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  1. When GOP takes the house they are going to go after Facebook, go daddy and the rest of the censoring social media outlets.
  2. Trump was the most investigated President ever. NOTHING was found. Where is the transcript of the Biden phone call to the stiff who ran Afghanistan. Biden knew the Afghan army was going to collapse and wanted the stiff to lie about it. Trump turned over transcript of his legal phone call to Ukraine. "The big guy" is corrupt and has stolen millions in kickbacks. Impeach when GOP takes over house after elections. Bye bye Joe and prison in his future.
  3. No collusion. No obstruction. For years dems told us Trump was a pawn of Putin. Senile Mueller could not find it. Dems still insisted. Schiff told us over and over he had the evidence. As Trump was shutting down Russian pipelines and actually killing Russians in Syria, Dems claimed pawn of Putin. Dems told us Quid pro quo on the phone call. Legal phone call. Joe called the stiff that ran Afghan and told him to lie about Taliban victories. Illegal phone call. Impeach. Joe insisted he did not know Taliban was taking over. His own CIA pulled out 6 weeks before the end. Biden is a senile liar. Dems are still stuck on Trump. TDS is a terrible sickness.
  4. The Sicilian defense is popular (among thousands of others) and some GMs are better in the defense. In the championships the players switch. Paul Morphy is an American legend.
  5. Dems are truly pathetic. Open borders, energy prices, Afghan, inflation, a senile president and all they can come up with is Trump. TDS is a terrible mental illness and it is life long. The same dems with TDS today will be thinking about Trump decades from now. Sad.
  6. Not taking control of Kabul when offered control was part of the plan. Indefensible position is part of the plan. Not getting out all US citizens is part of the plan. Biden himself said he planned for all contingencies and the plan he selected is what he has now. Dems only defense is to blame Trump and attempt to discredit the source of the information.
  7. Black leadership is sadly lacking. Sharpton represents black leadership. Where is Tawana Brawley?
  8. The SAA was defeated by ISIS many times. The battle at Palmyra being one. The SAA was timid and led by incompetents. Assad got Putin in on the "Red Line" issue and Putin brought in the Air Force. Putin was ruthless in the air war and tens of thousands of civilians were killed in air strikes. The Syrian Arab Army is the Army of Syria under the command of Assad. The Kurds actually had skirmishes with the SAA. The first great victory for the Kurds was the capture of Key dams in the north. The SAA could not advance fast enough to get to the dams. After the dams were captured the Kurds held the lands in the north until the Turks annexed the NE part of Syria. The Army of Syria improved against ISIS but never would have had ANY victories without Putin and his scorched earth policy. A city was flattened and it was on the news every night for MONTHS.
  9. The Kurds want the fertile lands in northern Syria. They have possession of the oil fields east of the Euphrates. The Kurds problem with ISIS was the land grab in Syria in the north. The Kurds have had a war going against the Turks along the Turk border with Syria. The Kurds are educated and women have freedom. The Kurds wanted aid from the US to fight ISIS. Obama gave them small arms. Obama supported the FSA which was made up of SAA deserters. The money and weapons of the FSA were sold or turned over to ISIS. Trump put in Special Forces to train the Kurds and gave them TOW missiles and air support. The Kurds and US killed at least 300 Russians when Russians had a probe into the oil fields. The Kurds turned into a real army and drove ISIS all the way down the Euphrates into Iraq. The Kurds, Assad, and PUTIN destroyed ISIS in Syria. Putin literally leveled cities in front of the useless Syrian Arab Army. (SAA). Putin calls the shots in Syria and he loves killing ISIS for his bestie Assad. Obama let Putin into Syria with his "Red Line"
  10. The Trump economy was so strong that even slacker dems were working. Everyone had a buck and energy prices were low. Now Biden pays the same dem slackers to stay home and inflation is here. Biden economy is not going to be good.
  11. U.S. warships in the Taiwan Straight are not a favorite of Chinese leadership. Little Kimmy must be dreaming something up. Biden is senile. Susan Rice is running the show. Obama could be a shot caller. Schumer and Pelosi are puppets. Biden could get us into a war.
  12. Of course it will be done over. Blacks adore Floyd and all the other blacks with the same credentials. Floyd is a sterling representative of black culture. Blacks deserve more like Floyd. Black culture at it's finest.
  13. Shameful. Floyd was the best representative of black culture since OJ Simpson. When i see blacks i immediately think of George Floyd and his contributions to black culture. I give thanks that there are millions more Floyds presenting the best of black culture. George Floyd forever!
  14. Biden is adding trillions to the debt. Good for him. I was a Tea party guy. Their only issue was debt and they did not burn down cities. The Dems have now showed me the error of my ways. No one cares about the debt especially me. I am not going to pay it. Your great grandchildren will pay it.
  15. Biden and Harris were hesitant to take the vaccine because of Trump. Now they mandatory the vaccine. Dems are hypocrites.
  16. It was just a few hours ago that dems were writing that the info on the names we gave to the Taliban came from a bad source. That info has now become fact. This info about a payoff will become a fact soon. Biden is going down fast. Dems here defend because they are happy with the performance of Biden and his team. Everything is going according to plan. This is a plan that dems wanted and approve of.
  17. Biden was senile during the campaign from his cellar. He is showing a marked decline in his cognitive abilities since then. Dems knew it back then and they know it now. Biden was always an incompetent but he seemed to somewhat have his wits about him. He is now a nit wit. Biden needs to resign.
  18. Because he is senile. His aids probably told him the correct phrasing. He forgets. 25th amendment before he gets us into a war with China in which he will surrender.
  19. Conscription is coming soon. Watch whether the Army is making it's enlistment quotas. Military age things have been taught to hate America for decades. They are probably thinking "Why defend an immoral country founded on slavery" Make sure your selective service card is up to date. I will not be going. I did my Army thing decades ago.
  20. Biden press sec. prepared the defense of this calamity by saying the Americans still in Afghan want to be in Afghan.
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