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  1. How many on average do you think a senator has read? 100? 50? 25? My guess--and it's just a guess, mind you--is between 3 and 5. Some will have read more, some less.
  2. Enjoy the birthday party, RSIG--looks like you could hardly have picked a nicer spot.
  3. "Woman makes sandwiches for boyfriend; liberals make poopy in pants." Has it really come to this, Golfboy?
  4. You did pretty well with this thread, lews, I'll admit.
  5. I actually take Republican propaganda about the ACA pretty seriously, obummerstinks--given that Democratic members of congress don't seem to know much more about the issue than the rest of us dummies.
  6. Maybe we can split the difference and enjoy the beutiful abstractions of Keynesian economics? It's artistic, if not spiritual, in my view--but we can certainly agree that it has nothing to do with any of the 5 senses.
  7. hahaha--good joke, my friend. But seriously, can you think of a federal law that doesn't have all these characteristics?
  8. Both, actually, as you would know if you paid attention to art, Cedarswamp:
  9. Just going out on a limb here, but I'm of the opinion politicians should read the bills they vote on. The important ones, anyways.
  10. If that were the case, how do you explain Joe Biden?
  11. Great--a modern art forum. I'm outta here.
  12. I'm glad about this, Str8tedge. Hope you continue to enjoy your evening.
  13. Pardon me, is this NHB or have I made a wrong turn somewhere?
  14. You have to get over it--even the Soviet Union never had as many reds as that guy's got.
  15. I've noticed that you seem to pal around with conservatives, for the most part.
  16. If it's any consolation, threelefts, you're still doing better than Eclectic Skeptic by about 4000 upvotes.
  17. It's disconcerting when one has been on NHB long enough that a sentence like this is no longer surprising.
  18. Pretty harsh, and yet the man still gave you an upvote. He's quite magnanimous--I just don't get this thread.
  19. Good, informative post. The reputation points are significant. Unoriginal.
  20. I'm glad you're taking this thread so coolly. I respect that.
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