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  1. think your calendar didn't come into use until 17th century AD replacing the julian calendar that was out of whack with solstices and equinoxes so ruling elites had to have someone create amore accurate flow chart for statistically averaging facts historically omitting 99% of how life actually works reproductively here. Oh, just did adoubtcheck, 1582 is when it became new world order. Isn't that where April fool's day came into practice.
  2. Mayan calendar time, it is nine years after universal polarity resent for the next 52,000 revolutions around the star.
  3. Well, here wego again. Your title of this thread is intellectual philosophical bait to a psychological mind trap to make people boxthemselves into an opinion of one side orthe other. syllogism. establishing a narrative to create an issue that doesn't exist without people acting it out on purpose to setthe stage intellectis smarterthan instinctive awareness that doesn't come with vocabulary navigating space mutually evolving as proportionately alive as timed apart now conceiv ed to decomposed in order of ancestral numbers reached so far. I know where you come from and where you are leading people to ignore life in plain sight regardless their beliefs life's origins are beyond mutually evolving here now. Never was, never will be.
  4. I invented my own ways to explain my own ideas to discuss event horizons shared by all things universally being separate cycles simultaneously existing spontaneously separate by the forms inorganic or ancestral because nobody else has. I think instinctively and translate intellectually slower because intellectually one cannot put actual timing into proper grammar designed to isolate details from evolving never duplicated events. so again because everyone dismisses my understanding of kinetic genetic exchanges of DNA sustaining the numbers occupying space by any species reproducing replacement in this atmosphere for the duration a specific species, ancestral lineage was adapting to space timed apart now as still going on here. Back to basics philosophy of thinking outside a box, I created a cube with six sides each one color. next figure was inverting the outside 8 corners to be at center mass showing event horizons from inside out. this is psychology of 6 degrees of separation from a 7th position having 8 corners triangulating against its positions mutually evolving so far. Say for example planet earth has 8 hemispheres because there are 6 halves to the whole position it has 3rd from the star. northern hemisphere, southern hemisphere, daylight hemisphere, night time hemisphere, am hemisphere, pm hemisphere. all hemispheres co exist simultaneously here as molecular matter passes through each and total sum results of everythign together compounding into nothing stays the same as arrived so far. Perpetual motion is a natural occurring event self evident by results cycling in steady positions always changing details without creating or destroying the energy of life never staying same forms shaped since conceived limited naturally to adapting in one atmosphere. bet your silent instincts are hibernating as your social mind won't accept anything not documented through applied statistically averaging totalsum so far against each detail added from now on defined in relative time line narratives always suggesting life is larger than mutually evolving now. Where everything humans do remains corrupted since dawn of civilization. All done by choices electing lesser of two evils governing each ancestor to always obey clock and claendar semantics or else. why every reality fails since every social organization refuses to accept life as actually taking place limited to mutually evolving in plain sight so far. Rule of law doesn't accept natural displacement, just time line semantics with reasonable doubt everyone is guilty of obeying the mutual habitsof ignoring now is eternity but it has always been. something I thought of whileaway from posting this evening, Instinctive honesty defends liberty of mutually existing, corrupted characters won't tolerate anyone questioning statistically averaged facts used historically against each next ancestor added from now on. Every social order defending reality morally, legally, situational ethics uses some form of punishment against instinctive honesty being charged with insubordination, treason, blasphemy within their own social reality first second despised by all others for not picking their side, which leaves the win win scenario only applies to those in charge of global economic trade, not church, state, academia, arts, plitics, religion, mob rule democracies or tyranical dictatorships. One party or one person only the numbers change but the behavior is mirrored historically so far. this is why everyone ignores me, I spark instinctive awareness and that isn't tolerated in any intellectual reality corrupting every added replacement until extinction.
  5. Let me recite Shakespeare, "A rose by any other name..........". the world is but a stage when ancestry becomes intelelctual typecast people on purpose to avoid being honest about life limited to biologically separated so far. the tribal ideas of power, wealth, and fame are created to sustain doubt life is limited to mutually evolving so far. That living process of changing forms shaped so far supplies homo sapien replacements to act as if humans aren't part of the natural displacement process. little white lies don't harm anyone until someone gets honest about living in plain sight. then all realities rise up to destroy such blasphemy vocabulary is a gift by supreme beings finding host homo sapiens to occupy teaching humans about life beyond mutually evolving so far. Back to core practice in every reality, defy life is limiting to mutually evolving so far. Both science and religion support conflicting excuses on the same level.
  6. why not? stupid and ignorant are left and right wings of social behavior making realities larger than life being biologically separated in reproductive order of ever changing people populating space so far..
  7. do you understand what reasonable doubt was established for historically used so far governing outcomes of next generations every ancestor added? Ruling elites are self destructive with a desire to take everyone else down first. Honest soles of reproductive replacements adapting to life limited to biologically centered to geographically existing until decomposed do what ever they can to get as far away from urban sprawl as possible, but urban sprawl becomes democracy's law of the landscape of nations and global markets serving a higher intellect than instinctively aware to why living works proportionately alive. @rippy38this FUCKWAD IS ON IGNORE! AND I AM SEEING THIS! I AM READY TO SHOW ANYONE A CHINESE RED BAT! you ignore life in plain sight, ignoring me does you more harm than it does to me. I understand why your ideology is going to fail.
  8. do you understand what reasonable doubt was established for historically used so far governing outcomes of next generations every ancestor added? Ruling elites are self destructive with a desire to take everyone else down first. Honest soles of reproductive replacements adapting to life limited to biologically centered to geographically existing until decomposed do what ever they can to get as far away from urban sprawl as possible, but urban sprawl becomes democracy's law of the landscape of nations and global markets serving a higher intellect than instinctively aware to why living works proportionately alive. Wordplay, vernacular tribalism, promises of better tomorrows than ancestries delivered so far always training replacements to think outside mutually evolving from now on. anyway, most people of character will not accept life as actually being eternally separated in biological order of added to the population so far. Hell, I bet you can't either. You never learned how to defend your sole time, just your contextual soul of anything else is possible if you just pay to believe tomorrow is a rotation of the planet away. See I like Karma, because there is perpetual balancing between contracting results and expanding details never duplicating results so far. That what goes around comes around per cycle of replacements pretending life isn't mutulaly timed apart so far. I can control my rage, but I have practiced 38 years since I instinctively debunked intellectual humanity. last 15 I figured out a way to vernacular translate how I do it.with the visual aids of origami creating 24/7 points of divide and conquer from 8 corners of playing people psychologically thinking outside mutually evolving from now on.
  9. Not we, you making an issue out of it. Second, abortion is a mercy killing, not a murder. Society evolution cultivates misery by making everyone ignore their instinctive awareness life is asimultaneously alive event as spontaneously evolving here and mob rule law and order commands everyone to sacrifice their natural time to make relative timing factsnobody can stand against alone without being punished socially from those within the same ideology first. insubordination, treason, blasphemy protect ideas that contradict how life works in plain sight. instincts vs intellect a battle society places behind the eyes and between the ear of every new replacement. Guess what spawns mental illnesses like bi polary disorder, multipersonality disorder, cronic depression because truth doesn't defend honesty, it rewards corruption. Here on these forums you brag about being a mercenary, paid to bring down other people's social order. You will not describe life as it specifically works timing each reproduction apart in the same atmosphere as geographically displaced while adapting to living spontaneously alive to numbers present. See again I remove all intellectual doubt used against my ancestry and my family since becoming an adult and I am the one called crazy and intolerant. I survive knowing society can destroy everything i earned by saying the wrong thing to those defending their rights to never accept real from now on. You think I don't have a rage glowing inside me, my salvation to that rage is understanding how stupid humanity makes citizens of reality. I just slip between semantics.
  10. you are inaccurate, that next generation is the parent's responsibility as it is theirDNA's life afterdeath occupying space 50% of each mom and dad, 25% each their mom and dad you call relatively 4 grandparents. go back another generation prior to conception of 8 persons great grandchild two generations after they become 1 of 2 parents. All your facts are calibrated by time line logistics, not mutually evolving as biologically separated adapting to space as timed apart now. Again, it is the liberty of the two made the conception as now is eternity and they may never have another child and their specific DNA becomes extinct. Now their siblings by the same 2 parents, 4 grandparents and 8 great grandparents may already be grandparents so life goes on without the aborted baby. I don't play God's chosen mentality to feel more significant than just mutually evolving sharing space for the time I endure from now on and I have existed 70 rotation since conceived. I get the physical absolute meaning from the phrase all men are created equal as the word man is symbolic for mankind as a species. making a career out of pretending life cannot be limited to biolbially eternally separated now corrupts every ancestor added to the populaiton. Dare define Evil isn't social manipulation of everyone else's replacements to benefit your own? that is also what separates capitalism sustaining equal opportunities regardless what people choose to believe from capitalizing off man made doubt nobody understand living is limited to eternally separated so far. I just disproved a negative used against my ancestry for 350 generations before I was conceived..
  11. Framing others to be blamed is standard political practice on all sides so when everyone does the same thing human error becomes human rights to do all the time untilancestry doesn't reproduce next generations anymore. Why I don't take sides in two sided mantra never explaining the 6 halves of a total sum of a whole result mutually existing so far. Like a populaiton globally occupying space as one species with 4 or 5 generations living spontaneously here.
  12. It is time the silent majority took back their remaining generations from priests and politicians sustaining reasonable doubt life cannot be limited to biological separation of mutually evolving reproducitons added to the sustaining the numbers every rotation of the planet homo spaiens occupy space so far. Now recite thermol dynamics for us all benson13 because I don't think your well trained mind uses your conceived brain anymore living proportionately here as individually timed apart now.
  13. it is the parents choice, not society's business unless taxpayers areforced to raise the child because the parents won't. silly raising deadbeats that reproduce poverty because they wait for society to rescue them 24/7 and life is only a mutually evolving since conceiv ed situation for every lifetime in the food chain of this atmosphere, theories and theologies create doubt, not remove it.
  14. use your conceived brain, not your developed social mind. life begins at conception, citizenship happens getting institutionally nurtured cradle to grave after birth.
  15. critical thinking skills with an understanding of how people are equally createdto be biologically timed in mutually occupying space as conceiv ed to decomposed results so far and until reproduction ends when the event evolves from now on. Intellectual time and natural displacement aren't the same discussions. one takes honesty the other just corrupts each added ancestor from now on.
  16. Hell of an interpretation you have there, Looks like copy and pate talking points though so as usual it isn't your opinion, just what others believe true, but it does keep two sides fighting and yours is there to collect the spoils..
  17. Liberty to be oneself is what this nation was founded on representing until extinction of replacements added to the species occupying space as reproductively present. Its that self evident truths in the preamble. Intellectual God and Country corrupt natural displacement understanding the situation created within mutually evolving so far. in real time adapting to occupying space conceiv ed to decomposed so far morality, legality, situaltional ethics gverning outcomes from now on ignoring why life became what it remains so far doesn't change natural positions biologically eternally separated now. Just controls the behavior of those added until replacements don't exist again.
  18. Stick to your daydream reality because actual life is too tough for your inability to cope being equally conceived as biologically being eternally separated now.
  19. yes AOC does. She is a tyrant that won't tolerate anyone being honest about how wrong inaccurate her ideology is. i bet every photo op from now on she has Charles Manson eyes.
  20. ruling elites arein panic mode. they are preparing for anything they would do if Biden lost.
  21. No I won't, I have the most unpopular understanding of life in history so far.
  22. showmanship appeasing the lynch mob getting ready to go after the 75 million that voted for him. You all advertise your intentions last 4 years and I have watched this kind of justice system come after my sister 15 years ago. Same tactics then as taking place now. Why I created intellectual Armageddon, the harder that typeof justice is publically exposed the faster that reality implodes naturally upon itself.
  23. Sorry, as much as I never liked Trump, he did try to defend individuality over careercharacter role playing as type cast people on a world stage placing cultivated intellect after birth priority over instincts from a evolved fertilized cell that is each body's brain by birth. Justlike fingerprints and snowflakes no two are ever the same results again.
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