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  1. we would lose. It will be a naval, airforce, and cyberwar. It will not be nuclear. Land forces will not be involved. The USA will have an advantage in the beginning but US forces will be worn down by numbers. We will lose capital ships and thousands of sailors will be killed. Vietnam and other countries in SE Asia may join up with us. The war will not last long as the casualties for the US will be horrendous. Six week war and then cease fire. The public in the USA will not be up for a meat grinder in the SE Asian sea. China will definitely disrupt computer systems in the US and there could be starvation. China systems will shut down but the effects here will be far worse.
  2. Dems will cancel the Indians. They have made up their minds that Indians do not exist and will wipe out any reference to them. No more "Peace pipe" or anything else referring to whatever the dems decide to call them.
  3. The Pee tape was a fantasy that was included in the Steele dossier. The pee info was provided to Steele by Russian agents. Where is the pee tape? There are no secrets in the USA. The tape must be on a Porn site. The pee tape does not exist. It would have been provided to the public by now. Did Madcow do neck porn? Chris Steele and the DNC know about the Madcow neck porn.
  4. I had "Crater face" smallpox and "No tits" day labor hootch cleaner. They had been on the carousel for a long long time. Asians were never my thing but it was better than jerking off. Later on I could go downtown and the women were much better.
  5. Thanks for showing the neck of Madcow. I have not watched her/him/it/don't know for a few weeks. Best neck on TV.
  6. "Maybe he should be doing his job and addressing the supply chain problem instead of playing mommy." Agree. He could be compared to Kamala. Never shows up. He claimed the success of the economy was the reason for the bottleneck. The entire administration is incompetent.
  7. Dopes here do not even understand what double dipping is. Reagan got rid of double dipping in the early 80's. An example of double dipping is when a person collects a Federal pension AND social security. The prohibition of double dipping should be eliminated. If a person is forced to pay into a retirement system, then the person should be able to collect the maximum benefits that they are eligible for. Double dipping could be a person who worked two jobs. One job would be a federal job and retirement would be paid into the CSRS. The other would be any job that pays into SS. Remember you are FORCED to pay into the system. SS payments are forced. CSRS payments are forced. It is wrong to take away retirement benefits that you are forced to pay into.
  8. Treat them the same as Jan 6. people. Solitary confinement is a good start.
  9. Thank god they are getting ready for conscription. Women must finally register. The woke Army will start to miss requiting goals. Why would anyone join an Army fighting for a systemic racist country. Drafting women could save the republic.
  10. Because they paid into the system. If they did not pay they get nothing. These benefits are taxed without the consent of the payer. SS is a broke Ponzi scheme.
  11. Indians are being canceled. Arrowhead needs to be removed. Any words such as teepee, wampum, Indian brave need to be scrubbed from the English language. It will only be a few years and the entire culture will be forgotten. Tonto, we hardly knew you.
  12. The "Black Syph". He will be sent to Haiti and never allowed to enter the USA again.
  13. No. Read what is there. It is a giant circle jerk there and everyone needs a laugh now and then. Libbers have an overriding drive to destroy the nation. They are committed. There is no compromise and they cannot be changed.
  14. Mass. State Trooper Sgt. in ICU after Covid jab. RINO Gov. Baker ordered all state employees to take the shot.
  15. They knew inflation was coming. Wall St. was calling for higher interest rates months ago. Fed is buying debt. Chairman of Fed should be fired.
  16. Silly Millie should be studying how gender swappers should be treated in the Army. When the selective service starts to register women for the draft gender swaps may have to be considered. There is far more to ponder than a boy wearing a dress while raping a girl. We have come a long way.
  17. The Biden crime family has a good shot at going down if the GOP takes over. The law professor. J. Turley wants an independent investigation now. How was Jill involved? hahahahaaa. The Clinton crime family got away with hundreds of millions with the CGI. Biden is no "Slick Willie"
  18. Senile Joe knew that restricting and regulating supply would drive up prices. Soon his minions will be blaming oil companies and libbers will be screaming GREED GREEDY oil companies. Prices are killing low income people who drive to work. GOP will take over soon and prices will settle back to what they were under TRUMP. Killing off the middle class is the plan and it is succeeding wildly. Dems love it.
  19. Governors in NY and Mich put covid patients into rest homes. Many of the deaths under Trump were caused by these two governors. Biden has far exceeded the number of deaths by covid than Trump.
  20. GDP will start dropping. It will go down to %2. Prices will still rise. Repeat of Carter and stagflation. Part of the plan to wipe out the middle class.
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