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  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha and you are deadly serious. incomplete is constantly inaccurate while society divides and conquers instinctive awareness characteristic to their own ancestral behavior as a species populating ideologies names state of minds ruling the humanities at pretending humans are the exception to being eternally sorted apart now in reproductive order to the population occupying space in this atmosphere individually at the same time conceptions specifically add and death specifically subtracts in compounding order to events taking place now.. Time is the singularity shared when ancestrally displaced here conception to decomposition. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Ashes to ashes is evaporation and dust to dust erosion. Human body is what percentage of water? water, food, shelter, reproduction to sustain the population one generation into the next now as only going on here.
  2. just contained as one of a kind. Do you completely comprehend the simplicity at being equally present. Simple balancing is something you choose to never comply with seeking a position of superiority intellectually on every social spectrum of what ifism.
  3. I don't take sides and you won't change taking sides. Nothing in common except being alive as living here simultaneously goes on in plain sight. Faith or accept what is rather than adopt what if.
  4. when people that choose to believe anything else is possible they divide themselves among the acted out possibilities ancestrally taking place as happened and happening ancestrally here. Power of suggestion taken over by mob rule persuasion of power "we say so" vs "you are one of a kind". Play the numbers game again.
  5. in the body you adapt with now. Point of origin is conceived until random point of departure in a compounding exchange of did, doing, does or doesn't continue from now on.
  6. I won't implode, I will die and decompose in inverse order of expanding from a fertilize cell to the body that lived as specifically here everyone ridicules because they are aware of how damned accurate I am. Stay in character Xavier, your corruption is self evident when comparing life as it exists, not as it is governed by human intellectual pay to play possibilities.
  7. Specific numbers I don't have, but everything done to save reality makes lifetimes compromise away their ability to completely understand limitations at living as one of a kind always changing shape and form conception to decomposition here now. You sacrifice real to stay in social narratives until dead always formulating a what if defense against anyone standing their ground as eternally sorted apart now in reproductive proportion of the populaiton living here in separate stages of last reproductions added regardless 1 of 8 great grandparents, 1 of 4 grandparents, 1 of 2 parents, adults, teens, adolscents, toddlers, infants, fetuses, embryoes, zygotes, fertilized cell. the core out you only debate what life is birth to dead by comparing behaviors when simultaneously living currently occupying space now. Ancestrally is specific lifetimes, history is specific behavior when living only the leaders are recorded so new arrival mimic again and again expecting different outcomes next generation.
  8. Implode. Every action has an opposite and equal reaction. Contracting results ever expand details never the same again now. perpetual motion sustaining perpetual balancing of universal points of displacement outside the atmosphere as specifically going on inside it. You choose to believe so you don't have to accept actual life as it exists in plain sight. Idealists don't want to know more than they were trained to believe after birth. Collective minds organize to silence individual awareness life doesn't exceed now. Liberty to understand vs right to deny how and why life is limited to what goes on currently changing total sum compounding actions and reactions of all reproductions occupying space at the same time currently going on. Not any more complicated than that until subjective rationing of understanding prevents everyone from recognizing how and why details never stop changing currently here. Root of my constant use of simultaneously, spontaneously, ancestries, ancestors.
  9. What changes between compliance and complicity. Extortion from distortion of then self evident as all honesty is lost defending half truths justified morally, legally, ethically, economically, socially, ancestrally. 6 degrees of separating real into franchised realities historically and history being recorded now. Past ends here individually conception to decomposition future constantly develops from now on womb to tomb. Time doesn't move, details never duplicate, results are eternally spaced apart now.
  10. All societal laws protect those believing theories and theologies justify human behavior as ancestrally practiced socially so far since the dawn of civilization training instinctive awareness to ignore the actual way life functions now, 24/7.
  11. Speaking your your collective assessment again. Type cast characters only follow vocabulary to justify their efforts to pretend they escape kinetic displacement arguing potential differences of opinions about living simultaneously here in their spontaneous position of being alive at the same time 24/7.
  12. Really taking place compared to how life actually functions is why saving intellectual humanity will be the extinction of reproduced human life self inflicted as ancestrally performed so far. when a species doesn't learn from history repeating the same social narratives reinterpreted as under new management of ideal way life should have existed all the time. Time is immovable while details are kinetically never duplicated as already reproduced moleculary inorganically, technologiclaly, or ancestrally until a specific type doesn't exist any more, now on.
  13. We coexist as reproductions in the same species, I civilly contest why realities are designed to fail because those directing realities create a no win scenario for everyone thinking outside a box.
  14. Attack the dishonesty of the man serving as president and you unmask your own cast of characters denying the same thing all presidents, dictators in separate theaters of academia, arts, spiritualism, metaphysical sciences, political theaters as geographically built socially, economics of idealist, disciples, faithful enforcers, compliant to anything else is possible, rejection of completely honest answers to what life does have to offer naturally and in plain sight. Checkmate.
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