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  1. called evolving. natural disaster hits and animalsarefaced starving to death or drastic change of diet and with the drasticchange in diet pregnant females feed their gestating replacements different diet than previous generations ate to that point. Cellular compounding with new diet changes DNA arrangement of next generation replacements different from all previous. Kind of like horses and conkeys creating mules, lions and tigers giving birth to ligers that just don't reproduce kind of like homo sexuals cannot get each other pregnant having sex with the same gender partnership. Dah. where is it so difficult to put that into proportion when life doesn't exceed mutually evolving so far. Gee history is the written account of society teaching next generations it is impossible for life to be physically limited to reproductions present now.
  2. until legislated into situational ancestral ethics rule of law and divine intervention from intellectual beings with no bodies. guess again speculator and enabler of doubt.
  3. I explain why I don't accept social narratives as all there is to know about being alive as naturally centered geographically mutually evolving as an equal replacement of those implanting my specific DNA timed apart so far.
  4. Every social identity is, not just Roberts. Know why and understand what it takes to correct it. Only starts within self. I am grateful for your picture of crazy eyes comparison between AOC and Charles Manson.
  5. Explain what separates contextual reality's promise of better tomorrows from kinetic ancestral displacement occupying space so far never the same conception twice? Intellect is a by product, not physical primary function a brain does for a mobile lifetime mutually evolving from now until decomposed, as decomposition is an invertedprocess a body has since conceiv ed to replace the ancestry creating the replacement.
  6. You have rationed out the parts where those in charge of the vaccine distribution insist the bulk of the doses go outside United States citizens first other than first responders. that bite of information was flung around news a couple of weeks ago. Second, this moron figured out the core of corrupting next generations historically so far. Your social identity has been debunked for over a decade and you still haven't got up to speed.
  7. When is she ever conscious? Pain of regretbeing human as all she does is project social identity as a character saving humanity.
  8. Risk management. False sense of security intellect is smarter than instinctive awareness of only being alive proportionately displaced so far. Sustaining vernacular tribalism. Maintaining doubt one generation after another with living doesn't exceed mutually evolving since conceived to replace those made the conceptions so far. Psychological class warfare doesn't work when every ancestor is aware of the same way life works throughout the food chain this atmosphere is home to every species native to being reproduced so far. You did ask for an explanation that doesn't leave out anything relative to all things considered while life is physically limited to one way of sustaining the numbers present.
  9. Gee if parents don'ttake their children to get vaccinated, they most likely don'ttake them to a doctor regularly either. this is a completely skewed 13 ways faked studied to create an illuison to justify a group think's rational logic life cannot be limited to mutually evolvving now. What is several metrics and what are the total sum metrics? Very vague information that appears to only do one thing, sustain doubt.
  10. Amazing, humanity subdues homo sapiens ancestrally for 6,000 years and it is a problem correcting human error practiced 300 generations in a row? 101 generations after Rome put Jesus on a cross to convert from poltiical Pagan theater to spiritual mismanagement of space time life only exists as mutually evolving replacements so far.
  11. You have to think outside social mantra but within navigating space as only reproductively centered to your geographical position so far since added as a replacement to those made your conception living here as you performed since birth defending every way people avoid facing the result of being eternally separated as biologically living a self evident point of kinetically alive. Those kinetic physical absolutes your social identity says cannot theoretically happen.
  12. don't have to get off, never been on. I am done ignoring those promising better tomorrows than life delivered ancestrally so far mutually timed apart now as specifically centered to their geographical ancestral point of kinetically displaced now. ancestral accountability to numbers ever existed from now on. Judgement day has arrived july 15, 2006 I promised on my mom's grave, Humanity will pay forwhat they did to her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, her great great grandchildren, if there ever comes her great great great grandchildren.. I simply share my understanding of the connectivity to mutually evolving so far. deniers have to divert everyone's attention from what I say, or ignore me saying anything.
  13. I think beyond your rationed recited social reasoning hoping life is anything other than living as mutually timed apartnow as geographically centered since conceiv ed to replace those made the conception actual results to numbers present. Accountability. You cannot match your hypotheticals to actual results, ever. I do every post coming from the point living doesn't ancestrally exceed being timed apart now as specifically as each lifetime present in ancestral position of lifetimes never duplicating details so far. Simple compounding contracting combinations in forms of molecular universal positions supporting ancestral replacements now all done between erosion and decomposition per cycle inception as a species, conceived in ancestral lineage, dead, extinciton to one insulated isolated planet in this universal moment energy cannot be created or destroyed changing forms shaped ancestrally present so far. I used everything I learned since birth keeping my ancestry divided within itself. I escaped human intellectualeternal hell defying historically how life is kineticlaly sef evidently alive one lifetime at a time now. Freedom from doubt doesn't change personal responsibility to leave this moment in better understanding than positioned init trained by leaderships to deny why I am one of a kind so power of suggestion rules next generations hoping life originated beyond mutually evolving now. Original sin.. If that doesn't make since to your mind and the collective people reciting it, life isn't a still frame snapshot to debate 32 different ways to make societal evolution a chess game from now on.
  14. The humor comes from those in charge haven't figured out they been played worse than the people they fooled so far.
  15. I haven't seen anything where all the media players aren't in on the same deception upon the governed by 6 degrees of separation on 7 axioms of divide and conquer with 8 corner triangulating methods that haven't failed since dawn of societal evolution putting intellect in charge of instinctively navigating time spent mutually evolving as replacements so far.
  16. just after a month of clearing out the software in the systems not covered in the charade focusing on precincts in swing states, then they demand a retraction.
  17. so says the self made con-artist that isn't happy just fooling himself 24/7, he needs others to validate his/her superior induced intellect that silenced her/his own brain to stay loyal to a royal we mantra cradle to grave.
  18. urban sprawl is still in government required lockdown. guess where? To the victor goes what has been spoiled from now on. Corruption doesn't cure mutually practiced human error.
  19. One can always find space to hide in, but one cannot excape the time they get mutually evolving ancestrally positioned here so far. Dare you to imagine how Karma works when time is stationary and life only lasts as perpetually balancing so far as reproductions sustain the numbers making the conceptions from now on. Your days of ancestrally intellectually ignoring now is eternity are over.
  20. Won't take money to defeat your world order of make believe life cannot be limited to mutually evolving since conceived to replace those made the conceptions so far.
  21. Its posts like this that make me suspect you are your opposition's ally at fooling the audience paying the costof this stupidity governing outcomes of lifetimeslimited to mutually evolving so far genetically separated as ancestrally positioned from now until extinction event happens in the next generation or two. left uses science fiction to justify adopting a social narrative as much as the right follows spiritual fantasies intelelct is something more than induced energy within the evolved fertilized cellof a person's point of origin occupying space as geographically present brain.You intelelctuall project all the correct grammar and punctuation ofsomeone defending their pychological type cast personna non grada with life being kinetically self evident historically, currently, next generation.
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