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  1. America is an idea shared by a population within human use of hypothetical latitudes adn longitudes creating a time relative measuring system so ancestors can relate to their position on the planet going by event horizons always at the same place eternally or as long as the solar systems continues being what is here never the same details again. And you know that instinctively, every lifetime does but chooses to maintain collective social interpretations life has to originate beyond time relativity and it does intellectually just not physically.
  2. when is the funeral

    neither will you, but you keep dishing it out.
  3. Next time!

    When was it that government force Coke Cola to change the recipe and take out the codine?
  4. when is the funeral

    You keep insisting the other sides don't get it and your side does. When all sides taken behave the same way(defending adopted ideals until one's last breath), what is left? Everything going on socially globally is completely fabricated maybes everyone brags is their reality. God, County, Community, Collective behavior as designed by what if scenarios. What do what if scenarios define? Personal behavior cradle to grave ancestrally, historically one sides interpretations of how the next generation not behave as their ancestry has so far.. So creating a new caricature requires making all the last caricatures mean less. children learn to distance themselves from their own ancestry and create new social pacts between the last generation from all previous ones combined. Vertas 101, are you catching a glimpse of what this means when time is stationary and every generations practices the arts of directing life through intellectual time relativity? I did 5 decades ago and took 4 decades thinking on my own to decypher humanity's tricks of the trade inside out.
  5. silence reflects where the corrupted dares not venture honestly, quitely.
  6. when is the funeral

  7. when is the funeral

    you project a character of a big prick and you get insulted if everyone thinks your a dick. kind of looking like all you want is to start fights among every group outside your own collective mind really.
  8. Not just liberals and political titles, but science fiction freaks, spiritual kooks, artistic impresionists, academic experts on social narratives, media making sure everything is re-interpreted to common practices, and that should cover just about anyone for any reason an intellect doesn't want instinctive awareness ever brought out into the public arena of anything is possible debates.
  9. You all better hope I don't start public speaking. All sides arguing free speech will join together to make sure I don't speak again. Won't matter which side you beleive real doesn't matter be it top down, bottom up outfield left, center, right, or foul territories, leadership postions or fellowship membership. I will be the voice that reveals everyone's ancestral personal dishonesty.
  10. Both sides? Japan and Germany? yes. Now what is different about being bad and everyone being historically inaccurate?
  11. I'll take this as sarcasm, but won't rule out you are being honest about your social behavior either. your vernacular fits the profile of the latter.
  12. Vandalism and tyranny both get it done and ask for forgiveness when caught or defeated. Until then full speed ahead at disrupting everyone around em.
  13. Both sides are just political theater. Really neither side has any real substance other than the educated idiots arguing from both sides.
  14. when is the funeral

    Just because he isn't physically hillary doesn't make him not part of the same end goal she had. Like I said before, his personal dishonesty was one goal and Hillary was the other end of the field representing social corruption at the point of no return to any honesty left at all. Same game playing. Trump was the lesser of two evils directing societal evolution into eternally ignoring now is Eternity. that is how ruling elites work the win win scenario. catch 22.
  15. Am I? Explain self evident results without using recited theories or theologies promoting the concepts of anything else is possible by any one of them and all of them combined?