n pegs when I found her. Nothin special at all, a POS some would say. I stripped the paint and did a polyurethane stain finish, I don't recall which PU's I stuffed it with. It has an ebony finger board and is overdue for a fret job. I pick her up for a little bit almost every night but my fingers don't move as easily as they once did.
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