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  1. sole result


    Structure of a sentence doesn't fall into grammar positioning subject, action, place, event, separate from all other actions working at the same time? Wow academia sure has changed.
  2. sole result


    You bet your entire reality upon that? What does grammar do when arranging words to make a specific talking point about details outside the event taking place? Limiting the information to the specific act not the entire actions of everything else going on not involved. the word right. person, place, thing. literally, figuratively, relatively, socially separate from the whole. You always separate the whole and never put it back into proper alignment as kinetically changing the total sum achieved currently. Again, time intellectually is abstract and instinctive the only position one has now. Clocks and calendars just measure inorganic motions relative to organic changes never staying the toal sum reached now as a universal point of what does exist doesn't stay the same as existed so far. Past ends now and the future begins here. Space the final frontier at recognizing now is Eternity and wasn't considered that publically since the dawn of civilization. matter of fact, every society historically and currently denounces it is possible. yet life doesn't exceed simultaneously here as spontaneously occupying space in ancestral order of added to the population so far. Your reality is toasted, roasted, baked, cooked. Only thing keeping it here is nobody quits denying now is eternity.
  3. sole result

    An association fallacy is

    Is that parallel too or in series with syllogism?
  4. sole result


    Gee you can do it the normal way when anyone catches you playing devil's advocate. Only need one Intellectual Armageddon. This will be the last conflict between social intellect trying to overrule personal natural navigating instinctive awareness. It is actually an honest civil war of vocabulary and no physical threats of total destruction of actual existence if you don't agree with me. You will continue self destructive practices and blame everyone that doesn't comply with your systematic denial now is eternity.
  5. sole result


    Why have you gone william1444 style posting in quotes so one isn't easily quoted until using copy and paste like I did. You know your reality is imploding and there isn't a damned thing you can do to stop it.
  6. sole result


    Global progressive allies sure unite when one collides with a self evident result. ps. No written vocabulary exists without an alphabet and one track grammar, triple application of the same words transcend noun, verb, adjective, adverb.
  7. sole result


    1a. Really? It isn't important to understand the trade off of accepting symbolic values to replace actual results of life as eternally sorted apart now? 2a. Stationary or immovable, unflexible, always the point of simultaneously here from fertilized cell to total decomposition after dead. energy cannot be created or destroyed while changing details of formed shaped in ancestral alignment to the total opulation occupying the moment here. Temporal displacement as reproduced total sums to each category of life living in the same moment. 3a. You have a deep state of denying the self evident and reject any honest description of life as actually existing in plain sight molecular content out in cellular lifetimes in this atmosphere and the universe beyond this atmosphere. 4a. Tomorrow is you way of denying now is Eternity. A spin of the planet doesn't change now any point of the spin, orbit of the moon, both revolving around the star. You compare cycles to cycles self contained to spontaneously happening simultaneously defining them one track at a time.
  8. sole result


    see skans, I told you so. ^^^^^^ His character's soul is the English alphabet's vocabulary.
  9. sole result


    Dogmatic global progressive directing societal evolution rather than honestly face ancestral progression by reproductive results so far. Dogmatic democrat doesn't fit his mentality of trying to obtain 5th party point of 4 corner triangulating two ends against center balancing. Social pyramid building through symbolism over substance and mind over matter psychological class warfare.
  10. sole result


    1. Great misrepresentation of what I said. I didn't say I was his successor, I am what he predicted would bring about the end of time directing the humanities working ancestral generations against one another for personal gain. Difference between capitalism and capitalizing is capitalism requires everyone understanding the same thing about life making each lifetime equally present as a proportioned part of the populaiton existing now. 2. I explain how everyone is unique, no faith required. Time is stationary making all kinetic things simultaneously here as individually created from combinations of past results reproduced to shapes never staying the same form as added. You were from the start just a fertilized cell a body developed around prior to born. That first cell was the brain and as cellular division arranged body parts so did the central nervous system to maintain the ability to move around as one of a kind cradle to grave. 3. Your choice to ignore how life actually functions naturally for the feeling of being able to control the time you are simultaneously spontaneously trying to get everyone else to believe your poppycock. 4. Ancestral Stockholm Syndrome. Pick a fatih or be disqualified from any self selected type cast people all agreeing to never agree on now is Eternity until extinction is the evolutionary next generation not reproduced now.
  11. sole result

    Calling fellow party members out

    Pure bull spit.
  12. sole result

    Calling fellow party members out

    Typical one sided leap from a one track social mentality of our way or no way. We of this type mentality say so and we have chosen life cannot fight back against deniers misrepresenting actual time for their relative interpretations of what if.
  13. Like Mueller misrepresented investigating Russian Collusion in the Trump Campaign while ignoring the collusion in the Hillary campaign. I got it any which way you want to avoid self evident way life functions here naturally..