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  1. Do you Pinkos have any words besides "racist" in your limited vocabulary?
  2. http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/resolution-777to-rename It's official: "The White House" is racist. I knew it would only be a matter of time. The precious snowflakes at MoveOn want us to prove that we're not racist by renaming The <censored> House. Let's show 'em that we're not racist! I'll start: How about, "The Rainbow House"? Suggestions?
  3. Another irony-impaired liberal preaching about "hate".
  4. Hillary didn't win shit. When you subtract the fraudulent and illegal votes, she lost the popular vote. Get used to saying "President Trump" friend.
  5. Our first half-white President screwed up SO BAD, that his party lost NINE HUNDRED SEATS during his reign of terror. http://www.politifact.com/punditfact/statements/2015/jan/25/cokie-roberts/have-democrats-lost-900-seats-state-legislatures-o/ Every where you see a Republican in office where there used to be a Democrat, you can thank our first half-white President.
  6. On the one hand, i don't want to celebrate someone else's grief...but then I remember, these snowflakes all want me dead because I don't support their party..so fuck' em.
  7. So, our nation's very first half-white President's lasting legacy to the Communis...sorry, Democratic Party, is its complete and utter obliteration. After 8 years of President Hussein: Republicans control a record number of State houses (the most since the Civil War) Republicans control the House of Representatives Republicans control the Senate Republicans wrested control of the Presidency by invading the Democrats' own back yards, turning several Blue states Red Republicans have 31 governorships, vs the Democrats mere 18 Widespread voter fraud has now made every Democratic election
  8. If global warming were real, its liberal elite limousine leftist cheerleaders wold refuse to fly chartered. And they'd refuse to have disproportionately large carbon footprints. And they'd carpool instead of taking the limo.
  9. Because global warming is a scam. Notice how left-wingers don't talk about it when we have freakishly cold weather?
  10. If you subtract the dead people voting, Terry McAuliffe's illegal voter registration drive from Virginia's felons, the double and triple or quadruple voters, the "glitches" which only seemed to change Trump votes to Hillary votes and not the other way around, the illegals that our nation's very first half-white President encouraged to cast illegal ballots - then I'm sure Hitlery didn't actually win the popular vote.
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