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    I would like to think that I am a true independent or unaffiliated voter, but I have found myself pushed further and further to the left. Perhaps I have stayed in the same spot and the right has moved further right! Anyway, please feel free to friend me and I will certainly do the same. I hope to learn from others, whether we agree or disagree. You will always find me respectful and as thoughtful as I am capable!
  1. That Darn Fiscal Cliff...Can't we all just get along?!

  2. I just have to vent for a second in the midst of the healthcare law coming up again as they two parties negotiate the fiscal cliff resolutions. Once again we're hearing about GOP opposition to the individual mandate. I thought we were done with this hypocrisy! Republican principles stand for individuals taking responsibility for themselves, not living off others’ tax money, and being independent and strong in a free market world. So of course an insurance system based on requiring people to do everything they possibly can to purchase insurance for themselves and not having it handed to them for free, and certainly not having it provided solely through the taxes of others should be popular with conservative republicans, no? And if such a system continued to rely on private and non-profit insurance businesses who would compete in a free market capitalist system that would be even better, right! It’s no surprise that it was republicans who first endorsed the idea of individual insurance mandates. Mitt Romney pushed the idea in Massachusetts, and other republicans including some much further to the right on the conservative spectrum than Governor Romney were also firmly behind the idea. This idea could be the counterpoint to those liberals who would instead give away insurance for free, or create universal care outside of the capitalist system, or somehow expand publicly funded government run programs. The healthcare mandate…a great idea, but only if it is a republican who can take credit or who is in power at the time?
  3. Riptorn, I'm glad somebody mentioned that. I think one issue that people just don't realize is a major issue is the federal judiciuary. An eight year president has a lot more impact than a four year one, and it's not just the Supreme Court that can be shaped. With important civil rights, worker protection, and social issue arguments likely to come up over the coming years, this issue should have been very important to both sides. My guess is that it swayed some of those swing voters in the final days.
  4. My Republican friends always disagree with me, but it is amazing how many Republicans are also people who vote that way for reasons having to do with their opinions on social issues, when at the same time they would benefit greatly from the entitlemenets that Dems tend to leave alone and Republicans tend to weaken. Whether they are "low information" voters or not, I don't know - maybe they know plenty and just feel like the social issues are too compelling. Then again, I would think that something that would have a direct effect on them (the entitlements) would be more vital and important than the social issues which often do not have a direct effect... _____________________________________________ Political Fact Checking
  5. Unfortunately I think that most if not all of what he did was likely legal - our system has so many loopholes for the super rich, and they can afford armies of accountants who find every single one. Now if there was ever a jail for those who violated the spirit of our tax system, or moral and ethical standards when it comes to paying their fair share, I think a lot of rich people like him would be in trouble. _____________________________________________________________ Political Fact Checking
  6. I respect the thoughtfulness of the OP, and I too worry about costs and the potential for unexpected consequences. However, the current free market private insurance system had led to lifetime caps, preexisting condition exclusions, and too little spending on direct care. No one, not Republicans or Democrats, had done anything about these issues. This left an important opening which would not have otherwise existed if previous administrations - again whether Democrats or Republicans - had done something to fix them. ___________________________________________________________________ Swing Voters will like this site
  7. I wonder whether we will see anyone on the right take off their partisan hat and truly look at the results in WI in an unbiased way. From an independent perspective: 1. Both parties are rabidly collecting campaign cash - they must absolutely think that money makes a huge difference in campaigns 2. Walker had an 8:1 cash advantage, and an excellent GOTV effort 3. 1 + 2 suggests that the money advantage must have made a significant difference in the outcome We will hear a lot about lessons learned about unions and progressivism, but an unbiased perspective has got to lead to the conclusion that #1 is the primary significant factor ________________________________________________________________ Encouraging open and honest Political Debate
  8. I would assume that the first two posters are for the individual mandate then? This mandates that people do everything they can to get insured and pay at least a portion of that insurance. It takes people off of totally free care paid for by other people's taxes. Many conservatives go on the above rants and then also are against the mandate, and I have trouble understanding that... My blog:Political Truth Serum: Finding the lies, omissions, and exaggerations in each political campaign
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