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  1. You don't have what it takes to judge me, son. Not even almost.
  2. I wonder if Unca Teddy - that washed-up has-been wannabe rock star who dropped acid with the Amboy Dukes, played mediocre guitar in the Derek St. Holmes band, raped himself some pre-teen girls and bought himself a 14-year-old to use as his personal sex slave - shits his pants like he did to avoid serving his country to hide his real stench while hunting inside high fence private game ranches.
  4. Maybe someday, as she's waiting for her opportunity to whack some other 'trophy' merely for bragging rights, she'll be in the wrong place at the wrong time, gets a black mamba pissed off, and nature strikes back and takes this petulant bitch out of the gene pool.
  5. Whatever. Nugent is a draft dodger. Nugent is a pedophile. Nugent is a washed up wanna-be rock star. And you idolize this worthless asshole. Don't say much about you, does it?
  6. In your case, any animal's life is superior to yours. So, why don't you dress up like a deer and go play in the woods this fall, okay?
  7. Nope. Quit deflecting and offer an honest and reasonable response. At least as honest and reasonable as a right wingnut indoctrinate is allowed (which I'm sure ain't much a'tall!! )
  8. And he did. Oh, yes he did. And you defend him. Thousands of dead American troops are waiting to help St. Peter kick your sorry ass away from the pearly gates.
  9. The Clinton admin was aware of their presence and monitoring them. When bushco stole their first term, they were handed all of the intel on them. Bushco ignored it. They needed 9/11 to advance their sinister agenda.
  10. Gee Dumbya is responsible for lying our nation into a war intended to enrich his cronies at the middle-class taxpayers expense, not defend our nation. He should be taken to The Hague and hung from the same rope as Saddam Hussein. That would be true justice. He said this before Obama even had a chance to begin his term. Again, how do YOU think he intended to accomplish this? Or, as I suspect, you're just a typical right wingnut minion who's too chicken shit to answer the question.
  11. Well, then, perhaps you'd care to present a list of just what the congressional rethugs have accomplished these past 7+ years? Besides absolutely nothing, that is. Have they? Got a link?
  12. Before Obama even took his first oath of office, Bitch McConnell made it clear that the congressional rethuglicans one and only political priority was to make sure he was a one-term POTUS. So, please do tell ~ Just how do YOU think he intended to achieve that goal? And, just how did it work out for your team? (BTW.... you're gonna lose again this year!)
  13. It doesn't matter what 'they' would do, as 'they' really couldn't do anything, could they? The USA needs to shed it's bully image of running roughshod over the ME merely to pillage their oil reserves.
  14. The desperation of the right wingnut lunatic fringe continues to mount.
  15. That has-been wannabe rock star even wrote a song about his lust for children. And, he paid some kids parents a sum of money to become her 'legal guardian' and take her home to have his way. Nooge the stooge is as slimy a baby-raper as has ever fouled this world.
  16. And that the governor personally requested Obama to wait for a more prudent time, rather than disrupt rescue and repair efforts. Goofy isn't even almost intellectually capable of comprehending this. He's just a knee-jerk right winger.
  17. Cultsmasher has yet to be included within any species, as his genetic construct seems to force him to defy reason beyond even the simplest of known life forms here on Earth. In the meantime........... Enjoy some great classic Rock -n- Fuckin'ROLL, Baby!!!!
  18. Drumpf is a cretin that exists beneath human empathy. He's incapable of feeling ashamed, as he doesn't know what it means.
  19. I'm guessing the moron that posted this loser thread is from some dead red state like, say, Kansas, or something. Right?
  20. Ummmmm...... wrong again. But you must getting used to it by now, right, Nodaker?
  21. Stick to simpler topics that keep your brain cell on a single track. You'll appear smarter (although that would be merely an illusion).
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