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  1. If lying is what has turned this nation around, then by all means, keep lying, Mr. Trump. Love me some Trump lies!
  2. Mr. Cleese, I'm sure you find this not believable, but I do not get my history, religion or politics from the entertainment industry. So, in the future please continue to entertain us, then go home and keep your political opinions to yourself. If you think you have a solution, then run for elective office. Thank you.
  3. It's a parts problem. The estimate is that the entire fleet should be back to normal in about two days.
  4. Truth: https://www.nytimes.com/1993/08/04/us/senate-96-3-easily-affirms-judge-ginsburg-as-a-justice.html
  5. If the Dems take control of the House, they can do as they see fit. That's what control means.
  6. Bottom line is, I'm voting for the Latino, not the racist.
  7. In Singapore there is no freedom nor is there anything resembling personal freedom. One's actions and travel is closely monitored at all times. Singapore is a rich police state. Been there would not want to live there.
  8. LOL! This is fun. The Democrats are making even big fools of themselves and on the First Monday in October there will be a new Justice sitting on the Court, Brett Kavanaugh. There is nothing the Dems can do to stop this from happening. Elections have consequences.
  9. Were you watching? The Chairmen said it and he was not challenged on it. Besides here is the list of committee members: Majority Minority Chuck Grassley, Iowa, Chairman Orrin Hatch, Utah Lindsey Graham, South Carolina John Cornyn, Texas Mike Lee, Utah Ted Cruz, Texas Ben Sasse, Nebraska Jeff Flake, Arizona Mike Crapo, Idaho Thom Tillis, North Carolina John Neely Kennedy, Louisiana Dianne Feinstein, California, Ranking Member Patrick Leahy, Vermont Dick Durbin, Illinois Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota Chris Coons, Delaware Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut Mazie Hirono, Hawaii Cory Booker, New Jersey (from January 9, 2018) Kamala Harris, California (from January 9, 2018) Al Franken, Minnesota (until January 2, 2018) Please indicate which of these Democrat members have an open mind and would even consider voting for Kavanaugh.
  10. Get it right. I said, every Democrat member of that committee, not every Democrat in the Senate. I stand by my statement. Why? Because that very thing was said by the chairman and not one Democrat member challenged him on it.
  11. I wonder why the Democrats on this committee want more info on the nominee? Every Democrat member on that committee have, and did so publicly, stated that are going to vote against him, no matter what.
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