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  1. There will be a cost, but will the Dems ever learn? ...if the.message is righteous, there is no need for force.
  2. Z09, in 2016 there was Hillary who (was a horrible candidate). Presently, the prospects don't look any better. ...and all they think that needs to be done is taint Trump's name. That which unites them clearly, is about the wrong thing...
  3. Yes, the Democratic Party with their silliness.... Their actions are born out of FEAR, while it's quite obvious that they haven't a satisfactory presidential candidate that even come close to winning an election against Trump. ......and to see grown folks act they are doing...just pathetic.
  4. ......and part about this fiasco is, the Dems know what they are doing.....they think that they can gain Senate seats and taint the next presidential election, no matter what. ......according to them, the ends justify the means..... They don't care who they hurt, as long as they get their way. ......sickening.....
  5. .......dishing out the punishment is not the problem, is it?.....it's when it happens to you and yours..
  6. The House had their chance to make their case. ....They have no crime, no evidence, no foundation.
  7. ...-translation- "I can't find a legal statute", and I capitulate!..... .....got it !...
  8. The way this farce was conducted, it was the president that had his rights derailed. ......if you're a Democrat, you should be ashamed....
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