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  1. I used plain English, you use planed vocabulary in english syllables used against naturally positioned lifetimes.
  2. Intellectually should be, not what is instinctively aware of why it won't work governed by intellectual speculation.
  3. You realize that doesn't affect me in any psychological way because you ignore natural position of reproductions before we ever had a conversation. What comes at you is your own creation for ignoring all you are since conceived and after birth took on the role of acting larger than that equal position as one of a kind. so your corrupted attitude works against you, not me so go make that self fulfilling prophecy of humans destroying the planet actual happen..
  4. Really? all for one idea AND ONE IDEA FOR ALL THE TIME HUMANS OCCUPY SPACE. What goes wrong when the one idea is how many ways can humans develop the means to keep everyone guessing how life works in plain sight.
  5. self anointed is separate from self appointed why? the answer is directly related to how globalism never worked as you define it.
  6. I am not a hopleless half life replacement equal to every homo sapien defending their type cast character role playing done cradle to grave. I just happen to have a proportionate center of gravity while just navigating being alive as simultaneously here spontaneously i of the numbers occupying space until I don't anymore. Death isn't the end of occupying space since concieved. it ends my pretending to being anything more than naturally positioned in an ever changing shape and form population that doesn't exceed being spaced apart now. You cannot accept it serving ideologies promising a rotation of the planet makes better tomorrows. You are so busy believing intellect is a life form beyond a brain just navigating as one of a kind. Nurtured behavior while you never had the desire to discover what human error is compounding the same mistake in everyone ever occupying space as part of this species. Paths of least resistance, compliance is easier than standing against mob rule.
  7. every side of reality works to silence my opinion. I have been told to stay out of debate room because I remove doubt instead of sustaining them. And here you are staging the perception I am the problem person not the solution finder of a problem nobody admits being part of and I stopped enabling everyone else to keep going. I worked within combined realities 55 years of my time occupying space so far, every time I show my uniqueness as equally occupying space, all type cast people ally around the suggestion I am off topic when centered in all methods of ignoring the same thing historically. the corrupted defending dishonest policies. doesn't change between morality, legality, situational ethics, social justification, economic profiting off creating pay to stay in character realtiies while naturally centered as equally occupying space as compounding half life replacements sustaining the numbers occupying space each added generation. So excuse me when frustration equals of the corrupted destroying honesty all the time as mush as dishonest policies are the savior to staying in character having the societal might to silence individuals such as myself all the time. See I am always invited to leave places where doubts are being saved and created.
  8. sounds hopelessly epic until someone brings compouding human error into your false sense of superiority of having a better idea on how to deny real. All sides agree to disagree about what eternity can be in plain sight makes your own family as inaccurate as all other families honoring the same methodologies to unite behing false narratives defying life is simple compounding reproduced half life replacement conceived by already existing half life replacements in contracting continuaiton of extending the species staying alive now.
  9. What advertising expert said that will change minds? somebody wasted donated monies.
  10. why is everything done to save humanity socially ends up corrupting each persons natural position being alive from now on? for the new people "from now on" is each reproduction added to the ever changing population reached so far as current number of inhabitants tto the atmosphere, My way of thinking beyond social narratives of could be anything else because a mob says so.
  11. Is that your final answer? sure you don't want to amend that yet? It is parallel to giving another person an idea real doesn't matter. Your intellectual opinion and my istinctive opinion. They are definitely from completely separated functions each lifetime does simultaneosuly separating genetic displacement to social rank in commumity thought.
  12. Real time with time is stationary, life is compoudning details never the same total sum again, so from now on is kinetic evolution of things achieved so far. it is being able to watch perpetual balancing to inverting molecular framing of inorganic universal position of this planet and ever changing shape and form of each individual life separated in plain sight as arrived and from now on until half life replacements stop being reproduced again. All this is the irony of reality where humans demand change and in real time nothing stays the same as arrived already. Divine comedy of compounding human error never corrected yet. I did all I can to stop enabling it and allow everyone else the liberty by laws sustaining human rights to erase me from society and history for my behavior here. What was the comical definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome next time. Change over and over with each reproduction added to the ever changing population. Mental illness isn't a disease, it is decisions to keep ignoring why each is alive now.
  13. Look at you pretending to be above it all while centered inside the box making sure everyone takes sides thinking beyond self contained to their own half life position so far. You are a real self deceptionist looking to capitalize from organized chaos managing institutional outcomes to pay to play larger than life roles from now on. Just my basic out of the box symbol as 22 other sides than your limited deflection offers. the one on the right
  14. Because what you do here filters out into social results that directly effect my time adapting to being spaced apart from now on. I understand the butterfly effect principle. That is why I use cyberspace for my getting even with those making my time hell on earth. karma. Those making it happen get compounding interest in return. people play 6 degrees of sepration and I come back with 16 angles exposing historically deception since the dawn of civilization. take away the 6's and compounding return is 10 fold and speaking of folding things. I created my own symbolic values shaped into interpretaitons of reality and pitting sides against each other from 8 cornering triangulating open ended speculations promising better days tomorrow for total obedience to suggestions life is larger than eternally spaced apart so far. Your reality is everything you paid it to become sacrifice, duty, deed, good intentions combined, enabling, willingly silenced your own instinctive awareness...
  15. That is correct, your statistical averaging debunked my half life compounding replacement came from reproductions already reproducing their replacments to the compounding total sum of ever changing numbers this species remains constantly changing into so far, currently, from now on. Now the specific details of their behavior while alive really is what is going on from now on. ha ha ha ha ha.
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