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  1. LOL. GIve me one shred of evidence that the "Kook GOP" took it down... You and Dano Boy keep trying to one-up each other on the conspiracy theory, "Republicans stole my dog" BS. It's very satisfying to watch a (D)-bag publicly display his ignorance. You're a credit to your politics, keep it up Wart!
  2. Here's a typical (D)-bag for you: it's always someone else's fault when we fail!
  3. Another mass shooter, YET ANOTHER DEMOCRAT! Boston bomber, the Z-Man, etc. http://nationalreport.net/breaking-aaron-alexis-navy-yard-shooter-allegedly-registered-democrat-obama-supporter/ This is how you show your compassion?
  4. It sounds to me like you're championing the US becoming a third world state? Surely you jest.
  5. I thought it was because he embarrassed them by defeating them in their stupid ass effort at recall...?
  6. What do you have against Clarence Thomas, ES? A black man who doesn't tow the (D)-bag party line not good enough for you?
  7. Yes really. Anyone with an IQ higher than the value of Pi can see that. Give a Communist irrefutable facts, and you get "not really". No wonder your lord and savior got his ass handed to him during the debates. Good. Once this travesty explodes it will be an albatross around the neck of every (D)-bag for a generation to come. Own it.
  8. I don't know...you think other half-white Americans are proud of him? Who knows.
  9. Gabriel. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gabriel_Prosser
  10. Nice try, Wart Rat. It would take longer than 3 years to repair what 60 years of Democrat party compassion have broken.
  11. It was Democrats who have run Detroit into the ground, generations before Bush and his boogeyman tax cuts...what you got now? You have to live with that my friend. It seems like you're out to give Dano Bivens some competition for this year's ignorant kool aid drinker trophy.
  12. Enlightened liberals know this. The ignorant Democrat voting masses don't.
  13. Every single one of our Nation's first half-white president will be blamed on Bush.
  14. First of all, that argument is retarded. You're redefining a word to suit your politics (like you did with "Marriage"). Second, where is the "Senate Approval" section? (I'll give you a hint, it's generically included in "Congress" along with the House of Representatives) Enjoy your ignorance - I envy your bliss.
  15. Why don't you spell it out? I think you're confusing "Congress" with "GOP".
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