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  1. A :"pice" of your plate? Looks like a farm animal took a dump on it....little wonder you slurped it up, Oink-Boy.
  2. Square yourself away and stop pestering the ladies with sex-talk.....you can do better so let's see it.
  3. my heart is made out of railroad steel....at 65 my pulse is still around 54.....been a runner my whole life....it's why the Marlboros didn't get me...What I did was keep going after the Holidays....that's not like me...swearing off sugar, bread, and cheese...I'll be okay, you'll see.
  4. I can do a pound a day easy.....street diet....one meal anything I want other than dessert about 3pm....maybe an english muffin about 10pm with a glass of moo. I started watching Cook's Country Kitchen and eating like an oinker....I've been at 195-200 since high school so I know what to do....I changed running shoes and lost the numbness behind my toes....I've kicked a lot of wood/brick/ass with the balls of my feet and thought maybe it'd caught up with me....just a crap pair of Reeboks. I'll be at fighting weight by the Ides of March. You're a pervert....I'm a pissed off Vet after a faker....that's the difference, boy.
  5. Hi Chickie! Yep! but no chocolate for me....I'm on the first "diet" in my life...got to get back to 200lbs....training, lost 10 in 12 days, 20 to go.
  6. "two girls"? You mean you and your 59 year old wife Debbie who is even more decrepit than you are you douchebag cunt? You couldn't afford a Happy Meal much less "steaks and seafood"......you belong in a mental institution but a prison cell will do....count the hours you can see sunlight.
  7. Some injun you are.....if you were a redskin you'd know the squaws were fierce....squaws did most of the torturing of prisoners...after the kids were hidden from an invader they'd leap out and stab the shit outta ya....phffffffttttttt....you're a cigar store injun same as Crayonpointer is a Rexall cowboy....
  8. And end up an idiot like you are....trolling a young "girl" with bawdy talk on a political site? WTF is the matter with you?
  9. You've gone to great lengths to create this fantasy.....probably because you've lied about it your entire life on employment applications.....Post 52 can't find any record of you ever serving....all you are is a dirtbag fake who's photoshopped an entire false flag identity.....you should be hanged by your ankles and horsewhipped. We're coming for you....us Vets and the DOJ....enjoy your freedom skunk......you're about to get a BIG SURPRISE....
  10. It's UNplugged.....probably using their cell phone until this blows over....which it ain't going to. see for yourself: http://www.peoplesmart.com/psp.aspx?_act=resultswp-phone&search=phone&cam=3880&utm_source=wp&utm_medium=wp_Bid&utm_campaign=PhoneUnPub_NoLookup_Bid_B&utm_content=3880&utm_term=38800B2&id=38800B2&phone=209-465-6299
  11. "your" website alright.....created out of thin air....a proxy server....not a single verifying comment by another person. http://www.webring.org/hub/octofoil?w=1024;rh=http%3A%2F%2F1banchie%2Etripod%2Ecom%2Fbanchie%2Eindex%2Ehtml;rd=1 That is also not the DD214 you showed before....another count of mail fraud and forgery....felonies piling up. Hey LittleHomo12...how much that little Filipino dink run ya....not more than $300 I hope. Shut me up candyass......found that "part" that makes an AR-15 full-auto yet.....maybe it's in your bra.
  12. Fight? what fight? the worm is a fake....have somebody you know who served in the ROV read the trash he's claimed here......no need to take my word for it..... When he claimed another man's medals and DD214 as his own, it was ON. He broke into my Photobucket account yesterday....this is just the beginning of what he's gonna get.
  13. I'd imagine "Debbie" had something to do with that, Sgt Friday....what were you going to say to the little worm? C'mon worm....not that pile of crap you posted yesterday....just your service medal....c'mon you can do it....get over to tinypic.com where you did it before Is that your wife in the avatar? there's laws against that kind of thing you know.
  14. If that's true, how did I do this, chicken-neck? Now let's see yours.... You mean "Debbie's" phone, chicken-legs? Owner Name: Debbie L Prince (209) 465-6299 Address: 417 E Mariposa Ave Stockton, CA 95204-3744 Line Type: Landline Phone Carrier: Pacific Bell Latitude: 37.9585
  15. That's it...no more attention for a smelly weasel like you......see ya real soon....hell, maybe I'm just down the block right now.
  16. Still claiming I'm not "Mastermind47" because you can't sneak in there anymore, punk? How about producing that second dog tag you claim is yours...the one from pre-'65 or did "Charlie" take it off ya down on the Castro... .Oops....I forgot I'm in Germany.... Ich dennoch behauptete nicht "Mastermind47" weil Sie dort nicht mehr Punk schleichen k├Ânnen nicht? Wie etwa produzieren diese zweite Hundemarke Sie behaupten ihre ist... die eine von Pre - 65 oder "Charlie" nahm es aus ya unten auf der Castro...
  17. Every noise you hear now might be somebody you don't want to meet.....take little naps and don't walk in front of windows.....oh and tell "Debbie" it's somebody after him.......is Burke in your will in case you...you know......fall down and can't get up?
  18. When the liquor wears off you'll be soiling yourself, freak......I bet you only own one pair of skivvies too.....will "Debbie" lend you a pair of hers? Ordnance cooking off....he might be in the basement.....likely a crispy critter by now......painful way to go.
  19. Those are black panthers trying to intimidate white voters......who's the racist you fucking ninny?
  20. Drano knows you're a punk too chicken-neck...you got no friends here other then sissies I've humiliated....like yourself. He ain't slept more than an hour or two since this started.....death will be a relief at this point.....probably spend his last round on himself.
  21. You're meat on a stick now freak....you know it, I know it, your husband "Debbie" knows it......enjoy the burn.....maybe the mud ape they lock you up with will spit on that black snake before he tears up your guts with it.....I'll be waiting for the booking pic.
  22. He's what 265lbs? A full belt of M-60 tracers hitting his black ass would be entertaining to see this time of night....
  23. Say something to me in person while you still got time boy......I'd be more than happy to give you what you got coming. You're a butt-raped communist dork Drano.....I just laugh when I read your outbursts.
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