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  1. contextual genius is an instinctive idiot. words aren't the definition of anything real, they are a tool to communicate ideas between persons operating as one of a kind to work together when occupying the same space as populating currently in the same existing time frame each reproduction lasts conception to dead when sharing the moment here. Now another coin to this currency of thought is ignooring the context used against your instinctive awareness will leave one cast aside by all people's franchising a system of denyng the self evident geographically making it illegal to socially occupy space where citizens claim title to land rights on the surface of this planet. another act of intellectual insanity where instincts were silenced hundreds of generations ago.
  2. You always try to prevent everyone from understanding your real intent to posting crap like this.
  3. leaves the individual self cornered into typecast as a social narrative cradle to grave taking along their entire family tree. the exact simple how and why all theaters of humanity became absolutely corrupted and completely dishonest about how life actually sustains living now. Am I the only actual reproduction wanting to repair the human errors performed for 7,000 years to date.
  4. I do with equal displacement to their relative reproduced position as part of the population existing currently. Context doesn't change content positioned as naturally displaced. It alters their navigating being alive when simultaneously here.
  5. then quit demanding society adopt them(beliefs) as laws that rule social behavior cradle to grave. what gives you the persuasion of power you are anything other than just another reproduction sustaining the species as eternally positioned in an ever changing people population never existing beyond simultaneously here?
  6. OK, when you define life by theories, the political state of vocabulary suggesting nobody wants to know exactly the specific results throughout history really doesn't provide an honest definiton of anything reality produced socially as facts until the species doesn't exist any more or quits playing Nobody knows scenarios. that simple..
  7. see, here is a person willing to pay to make sure nobody believes real and why human exitence is so mismanaged by intellectual propositions hypothetical standards are better than wht life actually is. David R. again thank you for the time I did and have so far. But life isn't a pay to play reality, it is an adapt or become extinct moment.
  8. that is doubling down on failed practice on another side doubling down on failed practices. double negatives don't make a positive gain unless you are making up statistical averages suggesting nobody can disprove reality with facts derived by theories and theologies directing everyone think outside being one of a kind so everyone agrees now cannot be eternity. Ok I am done helping Elton out here. got things to do beyond defending my eternally sorted out position. that adapt or become extinct responsibility.
  9. Didn't Obama do this in 2009? Now they are asking again a decade later as they never stopped providing false illuions for academia to train brains to mind hypothetical standards socially all the time throughout history.
  10. You are going the wrong way to counter Warren. what changes from axiom left and right to front to back? 90 degree spin. doesn't matter clockwise or counterclockwise left and right are shifted to front and back halves of the same displacements. also doesn't matter if a quarter summersalt takes place and top down and bottom up become front and back halves. Quit playing the reality of making this real moment a jigsaw puzzle of combined realities.
  11. come on doc, I really haven't tried yet. I just use how life actually works against what you recite isn't possible in theory or theology used to govern human behavior cradle to grave historically practiced so far. You have so many people taking sides against what I say. It is easier to erase me than acknowledge what I understand.
  12. fake it until you make it social reality personality that will not tolerate anyone explaining the self evident way life works naturally as it untwists the ball of confusion created by ancestral conforming to educated stupidity practiced ancestrally. Dennis loves recycling past mistakes to make future error go in his ideology's favor for generations forward only passing through the moment here. I instinctively know the intellectual long game inside out and it doesn't matter which side takes the central authority for the next century or two.
  13. see, you went right back to time line logistics logic and that is a man made hoax to keep people honoring hypothetical standards cradle to grave so you can mentally feel superior to everyone obeying the laws telling them to stfu and pay you to dictate who they have to think they are. Standing my displacement. You grow up little minion.
  14. Phoenix68's cast of characters as a social mental state cradle to grave. Each lifetime's body never stays the same fertilized cell placing them in proportion of the populaiton here. But they(you) claim to say vocabulary and ideas change that to anything else is possible when everyone agrees to disagree where Eternity actually remains in plain sight. all that is left is ancestral doubt, social chaos, and eternal misery conception to dead a species only exists now inception to extinction as delivered by reproduced results so far. You want to send everyone else to eternal hell not complying with your we mind, yet made reality one for yourSelf. KARMA.
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