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  1. Burn baby burn. 170 business's burned and looted. Most of the business was locally owned. A building being constructed for low income renters was burned. A clear pattern of the aftermath of looting and rioting has been established. Small business failure. Jobs lost. More poverty. Large chain business like Target and Walgreens will either stay and pass all costs on to customers or leave the area completely. If they leave jobs will be lost. Either way locals will pay the price. Insurance rates for the city will rise on everyone. Car insurance, home insurance, personal property insurance all will rise. Landlords will pass costs along to renters. Property taxes may rise. Landlords will pass prop. taxes on to renters. All rents will rise. Entrepreneurs and money will leave the area. It will take many years to recover if it is possible to recover. Some areas in some cities that had riots, burning and looting have never recovered.
  2. Kurds control all land east of the Euphrates. Kurds are being supported by US troops. Kurds need the oil and gas reserves to attempt negotiations with Assad and Putin. Assad needs Kurds to dislodge Turks who have annexed Syrian Terr. in the north. The SAA is attacking the last rebels in Idlib. After Assad kills the rest of the rebels he will attempt to get Erdogan out of Syria.
  3. Dems were the racists, are the racists and forever will be the racists.
  4. All i know about it now is what i see on the news. It is all about drugs now. I was at Ft Bliss learning how to speak Vietnamese for a year. I arrived in Nov. 1968. The Air Defense school of the Army was at Bliss. The burn hospital for the Army was there and i think Bliss was the Hdqtrs. for the 4th Army. Bliss was big. Real big. Juarez seemed to be a whorehouse for the Army. There were hundreds of bars and clubs all staffed with Mexican whores. A Cuba Libra was 15 cents. You could get drunk for 2 bucks. Tacos were 10cents. VD abounded. A private at that time made about $90 a month. A soldier could have a lot of fun there and still have enough money left to last the rest of the month.
  5. I never got caught. Good Conduct Medal. No Article 15. It was a miracle. I spent a year in DLISC at Ft. Bliss and ran across the border once a month on payday weekend. I was well trained in Juarez for my year in the nam.
  6. Business will leave. People will have to travel to get items. Mom and pop business will fail. Insurance rates will rise. Prices will rise as business will pass on all additional costs. Property tax rates may rise. Rents will increase as landlords will pass on insurance costs. It will take a long time for the hood to recover.
  7. Libbers chastised Nunes the moment his committee released its report. He has been proven right in every claim the committee made. Nunes wants more documents de-classified. He claims there is a lot more coming.
  8. We will see what Hydroxychloroquine does for Trump.
  9. Dems were the racists, are the racists, and forever will be the racists. "You cannot go to a 7-11 or Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian Accent." -Senator Joe Biden Mahatma Gandhi "ran a gas station down in Saint Louis." -Senator Hillary Clinton
  10. Thanks. I will start to dig harder in Mass. The Peoples Comm. of Mass. is one of the most corrupt states in the USA. If there is a buck made it will happen in Mass. The FBI in Mass was corrupted by the Bulger gang and the north end Mafia. Mueller was involved out of the Boston office FBI.
  11. The "Boomer remover" is not working as well as millennials desired. In Mass. which was hit hard most of the deaths were over 80 years old. A veterans nursing home was devastated. I have not seen any real evidence here of over counting. Small towns have little to no covid. 10 cases in my town. Most cases in Mass are Boston and surroundings. Millennial stiffs are going to be supporting the boomers for a lot longer. I think i will get a test at the first opportunity.
  12. Dems were the racists, are the racists, and forever will be the racists. "You cannot go to a 7-11 or Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian Accent." -Senator Joe Biden
  13. Keep trotting out Hillary. The nation needs to be reminded why they elected Trump.
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