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    surfing, kiteboarding, snow kiting snowboarding, wakeboarding, water skiing & all other forms of sliding

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  1. Quarantine every1 except BigStinky & his privileged entourage, is that what u scumbag hypocrites want?
  2. BigStinky P.O.💩 tRUMP & his entourage need to be quarantined!
  3. Did any1 around tRUMP's entourage sneeze or shake hands in filthy India or Germany? DUMBASS tRUMP & his f*king entourage should be in quarantine! F*king hypocrites!
  4. F.U. tCON traitors! We all watched the 🍊🐷 stand on a campaign stage & beg a scumbag hostile foreign power to steal private property & use it to interfere in a United States presidential election! That is treason, whether you or Republican Mueller or your FAUX news want to mention it or not!
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