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  1. Imfukinutz.....darn filter and its spam word

  2. The name is just a play on words...I use it everywhere, gaming, several different chat forums, etc....its just nicer than saying "Imspam wordinnuts"

  3. How did you come by that name? Very interesting.

  4. you sent me a PM....I cant read it, no access to PM system here.

  5. A kick'n video and a very political one at that. Great song.
  6. I like to debate, just seems like not many here like to do that. They resort to name calling and racial slurs all too often. A good debate on the issues is hard to come by.

  7. I dont know...just says I cant use the personal message thing

  8. For me growing up, it was Stevie Nicks...those eyes were awesome. Many an adolescent fantasy about her...lol
  9. Im not much into blonds but she was hot.
  10. I appreciate them as I got older, enjoyed their show actually watching it in re-run... but as a kid...having to watch what your parents did...they were awful.
  11. I remember watching that show when I was a kid...sucked having 1 TV and having to watch what your parents wanted to watch all the time.
  12. I notice you didnt say anything about the unions busing in people from other states to protest Walker...to me thats just as bad as outside money. Is that something you overlooked or something you agreed with?
  13. Cara, give this one a listen...one heck of a fantastic guitar talent Mozart's 40th symphony played on guitar...and VERY well done I still think Prelude to April and Toccata are better, but this is awesome none the less
  14. To think that the only reason Walker beat Barret was because he out spent him in the recall election is to say that the only reason Obama beat McCain was because he out spent him in the 2008 election.
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