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  1. a man that understands why, speaks about how humanity compounds human error ancestrally so far in hopes to prevent the inevitable outcomes of self destruction serving inaccurate interpretaitons life cannot be what it is in plain sight and fractions of the population try to eliminate other fractions of the same species from now until reproductions aren't added anymore. Back to life exists as biological results are eternally separated now. universal constant. History valdiates what I say.
  2. Is it better to understand actual life or live with orchestrated chaos ancestrally believing life is larger than mutually evolving so far?
  3. ironic how unsubstantiated facts are anything without published after statistically averaged total sum past against any newly arriving detail that will never be the same result again. Humanity defending the intellectually developed time line narratives governing outcomes of all incoming replacements until extinction event arrives.
  4. I am not an insecure person needing social validation for why I occupy space, but thanks for the post. I will prepare for being banned again.
  5. that picture shows she was in on it taking place. Really need to investigate her social media accounts.
  6. that looks like you recognized something you rejected as possible. Now you have to choose stay in character or stand against your ideology and all ideologies supporting humanities deceiving ancestries until extinction arrives. My bet is you stay in character and security of mob rule.
  7. framed up argument created to block lawsuits against Amazon. simple preemptive warnings to vocabulary running through data filters for specific language without regards to intent by users. this is all artificial intelligence does. Sustain doubt.
  8. what is new about life limited reproductions to one cycle per conception compounding into current populaition so far? Each addition to timing this species forward eternally separated now in exact biologicalic order of occupying space now. It isn't imagining what else is possible, it is accepting living doesn't happen anyother way, but governing outcomes has limitless possiblities to deny now is eternity as practiced historically so far. I am the second coming that is the antichrist to moses, mohammad, and jesus at the same time fulfilling Nostradamus's One Male prophecy. No genetic relation to the man either. Just I understand how and why living doesn't exceed mutually evolving so far. that simple.
  9. hey mindless is using one's own evolved fertilized cell that a brain was at conception and a body developed around by birth able to adapt with time never staying the same results twice.
  10. can't stand against honest understanding of how and why life remains kinetically self evident instinctively as intellect distorts social interpretations contextually.
  11. Mister circumstantial time line statistical averaging kind of evidence where innocent people are made socially guilty of standing against ideology while mutually evolving when being eternally separated in biological order of occupying space so far.
  12. correct answer nobody will believe as it debunks all the ways people avoid what life actually is in plain sight for their ancestral reality's sake. that sir equals pride before the downfall.
  13. everyone sees how your nurtured mind thinks from one sided narratives. care to discuss life from mutually evolving replacements adapting to space as timed equally apart now? Bet you change topics or cry about me not staying on your pointed interpretation.
  14. angle of interpretation between conflicting idealists and position when looking at the same thing at the same time from polar positions of one another each taking a one sided view as all everyone else needs to believe true.
  15. it is a message board, I cannot stock you here. Just disagree with your governing by doubt tactics. I use kinetic results changing form as shaped since conceiv ed to become total numbers of the species specifically positioned geographically here so far. So accurate anyone can reverse engineer their DNA to go back to inception of the species since biologically results are eternally separated now. Always has been. Oops, your deep dark secret wasn't a secret, it was ancestral embezzlement of other peoples' time adapting in space so far. gee, wonder what racketeering laws were broken by your political ideology, spiritual philosophy, academic training, artistic interpretation, mob rule intimidation hiding in moral authority, legal precedence, intellectual superiority, and ethical stiuation ethics on what if life weren't eternally spearated from now on, who would you become then? You always avoid what you are defending who you rather be socially..
  16. You do not read what I support. You just post deflections of anything I say. Your ancient tactics are finally wornout and you cannot believe that was possible and still use them as that is all your social mind knows how to react in a mutually evolving time living in series parallel space proportionately alive since conceiv e dto replace those denying life is limited to now then as you repeat here. Nurtured behavior traditionally practiced. fool me once shame on society, fool me twice shame on my ancestry. Its bottom of the 9th and humanity is in the lead over my ancestry so far 2 outs and 0 and 2 on me, 15 years ago I hit a home run with launching a bloodless Armageddon 3 or 4 years ago I renamed Intellectual Armageddon where the corrupted never see honesty coming back until corruption was exposed in every network hiding in plain sight.
  17. Or, how ruling elites promise better tomorrows from now on for free and all anyone has to do is never question possibilities life isn't naturally limited to displaced reproducitons so far. Oh, every reality's physical absolutes, death and taxes.
  18. what is the rumor about within the first hundred days Biden is going to do over a trillion dollar debt increase to pay back teacher unions and academic institutions with free money along with giving "undocumented visitors" 1,200 cash each. anyone want to start a pool on the number invading reach a million more by the time the legislation passes?
  19. infringe upon that "liberty". All liberties come with personal responsibilities to honor life as mutually evolving so far limiting time to each replacement existing from now on. Remember the rights promised for saving humanity can take back those rights to every rule of law directing outcomes serving God, Country, community first, family second, and personal needs last. inverted logic to living as mutually evolving in an adapt or become extinct time line of genetic replacements occupying space so far. Gee did something else beside human reproductions invent such a universal precedent?
  20. As ruthless as you are relentlessly denying the total sum of your intellectual character role playing makes you more than just another biological replacement occupying space since conceived. Your methods of making people doubt what life is in plain sight is vanishing faster than you can recruit more malcontents next generation.
  21. Your shallow intellectual victories have a compounding result you haven't seen coming while you are pretending to be top of the hill and lord of space time continuums while in the center of a species self destructing. Gee wasn't it 2 days ago Trump supporters were forced off a delta flight by Biden people. and here you are rejoicing over Delta going under when they obeied your chosen narrative. Nobody is safe from your group think. Kin of relfects how long you can last when your own people turn against those that obey your wishes. burn baby burn.
  22. Human rights destroys individual liberty at living left alone leave alone life style this country was setup to preverse unlike any other social congregation of self deceptionists did to 1776 and since as no other nation built by context over content since sept 1789 did what people did here. That has been intellectually erased over the last century, one generation at a time.. 2020 was the year America as founded was intellectually eliminated from within.
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