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  1. ....the officer should have to answer for what looks like the taking of a life. ....apparently without a bit of compassion. The officer in the vicinity did nothing. ....who are these people?....
  2. Oh, is that what I'm doing? ....contesting with a spoiled girl, with a lack of intelligence? ......you can have it.....yawn....
  3. Apparently the content of your intelligence. ...sad...
  4. No Delicate One, Jefftec doesn't have to take Attica Locke's testimony and canonize it.
  5. The results of Trump's economy resulted in a -bigoted- unemployment result not seen in decades. Americans of many walks of life benefitted from this result. .....But, you say, Black Americans say: Trump is such a bigot. ....But Hey!...I get it!....racism is all you got!.... .....thanks for letting me in your realm-of-TomFoolery-.....
  6. *1. ...Excuse me but, do you think that you know more than Allen West's parents?.....there you are, with more offerings of stupid.... ....somewhere along the way, I had developed a taste for good news, like the most favorable and unpresidented unemployment numbers under Trump's tenure. ......can't be mad with him. So yes, I support him. aaand here you are: "It's Republican voters that is the issue for black Americans." ....the heck you say?....
  7. Xavier, To say LBJ was not racist is not accurate. But, since you're so sensitive, enjoy Snowflake- We can pretend that the statement "I'll have those niggers voting democratic for the next 200 years.", isn't a prophetic statement, and even engulfing other groups as well to dependence. But, then again, you're pretending.....
  8. "us white people"?....thanks for introducing me to your stupid, an adventure down Dullard's Lane, I suppose. .....For that would be Mr BLACK trumper motherfucker to you. After 50 years of loyalty to the democratic party, what has it gotten black folks? .....
  9. Not as remarkable as your silly version of what you think other people think of black folks. ....and I wouldn't know about this "too stupid" foolishness but, oh, YOU said that. .....was that a bad attempt at sarcasm or is that how you really feel?... Just please....
  10. The democrats have been successful selling the rumor that all the bigots have gone to the republican party, which is plain non-sense. Looks like the democrats want more people dependent on the govt. (democrat leadership), to solve problems.
  11. Get new black friends, acquaintances, in-laws. They are short sighted.
  12. A reason why a black person isn't a black American just because he supports Donald Trump.
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