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  1. That's what your old lady says about your dick.
  2. Deer do not spread Lymes disease. It's the deer tick that carries it, not the deer. And, the tick does not need the deer to proliferate. Any warm-blooded mammal will suffice.
  3. That's not very likey. In fact, your comment is DOA.
  4. I'm all for giving TexASS back to Mexico and letting Puerto Rico have their star on the flag.
  5. Rebel58

    Evolutionary Robotics

    Why? Life is a natural process, not a supernatural one. The evidence supports this.
  6. Rebel58

    Dinosaur evolution

    Evolution isn't a miracle. It's a completely natural phenomenon. Miracles are a fantasy.
  7. Who is that old fat fuck in your sig pic? And why is he wearing his PJs while trying to pose as some kind of karate kook?
  8. Typical right wingnut scumbag. Family values my rosy red ass!
  9. The bible is a fucking fairy tale.
  10. And here we have another ignorant right wingnut minion, absolutely clueless about the 90% tax refers too. Obviously, you're too damned chicken shit to do a bit of on-line research, because you're terrified of what you will learn. If, that is, you're even capable of learning.
  11. Good grief! You're not just stupid, but completely of ignorant of American economic history.
  12. How? He posted scripture.
  13. Sorry about the point of my post making that whoooooooshing sound as it flew by over your head. Thing is, the bible has never defined mariage as the willing union between one man and one woman based upon love. Of course, religionistas are forced to defend their myopic idiocy by saying shit like, "Well................................ DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That's what the bible says, but that isn't what it really means!" Stupid fuckers.
  14. Being a right wingut minion, you're incapapable of understanding the the implied application of the 90% tax, nor the astounding benefits it once provided for this country.