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  1. If you don't, then you're a willingly ignorant and uneducated moron. And a traitor to America. Only the first two sentences. The rest is pure bunk. But you, being a willingly ignorant uneducated right wingnut indoctrinate, rely on pure bunk for your 'opinions'.
  2. Wow! You really are one delusional mother fucker! It's the congressional rethuglicans who've done their best to divide the country, even going so far as to committ treason. History will record Obama as a great president, and better by far then the likes of Gee Dumbya.
  3. Which makes him a great fit with the rest of the rethuglican Klown Kar posse.
  4. No. The lift has a raising and lowering mechanism that lifts the pontoon out of the water when it's docked, and lowers it in when we're ready to head out on the water.
  5. Why would "intelligent" forum memebers (obviously, you are not one of them) waste their time answering such a stupid fucking question?
  6. We just bought a new pontoon. It would be nice to have a boathouse, but building new ones on my lake (and I think on every lake in the state with a public access, but I'm not sure) was banned many years before we moved here. The very few that are still left are ancient and save for one exception, quite decrepit. We don't have one ourselves. We gotta settle for a good lift with a rain cover. Haven't had any problems since we first got here in '89. Except when a near miss by an EF3 back in '91dropped this big dead branch from our neighbors tree on top of our lift. The old tri-hull we first had was spared, but a new lift cost us a $100 deductible.
  7. Those of us who trust the science demonstrating with overwheming evidence - and 97% peer agreement - that human activity is playing no small roll in global warming and climate change are right, too. You sound a lot like a brown noser. The shirt and jack boots won't be too far behind if you're not careful. If you aren't, make sure you know your neck size. I'm guessing about 4-and -a-quarter. And just why do the deepest red states have the highest poverty rates, and take far more money from the taxpayers then they themselves pay in taxes?
  8. Why was the law-abiding black man legally open-carrying an AR-15 in post #34 treated as a criminal when the white guy wasn't? Shouldn't our constitutional rights be color blind?
  9. So you think the exercising of constituional rights is dependent upon the race of the citizen. And you say you're not racist? What a crock!
  10. Yup. And right on some pretty decent lakeshore property to boot!
  11. This video provides compeling evidence of how police react to law-abiding blacks as compared to law-abiding whites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKGZnB41_e4
  12. So, perhaps you'd like to explain the economic train wrecks in Wisconsin and Kansas? And why red states suck more federal dollars than blue states?
  13. Tennesse receives more money from the federal governament in welfare payments than it pays in taxes. Minnesota pays more in federal taxes then we receive in federal dollars. And, we have the Mayo Clinic. Got any questions?
  14. Too chicken shit to answer the question. Typical right wing redneck loser. Hey! When are the inbreeders of your state gonna start paying in at least as much in federal taxes as you welfare queens get from the rest of us?
  15. Yes, he did. But it was Bitch McConnell who made it very clear that it was the intentions of the rethuglicans to ensure that Obama was a one-term POTUS. So, how do you think they intended to accomplish that? And just how did that work out for the snivelling little dweeb?
  16. And you woke up with a serious infestation of sabre-tooth crotch cooties. It wasn't a dream. That skank doesn't care what she fucks.
  17. Typical ending to almost every conservative marriage. Obviously, you never even tried to learn how to stack the deck.
  18. You can't. What I posted is absolutely true. You know it, but like all cons, you're much to cowardly to face the truth about your despicable ideology of greed and hate.
  19. Oh, he's got a job! I saw him the other day at the car wash, sucking farts out of car seats for 25¢ a pop!
  20. Because the pain endured upon finding that the country you loved so much you were willing to risk your one and only life considered you as disposable as toilet paper? The conservatives perpetuate war for the profit of their corporate cronies. Now they want to further slash veterans benefits to pay for tax breaks for their handlers. Who benefit handsomely on slaughter. Nobody sacrifices more than the veteran. Nobody cares less than a con.
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