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  1. Living in a fairly conservative area of Minnesota, I work and associate with many conservatives. What I find is that many of them are single-issue, often low-information, voters. One of the guys I work with is hell-bent against equality for gays, his favorite phrase being, "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!". When I remind him that divine creation never happened and is merely a fantastical concept invented by ancient people to provide an answer to the question, "Why are we here?", he then informs me that I will burn forever in the "Lake of Fire". I remind him that doesn't exist, either. Still we've never allowed our differences to interfere with our cordial work association. My wife teaches special ed at the local middle school, and has several aids to assist in her room. We have a stickers on our car she takes to work supporting the reelection of Obama and a "No" vote on Minnesota's failed attempt to amend the state constitution to define marriage as being between one man and one woman only. She was almost afraid to drive it to work because of the despicable things her aids said regarding homosexuality, not to mention Obama. Very much like the stuff posted in the NHB forum by the overtly xenophobic right wingers/teabaggers.
  2. Sausage and egg breakfast pizza! Delicious and nutritious! (OK, maybe not so nutritious.)
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saEhYhPN7JM
  4. If you have a problem with my comments regarding Texas in the tobacco thread, respond there, dickweed. Socially and politically, Texas is a worthless fucking shithole. But here were talking culinary. Get a dictionary and look it up, limpdick. Don't make me sic chickie on your sorry ass.
  5. Hey, pissant, this thread is about making and enjoying good food. Take your snide crap and go away. Far, far away.
  6. Cracked some eggs and made ham, cheese, mushroom, and onion omelets with a hint of cilantro and a big frosty glass of fresh OJ. We'll nibble on some leftover ribs for lunch, and go use a gift certificate at Lakeside for dinner.
  7. I'm gonna season up some Texas style beef ribs and roast 'em in the oven until they're good and tender. With some fresh steamed veggies and baked 'taters (or maybe beans) on the side and a cold Sam Adams Winter Lager, dinner is served!
  8. Oops. Nix on the tacos. My son wants one more batch of my buffalo chicken wings before heading back to college.
  9. Making up a big, tasty batch of garlic and parmesan shrimp with a veggie medley of snap peas, baby carrots, broccoli with roasted potatoes on the side. Along with a glass of fine white zinfandel and my hot blonde norski bride, dinner will be quite invigorating. Right now I gotta go check how the simmering is doing and pop a Sam Adams Winter Lager.
  10. Ahhh.... Saturday night! I cut up a few pounds of chicken wings, baked them for a couple of hours in the oven at 425 degrees, tossed 'em with my own mix of hot sauce and melted butter, and served with wet naps and copious quantities of cold beer!
  11. Thank you! Actually, it's this Tuesday. But here in rural Minnesota, you gotta get the prime rib when you can! And we're on our way now! Oh, that does look tasty! Love reubens! We make them often on our sandwich grill.
  12. Going out for my birthday dinner tonite with my hot blond Norski wife. My b-day, my choice!
  13. Actually, I hope Boehner continues his obstructionist agenda. It will ensure even more GOP losses in the '14 mid terms.
  14. This monster only got 21 years in prison for what he did? Are you fuc[i[]/i]king kidding me? That should at least be 21 years for each of his victims, served consecutively. And maybe his next cup of coffee should contain an (un)healthy dose of arsenic, served good and hot!
  15. You really are one hopelessly delusional pinhead. In case you haven't noticed, it's your team that played the race card ad nauseam, and attempted to influence voters with their fear-mongering propaganda. Obama won because Americas saw past the thin veneer of the Romney/Ryan ticket and recognized just how devastating these clowns would've been to middle-class America. That's why your team was told to take a hike by the American electorate.
  16. Oh, screw that nonsense, junior! There was no more truth in your post than there was intelligent thought - both are completely lacking from your huff-n-puff bigoted hate talk. In case you haven't noticed, your side and it's irrelevantly outdated, xenophobic, and blatantly prejudiced ideals got kicked to the sidewalk last Tuesday. Yours is an endangered species, soon to be staring extinction square in the face, and that is one truth that's got you and your pathetic ilk shaking in their shoes. Wake up and smell the fair-trade, shade-grown coffee. The world doesn't need or want you knuckle-dragging neanderthals. Your days are all but over.
  17. With comments like this representing what stands for intelligent discourse amongst the right wingnut lunatic fringe, it's small wonder all they can do right now is stare at their own asses on the platters they're holding. Enjoy your travels into obscurity! This nation does not need your ilk.
  18. I'm having trouble accessing the private messaging system. I'm waiting to here back from the webmaster on how to fix this.

  19. Greta want's to dine light tonight. Grilled chicken breast marinated in Mediterranean spices, served with seasoned and grilled asparagus spears and complimented with a brisk Riesling.
  20. Knock it the hell off, Loko. We're talkin' serious grilling here.
  21. First of all, chunkie, all the images you've posted are from sites unrelated to your reality. I'm sure your idea of a "light lunch" is a half-dozen grilled cheese sandwiches with last nights left-over onion rings from Burger King. Right now, as I post this, I've got a couple racks of baby back pork ribs getting seriously smoked with hickory chips. Soon after the meat starts to pull away from the bone, in about two hours or so, they'll go over direct heat and get liberally basted with BBQ sauce, while the other grill is busy with the corn-on-the-cob, fire grilled and basted with a blend of melted butter and spices. Till then, we're cruising the lake. Now, you go enjoy your grilled cheese and left-over onion rings. Unless you can post a picture of your own culinary expertise. Frosted Flakes in a bowl of milk doesn't count, just so you know.
  22. As it's easily deduced from the link for the image, this is not your house, nor is it a product of your culinary expertise. You have none. You sat alone in your '56 single wide scarfing what the kid handed you through the drive-through window. I got a pic of it! Here........ chickie eating dinner.....
  23. Grilled up my cajun-spiced blue cheese burgers ~ 1/3-lb hand formed patties, seasoned with cajun spices and cooked over hot charcoal and simply garnished with fresh lettuce and tomato, onion, and drizzled with Caesar dressing rather than ketchup on big hamburger rolls from the local bakery. Yum!
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