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  1. Once Biden is selected by the electoral college, he officially becomes the president-elect. If he were to die between the electoral college vote but before the early January congressional certification, members of congress have an opportunity to object to the electoral results in any state and, if both chambers agree, to switch that state’s votes to the opposing candidate. It’s pretty hard to imagine Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic House speaker, agreeing to hand a state to Trump in any conceivable circumstance.
  2. What??? have a chat with your dear mommy ,get her on antibiotics now. !
  3. In the final analysis what impact did the 4 year old Trump administration have on your life? probably nothing..
  4. In the final analysis this election was decided not on the merits of either candidate but on the strategy employed by each candidate's campaign team.. By maintaining a low profile during most of the campaign Sleepy Joe simply sat back and allowed the great one to put his own foot in his mouth at the time when all America was up and awake weighing each one's words and their Rhetoric.. The Dems were happy to watch Trump stumble and fumble in full view of tens of millions of voters.. The Biden fan club was free to imagine the great things Biden had in mind for them without having
  5. Clearly the democrats waged a better more smarter campaign and allowed the Trumpists to seal their own fate by not seeing through all the hoopla over the GREAT enthusiasm witnessed among the MAGA morons who attended all those stupid and useless rallies attended by Trump himself.. WOW! It reminded me of the war time rallies throughout Germany during the 3rd Reich. Some of the most heated rallies occurred after the great debacle at Stalingrad. Remember the great" Do you want TOTAL war speech' given at the great rally at the Sportspalast stadium ? Wow , now that was a tr
  6. fascist symbols appear in US capital and many state capitals and legislatures.. .. someone once told me that Hitler gave Fascism a bad name..
  7. Fascism has many sides to it and works in many different ways. The USA may well be one of the major fascist nations in the world. but you would never know it.
  8. Some years ago , I recall speaking with some elderly Germans who had actually attended Hitler rallies before and during the war.. One related how he and some of his tough guy buddies would stand out in the cold drizzle night for hours waiting to hear Hitler speak.. Despite their tough guy reps , they would break down in tears screaming Heil Hitler.. One instance ,after spending hours in the rain and ,after the speech had ended hours earlier ,one of the them still couldn't stop screaming Seig Heil ,as he walked all the way home for hours in the rain..
  9. Regarding Pennsylvania, I truly believe that the Jews control this state as much as they do NY or NJ and believing that they got about as much out of President Trump as they could possibly get decided to dump him in favor of Biden whom they believe will be an easy touch for these vile Jewish maggots.
  10. I'm sure every American election has a bit of tampering and cheating .. but maybe in local city elections in Chicago.. does it change the results.. Biden won /PERIOD!
  11. For the President ,winning is easy ,it's the losing that's hard.. that's how he put it.. The problem with his statement is that it doesn't reflect reality. This race to the top was in the bag for Trump, and so ,as it turned out ,it became his to lose. He basically chose to lose the same way all who rise from the bottom to the top and do so quickly and sadly erroneously believe they got there by the power of their sheer will to be there. Trump mistakenly believed he was destiny's child ,infallible. American style politics doesn't allow for will power or ones supposed destiny to beat the
  12. McConnel is an apartchik.. for the Senate.. He works for the Senate and not for the people.. He's basically a yes man ; a mindless moron that will do and say anything to keep the rotten system going. Unless you see this character shaking like a leaf in the wind ,when he has to pay attention to what a member of AIPAC is telling him.. and watching the jerk kissing serious buttocks when he's threatened by an AIPAC member or by any other important Jew, he has to deal with on a daily basis ..only then, will you understand what a Jew lackey McConnel truly is..
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