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  1. 560K Americans murdered by a brainless virus because of idiot tRump turds like u spreading it because u want to pretend it harmless. Don't get the vaccine! Maybe some day, because of idiot scum like U it will circle back & pick u off when u are older & more vulnerable. & then u can blame Joe Biden.
  2. The top 1% includes the barely rich in California & New York, u dumbass frenchie. How does that justify helping billionaires to skate on progressive graduated marginal taxation?
  3. This punk putin lover goes after others' wives because he is still too poor to get his own. Living on the streets of Austin has fried eveything about him.
  4. U are still stuck on stoopid. Nationwide, it takes an annual income of $538,926 to be among the top 1%. So how does that pertain to those who are paid 10's of millions of $, u dumbass frenchie? https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2020/07/01/how-much-you-need-to-make-to-be-in-the-1-in-every-state/112002276/
  5. All real Americans know that it is dumbass tRump supporters & their ignorant brats running arround spreading infections, not Democrats.
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