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  1. Name another reason corruption never ends socially within this species engineering social behavior cradle to grave as ancestrally positioned from now on? Isn't money, politics, religion, social justification but individuals joining forces to force individual to comply or die to serve inaccurate facts and intellectual possibilities once practiced for a couple hundred reproductive cycles nobody would be able to figure it out again until extinction. Damned instinctive awareness coming from evolving from a fertilized cell to an infant designed to adapt with life never the same total sum again.
  2. no. Snowden was theater. the social precedent not the normal result. Rank and file would be treated same as the people being targeted. Same thing the prosecutors told my sister in 2005, Don't worry about the children, by the time we are done you won't have a home to bring them back into. That included our mom's house. 15 years 3 years developing and 12 implementation without harming a living lifetime physically. and i went global, not just some county seat. All from within these two objects and my avatar. see how I cloown around with prophecies like second coming, antichrist, 12th Imam, Nostradamus's one male, 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, Mayam Calendar. 12-21-2012 I was in full swing using message boards as my window into any brain reading my posts. I don't need a fellowship of believers, I need others to stand up for what life actually is. Best things in life are free to enjoy just by staying alive as long as possible and reality makes everyone loath being eternally spaced apart now. That damned reverse psychology crap. I kept it to the simplicity of the binary code of adapt or become extinct without a doubt suggesting anything else is possible.
  3. the top brass giving the orders, not the rank and filed that cannot defy orders given and oaths taken to be silent or else.
  4. I am an eternally spaced apart reporuction adapting to the moment as I replaced those reproducing me and my children remain after I die replacing me. That eternal exchange of numbers present xavier. You will deny it to feel larger than equally present. Back to false ego where I display self assured I am nothing more than 1 of a kind as proportioned to the ever changing total sum that have existed until now. Know what it is like to never doubt life in plain sight? Freedom from mob rule speculation of our way or no way social justifications by vocabulary and tyranny. serenity achieved by thinking for myself, compromising with earier ways to adapt as one species simultaneously here. I am not a stewart of possibilities, savior of the planet, guardians of the galaxy, gatewate to eternal life or immortality. Just a simple way life works in plain sight with all the natural limitations that come with being alive now.
  5. Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall instincts showed the intellect to its last fall all the royal wes and loyal us couldn't put humanity back together again come hell or high water. Humanity is dead, doesn't end how to use societal evolution without corruption of the self evident. Your choice as it will be your decision to end life because you cannot control the outcome of being eternally spaced apart now. Vanity.
  6. simple compounding the constantly changing total sum present between contracting reproductions expanding the numbers added or not from now on. Gee, that covers temporal displacements conceived to decomposed as amounted to human activity in this atmosphere since inception to this current crop of occupants in the atmosphere now. wow, it covers the whole food chain, this solar sysem, this galaxy, the entire changes added to current never the sme details combining everything arriving next as individually positioned so far. 1 and 0 binary code numbuts. Kinetic and not a doubt of any other way possible.
  7. Nov. 4. Until then watch your reality hemorrhage membership.
  8. Do you understand how simple it is to take down every reality historically proposing life is larger than living as eternally separated as reproduced so far? Reality is where it is easier to deny the self evident than stand with it.
  9. Don't forget ACA weaponized the IRS to stand against anyone Opposing Clinton/Obama 16 years of policy wonking. It is the thing behind the media demanding Trump Tx returns.
  10. yes academic dictionary is going to go with natural displacement over social narratives? get real professor of make believe.
  11. By how people use language in every corrupted reality I can sense those making the system work equally, and those working the system for their own benefit of "We" vs each "you, they, them, those people.". all that because I don't buy into believing life is more than reproductions being eternally spaced apart now. the kinetics of getting eternally spaced apart match the population directing as existing where your relative time table logics and statistical averaging always leaves 7/8 of reSults out of the NARRATIVE.
  12. BS. Trump might actually respect his electorates ideas. Money doesn't earn power, wealth, and fame. Honest people know all the money in the world cannot buy back the time specnt ignoring the self evident way life exists in plain sight.
  13. Intelligence is understanding the differences between actual results, power of suggestion, and persuasion of power.
  14. True is to beliefs shared, not honest description of how life is limited to being alive now one at a time so far.
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