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  1. You do still have instinctive awareness of your actual position of ancestry in the whole current population.
  2. she is being groomed to stay in office after nancy pelosi dies where she will reach nancy's position in the house 3rd in line to becoming president should some social event occur removing a sitting president and vice president at the same time.
  3. love and hate are the same passion to become like what you don't want to see yourself as becoming. Apathy on the other hand is separation from both sides and not even part of the same currency issues about time is money. Now second part of my thinking here, understanding eternity for all it ever was changes the intellectual concept of second change and third strike. see honest about being eternally sorted out a person can always change membership of social minds and stay honest with their ancestral position even when accused of insubordination, treason, blasphemy from their own people in the cast of characters acted out on the world stage. Now being true to charcter role playing requires one to always not accept their actual position of ancestral progression of the species inception to extinction sustaining the whole populaiton here now as now here.
  4. Now the question becomes the year after 35 or year reaching 35? then comes running or inaugerated? so many ways to change interpretation of when. because in the year 2025 she can run for president at age 34 and sworn in the year she turns 35. all legaleze semantics to keep chaos governing actual results factually averaged statistically inaccurate all the time and nobody can prove or disprove anything specifically here from now on.
  5. never interfer with politicians siphoning tax revenues for legal prosecution of serious charges made by ruthless people trying to make deals saving their own butts to take down opposing ideology.
  6. not until after 2024. minimum age is 35 and I hear she is only 28.
  7. where am I defending anyone else? I stand on my own as eternally sorted out currently equally occupying a position of ancestry just like the other 7.499.999.999 members of this species. You have the necessity to defend mob mentality from your reality at subjective interpretations. I discuss actual positions of ancestry as biologically centered as the population now. I amm more accurate explaining the self evident than anyone of your ancestral origins have or are so always guessing between what if and if only.
  8. don't insult oftb that way. His intellect is much higher than my instinctive awareness, just ask his character.
  9. don't judge a sole reproduction with your soul developed personality, your definition comes from your core characteristics about being alive equally here.
  10. which is a better way to establish critic thinking, accounting for 15 stages of lifetimes eternally sorted out or people just accepting hypothetical standards historically so they don't have to think for themselves. inception, becoming one of two parents, dead or alive reaching ancestral progression of 1 of 4 grandparents, dead or alive reaching the ancestral progression of 1 of 8 great grndparents reaching the tipping point of having 8 great grandparents, 4 grandparents 2 parents, each added ancestor living now. Reproductive cycle until extinction in this atmosphere. this is consistant with plant, animal, predator, prey, male, female, asexual means of reproducing a next generation adapting to eternally sorted out now and the results are the current population at any time. incest changes the numbers but not the process.
  11. sole result

    "Creative" Accounting

    creative accounting is statistically averaging so all facts will not prove actual results historically or currently proving socially nobody knows what separates estimations from direct results. kid of like study surveys 15,000 people to model 340 million. what gets lost in translation really, 339, 985,000 ancestors living in the same atmosphere? what are facts worth, hope, faith, charity the 339,385,000 can only follow laws that order social behavior cradle to grave or else society removes the rights humanity gave to loyalists. Life made into the reality of staged guessing games within one species treating each other like idiots they made their characters become ancestrally.
  12. can you figure out the stages between defeated, conquered, eliminated once and for all? it is about the same calculations between inception, conception, dead, extinction of a species lasting cradle to grave in this atmosphere.
  13. like to see you formulate a method that accounts for the human population being the ongoing total sum population any given time since inception of the species to current ancestors living now between just conceived or dropping dead.
  14. why didn't they use South Park's caricature of james woods for this thread? that is about the only work he has had in decades is voice over on a stupid show Alexandra probably watches spiritually getting all she needs to know about governing people.