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  1. never was in the first place, this is a message board where those that agree don't need to defend what I post. complete accuracy doesn't need validated or second opinion. those opposing it have to do everything intellectually possible to discredit it. silence is golden. civil unrest protests the self evident. deniers make themselves publically known by their actions and projected possibilities real isn't real and their reality is all that matters.
  2. another everyone else does it too scenarios. our side is better than your side though. Your side kept it a secret for years as well as all others.
  3. I will not be sorry for being accurate either. I am not guilty for those only picking sides to ignore the self evident with either. I have done all I can do and be honest about everything in plain sight. Yes I will compromise with using symbolic values to make trade easier, but not at the expense of changing the simplicity to how life works naturally.
  4. You won't believe it bcause it actually fits the numbers to the population of this species without societal definitions. Now is ETernity and life doesn't exceed the moment as biologically reproduced in order of added to the moment here. beat it with specific results, not historical projections it isn't theoretically or theologically academically, spiritually, politically, artistically, economically intelelctually preventing anyone using instinctive awareness to being one of a kind now.
  5. trying a different way to impliment ends justify the means. Use the same methods that created honored dishonesty and corruption to return to honesty and civility. Call me insane but guess it takes insanity to battle insanity without harming the insane.
  6. I offer a solution to orchestrate social chaos, I think it does more than sustaining how it doesn't stop.
  7. I am not asking all societies for permission to be honest about why I exist as one of the population being eternally sorted apart now in biological order of arrival. You all do what you must to keep historically ignoring the self evident..
  8. Do you get what I am doing here on this message board? I am not asking permission to be honest.
  9. be honest. You won't and I won't play social misdirection anymore. stale mate because you lost your persuasion of power with me. I suggest you change your mind sooner than later, life always gives you a second chance until your last exhale. More than you give me staying in my ancestral positionas equally created to being part of the population getting eternally sorted out now.
  10. I know the spider and fly routine as a spider or the fly. I am the wrench, not the bolt or the nut. You won't be honest and I quit being corrupted. Now you have to get all your allies together and destroy what I am, humanity's sacrifical alpha brain so you can keep your organized social beta mind.
  11. again back to distraction, distorting what I say. I know the spider and fly routine as a spider or the fly. I am the wrench, not the bolt or the nut. You won't be honest and I quit being corrupted.
  12. sanity does that to a person governed by insane policies of laws that order I ignore the self evident so you can feel superior intellectually than my eternal point of separated biologically here same as you different total sum reproduction numbers to this point.
  13. denying now is eternity intellectually while your body navigates living as eternally sorted out now. recite your hypothetical standards again English SAE or Metric. Tao, torah, quran, Scientology, Einstein's relative time theory. all are designed to create the same effect.everyone agrees to disagree now is eternity until hell freezes over or global warming raises the oceans above ground level. Damn your ideology is screwed phucking over everyone 's ancestries historically. really suggest you abandon your character quick.
  14. you saying it isn't? Or pleading the 5th? either way you know you are wrong same as I do. hide in reasonable doubt protected by humanty defended in laws that rule social behavior cradle to grave globally as ancestrally praticed ancestrally to current events performed to letter of the law..
  15. Or promises tomorrow is a better time spaced apart from now. how many institutions operate from that mental distortion of life? Genie is out of the bottle. I know, I uncorked it.