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  1. Poetry of exchanging tyrants so your ideology rules until extinction. Grow up and become human, your adopted humanity is in the way.
  2. I recognize what changes between honestly understanding one's reproductive position of the current population and rank in social order of intelelctual societal evolution of which you never add natural displacement to anything socially driven to serve a state of mind when alive cradle to grave now as living simultaneouly here as everything else outside your ancestral position.. You constantly avoid the simplicity within "The whole is equal to the total sum of all its ever changing form and shape parts.". The species you and I consist of within being here now individually since conceived and won't leave the moment until decomposed. I instinctively recognize everything you don't want anyone else intellectually comprehending.
  3. Ironic how reality prevents anyone from recognizing how life actually works in plain sight so everyone is staying in orchestrated social narratives historically by geographical area theaters of doubt. 4 corners of squaring ancestries against themselves and each other all the time so a few able to convince the rest life is larger than reproductively here. Latitude, longitude, attitude, platitude. That is 4 societal north, south, east, and west compared to heart, mind, body, soul of character role playing in reality in an atmosphere of earth, wind, water, fire, to 4 parts of a day midnight, dawn, noon, dusk, 4 parts of a lunar cycle new moon, first quarter, full moon, third quarter, 8 seasonal shifts in one revolution around the star winter/summer solstice, spring/fall equinox, summer/winter solstice, fall/spring equinox, ever changing population as born, parenting, grandparent, great grandparent or become extinct now six sides of a perpetually balancing position when existing on a rotating planet, orbiting moon, revolving around a star, spiraling in a solar system repeating the process in a galaxy among the galaxies universally doing the same thing at the same time, now with simple compounding results among contracting results of ancestral progression reproducting next generation details never duplicated conception to decomposed. Eroding and decomposing since combined inorganically or conceived organically here when part of an ever changing species inception, reproducing, dead, become extinct from now on. Think I listed 24 relative time zones of ignoring now is eternity humans did until I was born and since I recognized the single human error driving the insanity of humanity historically going on now.. If people(ancestral progression of this species's population) deny their centeral point of life, then time is used against those adapting to the moment from now on. How tyranny never ends in nurtured human social behavior so far done making believe time changes everything and time never does anything but be a position of things getting eternally spaced apart now without any intellectual imput necessary. Cannot stop dishonest policies training people to honor corrupted interpretations of how life is limited to being spaced apart now. This is the root of doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome for your great great grandchildren. Gee isn't that Albert Einstein's definition of insanity while teaching humans the importannce of relative time theory. Einstein was as big a hoaxster as Al Gore.
  4. Good thing ruling elites create a script for your mind to recite or you wouldn't be able to say anything from your own point of view. Social character is just a person unwilling to stand their reproductive position as one of a kind. Perfected mob mentality in the idea a state of mind is a terrible thing to waste and here you are perpetuating chaos for multiple generations alive at the same time. You don't want to know how life really works so you stick within the reality society trained your ancestral position to defend or stand alone against everyone not caring about how life actually works in plain sight. The idea the world is but a stage in a constantly controlled multiple theaters of doubt working against each new lifetime added to the population now. 6,000 years int he making and now technology made it easier with instant global communication from person to person across 24 time zones and 2 seasonal opposites north and south of the equator. Editorial staff at NYT are intellectual tyrants getting surrogates to follow what they believe using philosophies, psychology, inverted logic, relative time distortion historically against the last generation so far. Remember bension, the last generation is each lifetime that never reproduced their own biological replacement. So last generation is relative to a new born as it is a 90 year old great great uncle that was never a parent and what manifested his DNA was added three generations beyond him while still alive. But you won't figure that as meaning time is stationary because that shows you denied real your entire adult time being alive even though you navigated living as a proportionate one of a kind positions in this atmosphere.
  5. Look how much you loath your natural point of displacement and the means to support your biological form conception to dead. You do see the spactacular things it takes to just sustain being part of eternally sorted apart. You will not accept now is eterntiy because when you do, your persuasion of power will never control anyone again. I use the power of suggestion and do my best to lead by example that one must correct human errors practiced by their own ancestral lineage so far. Doesn't require destroying what was socially put together under false pretenses, just ending the dishonest laws and corrupted behavioor directing social outcomes from now on. Each lifetime is centered now as eternally sorted apart in ancestral displacement of livetime alive now. Eternity life is in plain sight from each lifetime eternally spearated in exact reproduced order here. Stop making intellect more than just induced brain activity from a brain working 100% navigating in a simultaneously here environment. Each lifetime's first fertilized cell was the brain a body developed around to provide a viable form of life to adapt cradle to grave. Isn't that a miracle in itself? then the second is the ability to recognize what is actually taking place. But you insist on making everyone ignore it. I have no use for your soul opportunity to fool everyone all the time so you can pretend to be larger than everyone else equally reproduced as you were. Original sin numbnuts. Repent your behavior blaming everyone else doing exactly what you have done for 65 years and no intention of correcting it.
  6. Iran deal. NK and that missing laptop with rocket technology off Airforce one after the SOS Clinton meeting. Kind of reminds me about that news blip about a breakin at the Bill Clinton Library and a bunch of files were taken. Don't remember the year that was but I think it happened after 2006 when Hillary was elected senator to NY.
  7. I don't triangulate 4 cornered arguments or box others into thinking reality is the only solution. Got that Mr. Hyperbole.
  8. on this day in 2007 I started my counter attack on humanity in cyberspace so as to never harm a living sole reproduction in my conflict with deniers governing the world stage in every geographical theater of doubt state of mind. Might doesn't make things right, physically or mentally.
  9. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. You will not accept life doesn't exceed the space you are timed apart from everything else here at the same time since conception until completely decomposed. Soul is a contextual context of maybe. Sole position as part of the population is a kinetic point of displacement in ancestral order of connected ancestral lineage so far. simple 7 phases of reincarnation, 8 great grandparents, 4 grandparents, 2 parents, .last conceived, becoming 1 of 2 parents, rising to 1 of 4 grandparents, reaching 1 of 8 great grandparents all depending on last conceived start reproducing here in the moment life never remains what it was so far. How is it your superior intellect doesn't recognize life is limited to being spaced apart now as conceived until decomposed with a fraction of that time living cradle to grave? simple answer, you don't want to believe it is all life ever was. The greed of intellectually wanting more than physically exists and cultivating ancestral realities is how you get away with it. simple right or wrong doesn't change morally, legally, ethically, socially, academically, artistically, economically, spiritually, politically defying life in its natural point of displacing reproductions from now on. Know what evil is. Looky what I did, listed the 9 gates of human hell on earth as it is in heaven conception to dead as eternally sorted apart now biologically here.
  10. You never had anything to lose, so all you know how to do is take away what others do for themselves then act all superior getting away with it hiding within mob rule.
  11. Know what the difference between transforming and recovering is? Obama was out to transform not recover or save what it was designed to be.
  12. And you were so brave posting it. different angles of repeating the sme behavior is everyone behaving the same way and no side seeks to correct the compounding results. Doesn't make tomorrow better days than what has arrived already.
  13. infected with ^^^^^ intellectual socially transferred denial syndrome. His social identity matters more than his naturally displaced reproduced form exists as never the same details twice time of living here now.
  14. nothing, but ask the same question including British, Australian, Ukrainian agents.
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