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  1. Employers won't only feel the pain of increased wage. They'll also feel the bite on their side of additional tax liability. Lews point is right on as well. Gov jobs are typically set up on a ladder, pay extends vertically and horizontally. Don't know about Washington State but in my state, it's almost impossible to fire a gov employee. State pension here is designed around an employee's highest two years of income or something like that. To raise the pay at lowest point on the ladder, you almost have to extend increases up several steps as you can't have the mail room clerk making more than an admin assist, etc yadi. Pension liabilties would have to expand.
  2. Surely you speak from experience, certainly you're an intellectual and would never parrot party propaganda. How many rightwing taliban members do you know personally?
  3. Lib n progs, projecting their sterotype conception of everyone living in red states being rednecks and bigots. Exposing your underlying stupidity comes naturally for you. Stupid is as stupid does. For an organization which touts the matra of progress, you have failed miserably at keeping up with current times. THis isn't the 1960's. If it were, you'd be classified as republican.
  4. All wars are bankers wars. http://www.abeldanger.net/2013/11/1750-marine-links-mi-3-it-sodomite-mesh.html#more
  5. Agreed. For those of faith believing in devine intervention, it would be selfish to think our creator only created us here on earth. As for the OP claiming she offered up proof that creationism is debunked based off the math and probabilities of life outside our solar system, no proof exists, not in the OP. There is in fact scientifically speaking, more proof the stories contained in the Bible are true than otherwise. For evolutionists, the science they tout as proof for Darmwinism, has many holes, which are filled in with theory. Theory which requires faith in order to make it believable. To be an evolutionist requires the same faith in something which isn't provable, as the faith they bash which is employed by creationists. Evolutionists missing link is still, missing.
  6. Your OP is theory. Doesn't prove anything. Other planets which can support intelligent life, aware of their own mortality, theory. Let us know when there's been a conversation between humans here and life out there. The big bang theory, refers to male ejaculation. That IS the big bang.
  7. Why do libturds require gov to make decisions for them via law? Like health ins. You wouldn't buy it until forced. You can't read labels or shop at healthy food stores on your own? Folks can get online and read about trans fat, then ban their use by simply not buying products which contain them. But turds insist gov do the thinking for them, the decision making for them. Pathetic
  8. I feel ya Tuna. I've forgotten more than the best educated libturd on this micro forum will ever know about everything. Because at one time, I did know everything. Now I'm getting old. The older I get the less I give a sh!t. It's not easy knowing everything about, everything. Always having the right idea at the right time for everything, and no one listens. All ya can do is point backwards and say "I told ya so" lol Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  9. Hey Moran. The NWO is a UN plan. It isn't conspiracy theory. Bush 41 spoke of it. Since then it has come out from under it's cloak thanks to outfits like Jones who continually exposed it to the point whereas there is no longer any way to hide it. It's been discussed openly, even on MSM, repeatedly. Same with Agenda 21, once called CT, now openly recognized as reality. Only sheep deny these.
  10. Representative government: "We have to pass it so we can find out what's in it" Pelosi is a turd. A libturd.
  11. Ahh the good ol days. Thai stick, red and blond hash, Colombian red bud & gold bud. We got decent Mexican weed here for 80 bucks an lb here back then. Take all ya want and pay later.
  12. I do know some young people who smoke this stuff. I named it "stupid" Cause when people smoke this crap, they become completely stupid. Can't talk, sometimes barely walk, certainly can't drive, can't work. I should try some and come in here. Maybe I'll comprehend what libturds are trying to say. Only stupid can understand stupid.
  13. Food stamps are corp welfare. Like all corp welfare, taxpayers foot the bill. WalMart, McD'd, the fed gov, all subsidize what they pay workers by exploiting welfare. If you champion a living wage be paid, then you need to vote for wlefare to be dimished greatly.
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