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    If you're a lib my stated goal is to be the douche in the mirror. I'm good enough, schmart enough and gosh darnet liebrals don't like me. I parrot leftist arguments and styles and other times the content may be just threelefts.

    Apologies for friendly fire. NHB?
  1. I just watched a show about parasites and this very premise came to mind. Factaul reality is factual relity. Today's tyranny is merely using parasitic behavior as a means to disguise the march of tyranny. We keep on falling for it, damn no wonder the liebtards call the non-left stupid.
  2. How is AA a job? How is charing an AA meeting a job? Do you and the other chairs pocket the donations? Still you're a meanie. But IDC cause that makes you my kind of people. IDK. Seems to be the main thing that makes an alcoholic is a person who has the hair of the dog in order to try and delay the hangover, and then they learn the can do this over and over and over again. I like hangovers cause I don't drink enough to have them.
  3. Sorry you can't handle the answer. The question was how to solve AIDS and I solved AIDS. If the asker didn't want AIDS solved then don't ask. I did offer the option of AIDS Only camps and they come with matching accessories. My plan is much more humane than the plans of the people who back and got your kenyan illegally elected to the WH Those people are the weather[man] underground. Sorry you're too blind to see, as well as contards and liebertariantards are too sheepish to be factual. These poor folks are ruled by a thing called a TV.
  4. I most heartedly appreciate the connotations of your reply. I'll have two drinks. You meanie!
  5. I guess you're not Jewish, or you have not ever studied Judaism, or the Old [original] Testament, or the New Testament. Given you are such an uneducated hack, as you have just proven then why should anyone ever believe any of your ilk has ever studied any of the things your ilk claims to support? Still, you are a true sight to behold. HAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHHHHAAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAA
  6. Yeap. But this is the USA we have what's called an electoral process. We have local government, state government, schools etc... We have lost every battle so far. w have lost these battles precisely because we do not fight with communications. We do not have a media complex that rivals the left's propaganda. Why? Why does the non-left cower everytime a liebtard comes up with some sad story? We all have sad stories. Basically fuck the contards and liebrtariantards for being so damn gullible. That's not only gullilbe, just plain stupid. who else sits out elections in order to prove a point? FFS get off your collective asses and run candidates you prefer in the primaries if you're so beholden to your principles. But nope a contard or a liebratariantard will open the front door, drop their pants and let the lieb come on in and have anal sex with the entire family. Yeah thems some good family values. America, we fought off a King to bow to liebtards in the King's stead. Still I'd sign up in a heart beat.
  7. I'm not making fun of AA. I understand the dynamics of AA very well. I keep coming back. Sniffles... But damn the people here are just so mean.... I'm going to have a drink. Sniffles...
  8. Hello Str8 and definitely Group. Why do yall hate me so much? Why am I made to be such an outcast here? All I do is do what yall do, maybe more, maybe better but that's all I do. Sniffles..... I hate life and I hate this place. I'm going to carve "I HT8 NHB" in some body part. Except I may make the 8 and the B both infinity signs to more reflect my treatment by all you loving liebs and loving non-liebs. Sniffles....
  9. Damn folks, this is a "fringe" board and still you folks can't communicate properly. I have tried instigating all kids of "fringe" movements here, and yes a few have taken root. Though one stopped as soon as I started posting here again, because you contards are too afraid of the left. Wake the FUCK up people. The left hates you. The left wants you dead. The left wants your kids to all be gay, or drug addicts, or hookers, or some kind of liebral loser. I know, I know, your moma told you to be nice and you folks can't see this is war. What is happening in the USA is not the normal business of the USA. We have been invaded by commies and so far they are kicking our collective asses. Contard brain wave, "Oh threelefts is mean to liebtards oh no, so I must not act like I support threelefts, but liebtards are mean, vile disgusting to G-d, life, republicans et al. so I must obey the liebtards." Folks you are funny. No contards, IDC that you don't like me, don't worry I am much, much more ashamed you folks are contards, or liebratariantards. I know I have more money than most of you, more degrees than most people on this board, and more of a clue as to what is actually going on than you con and libertariantards have. Still the contard and the liebratariantard proves themselves to be Einstein's definition of crazy and that is you people keep on doing the same thing and expecting different results. So get over your own self loathing, get off your asses, and start fighting the left. Inarticulate Republicans http://www.creators.com/conservative/thomas-sowell/inarticulate-republicans.html
  10. title: Lets TAX every Lieb, Dem, Commie, Socialist 100%, time to pay your fair share Why in the eff are repubs so damn weak? I know, I see it here on a board called NHB all the time, but lets at least make the people who are forcing their definition of "Fair" live under their definitions. Cruz is starting a campaign I promoted long before he was in office, and that is make the liebs put their mouth where their mouths are. From this point forward all Liebral Hollywood fils are taxes 100%. No states or locales are allowed to give liebral films any kind of tax break, and no film shown in the USA filmed by liebral may be shot outside the USA. Obama must retroactively pay all people involved with the printing and selling of his books of lies equal amounts where obama's amount is equal to all people involved in the manufacturing of the books of lies. Buffett, Gates, Ellison, The Truly Gay Google duo et al. must forfeit 100% of their wealth and all profits to the government. The list is endless, but so far most of the Repubs are still arguing inside the arguments set fourth by the left by claiming some kind of harm to all based on ideology. Obviously liebs have a separate ideology and Repubs need to wake up and argue that liebs be forced to honor their ideology.
  11. America should shut down America until the liebs are executed, or maybe just kicked out, and the kenyan is sent packing.
  12. So like all the lieb things. Just to get free advertising and have a few people in TV who act like they in fact talk for kabillions of people? Cool.
  13. I concur and good to see you back for a short while or a longer while. Still no one has the ballz I have and that is be 20 or more soks with one name. the people on this forum have enough trouble being themselves so IDK why I thought they'd ever get "it".
  14. What is funny is that no one was alive to see it. There are over 1000 different flood stories, which as is known to smart people proves there is a central event that occurred before people were dispersed after the flood. Same thing goes for 7 days a week, and other basic universal truths. The dinosaurs were not allowed on the ark. Any that remained were made extinct in the flood. The flood is when the Earth 2.0, or to some 3.0. The Book of Job, in the Holy Bible does state there were dinosaurs. Fossil records that are just as valid as records of hominid foot prints found by the Leakey's show hominids walking side by side with dinosaurs. Please explain how there is viable soft tissue found in fossils that are allegedly 65million years old or more? This one is greatness because now we're supposed to do a 180 on ALL scientific thought and FACT, as presented, that fossilization dries up all soft tissue. To now in a few months time accept a complete reversal that basically states fossils are formed to protect soft tissue that is 65million years old or older.
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