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  1. People Eating Tasty Animals. Dr. Fraudci is a pathological liar who has destroyed the peoples faith in both the NIH and CDC. Fraudi's greatest fib is stating funds from the US Gov. were not used to fund the Wuhan lab experiments in gain of function research. Biden is so detached he does not even know enough to fire Fraudci. Fraudci does not have the sense to resign.
  2. Where are all the dems who wanted to use the 25th amendment to get rid of Trump? Biden is senile and deteriorating fast. Biden is not running the country because he is incapable of more than eating and sleeping. When is Biden going to take a cognitive check? We could be heading for a confrontation with China. It is difficult to imagine Biden making competent decisions in a potential war situation. The cabinet, his wife and the Joint Chiefs of staff should demand a competency hearing. If Biden fails remove him with the 25th amendment.
  3. Dems were the racists, are the racists, and forever will be the racists. "These laws [segregation] are still constitutional and I promise you that until they are removed from the ordinance books of Birmingham and the statute books of Alabama, they will be enforced in Birmingham to the utmost of my ability and by all lawful means." -- Democrat Bull Connor (1957), Commissioner of Public Safety for Birmingham, Alabama
  4. Why don't lib dopes just join the circle jerk over at "Liberals Only"? They can vent their TDS freely and post about what a wonderful job senile Joe Biden is doing. The reason they come here is masochism. Libdopes love to be trashed here. As Susan Rice destroys the country libbers can vent about Trump as they are reminded about borders, inflation, and an economy that is tanking. Libdopes get sexual pleasure from being reminded about the doddering old fool they voted for.
  5. My Father was a radioman, gunner on a B-24 Liberator bombing National Socialists.
  6. Language and cultural issues of newly settled. Dems see no problem or potential problems.
  7. Could go down to 50 Sat. in Central Mass. Crisp fall day in Mass.
  8. Biden is senile and has been senile for a long time. Dems are lucky no one watched. Obama (Susan Rice) is running the show. Biden was losing it in the campaign. He has deteriorated since then and is falling fast. Dems knew he could be controlled. Jill knew. The Biden family is in it for the money. Dems called for the 25th amendment during Trump. Where are those dems now? Biden is medically incompetent.
  9. Never read the book. The first version was a costume sci fi. It had some interesting moments but was too long. Sian Phillips was the best of it. I will never see the latest version.
  10. No collusion. No obstruction. Dems used info in the debunked dossier to obtain FISA warrants against Trump campaign. Steele used unconfirmed info from Russian agents. Nellie Orr worked for Fusion GPS and told her husband Bruce Orr, a FBI lawyer, that the dossier was bogus. Comey knew the dossier was bogus. Parts of the dossier were forged and a lawyer has already pled guilty to charges relating to the FISA info. Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for information from Russian agents. TDS is a sickness.
  11. No collusion. No obstruction. TDS is a mental illness for which there is no cure. Pity the sufferer.
  12. Immediately for certain people. Anything goes. Women are chasing the top %10 of men. These Chads can do what they want, when they want to. They pump and dump an endless supply of women who then cry about the lack of "Real men" after Chad ghosts them. French kissing??? Chad likes anal within 2 hrs of meeting a garden hoe.
  13. That is the question! The answer you will get from a believer is God has not given that type of logic to man.
  14. Dems were the racists, are the racists, and forever will be the racists. "You cannot go to a 7-11 or Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian Accent." -Senator Joe Biden Blacks and Hispanics are "too busy eating watermelons and tacos" to learn how to read and write." -- Mike Wallace, CBS News.
  15. Supply was plentiful and home grown under Trump. We were talking about the export of LNG to Europe. Gas was $2.79 in Central Mass. the day Biden took over. We now import oil and gas is over $3.00. Heating costs in the NE are predicted to be punishing. Biden wants to tap the Strategic Reserve. Greenies are happy. The rest of the population is getting madder every day. Biden is nosediving in the polls. Energy costs will play a big part in coming elections. Libdopes will attempt to blame it all on "Greedy Oil Co's. That will not play well. Dems in trouble on energy.
  16. Trump exposed the corruption of both the state and media. There is a deep state. The FBI was corrupted to the extent of presenting altered reports to the FISA court. Parts of the dossier were used as evidence to obtain warrants. After years of investigation the corrupt Mueller (Boston FBI leaked to Bulger) found no obstruction, no collusion. The media knew it was a lie. I hope the GOP takes power and starts to pay back.
  17. Libbers are watching Fox. CNN and MSLSD had the Trump collusion issue that only dopes believed. After that was debunked fake news outlets started to fold. Libbers here constantly denounce Fox as they post snippets from what Fox broadcasts. After another 3 years of senile Joe Biden CNN and MSLSD will only be a shadow of what they have devolved into. Al Bore had "Air America". That farce folded and BORE sold it to Al- Jizzera. The only people watching CNN are those stuck in airports or hospital waiting rooms. hahahahaahahaaaa.
  18. There is not one moment in the life of Trump that is not known. Trump and his families business, Trump marriages, Trump escapades all over the world. The IRS has been watching Trump for decades. Whatever Trump is trying to withhold is known. Dems have come up with nothing, Trump is probably richer than ever, and we have to put up with Senile Joe for 3 more years. No obstruction. No collusion. hahahhahahaaaaa
  19. Nukes in America are of low explosive power. We went for accuracy. Russia liked city busting and created hydrogen bombs of immense power. We went for thousands of low yield weapons that could knock out virtually every airfield, command and control center, and military base. I think Russia had a hydrogen bomb they called the Tsar. It could dig a hole from Baltimore to NYC.
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