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  1. Obama gave them food. They needed training and ATGM. Trump has provided the essentials for the Ukrainians to put up a fight against an armored army. Morrison said Vindman was a leaker who was angered when he was cut out of a trip to Ukraine. Vindmer has some mental problems.
  2. Good one! I fully agree. Mass. is rabid dem but the people i know only have to make the choice in the dem primary and few have made any decision. I think Mass. will vote for Warren. Sanders will be the only completion for Warren. Few have made up their minds.
  3. Where was Vindman when Obama did nothing for the Ukraine. The conversation on what was "a favor" as it pertained to "an order" in the military is hilarious. The congressman set up the question and Vindman described what he thought the difference was. As an E-5 in the regular army for 3 years I never had an officer ask me for a favor.
  4. Vinman has an exaggerated sense of his own importance. He wants to be known as Lt. Col. instead of Mr. Vinman. Lt. Col's are a dime a dozen in the Army. He wears the Army Dress blues instead of a regular Army uniform or suit. He did not go through proper channels. Vinman acts as though he was an agent for Ukraine instead of a minor functionary in US foreign policy. Vinman only has an opinion of what Trump was doing on the phone call. Vinman has changed his credentials. Vinman contributed nothing new. The Sec. of the Army needs to give Vinman a tour in Afghan.
  5. Yovanovitch was asked if she knew of any bribery. She answered NO. She was asked if she knew of any criminal activity. She answered NO. Another flop of a witness. Dems are in a hurt and the stumbling, fast losing power, Pelosi has now relinquished her power to Schiff and the other dem radicals. Trump will be re-elected and the dems impeachment farce will be one of the main reasons for his victory. Winning!
  6. Dems are caught in a vortex of their own making. Impeachment talks started before Trump took office. In the beginning Pelosi attempted to slow radical dems down. We were treated to tales of Stormy. Stormy is now suing her lawyer. Next up was Trump getting urinated on by Russian ho's. That one was debunked when it became apparent that the info was in "The Dossier" which was paid for by Hillary and relied on info from Russian agents. Dems moved on to collusion and obstruction. Senile Meuller investigated for two years and found no American colluded with Russia to fix an election and there was no obstruction because there was no collusion. What happened to Nadler? In the moment we are in a quid pro on a phone call that is fast turning into a bribery accusation. Pelosi is now claiming what a bad day for America this is. The bad day is for Pelosi because she has fritted away all the power of the Speaker and is no longer in control of her own caucus. Dems have gone so far off the rails they claim that hearsay evidence is now good. Trump will be acquitted in the Senate after a purposely dragged out trial by the GOP. McConnell is going to make sure that Dem presidential candidates are attending the trial and not on the campaign trail. Trump will then win the election and the GOP may take back the House. Dems are in a giant hurt caused by radicals and TDS.
  7. It is amazing what posters are missing. Even dems are admitting they had a bad day today. Radcliff and Jordan tore Taylor to pieces and the coup de grace was a dem who said hearsay is good evidence. I do not think the man in the street will think much of that.
  8. Stormy? Nothing and she is suing her Lawyer. Senile Meuller went two years and found no collusion, no obstruction and we do not even hear his name anymore. His testimony was a joke. The Blazer Ford joke showed that dems will use a mentally ill woman to accomplish their goals. Kavanaugh was approved. Now we have gone from a quid pro to bribery and nothing will come of this either. Trump is going to bury whoever runs against him and the GOP has a great chance at taking back the house. WINNING! hahahahahaaaaa.
  9. The longer this farce goes on the more damaging it is for DEMS. GOP is now talking of drawing this out as long as possible. GOP has the upper hand and they are going to take full advantage of it. GOP knows dems will never win in Senate and a long trial will take time from dems Senate candidates. Warren has already said she has a duty to be at the trial. McConnell has said he will require attendance of all Senators. The trial will be televised and when the man on the street finds out how weak the dems are a certain amount will vote GOP. The house and the Senate will accomplish nothing concerning legislation and the public will want to know why. Please Impeach but do not get on with it. Schiff and Nadler are the best thing for the GOP. Lets get to bottom of this and run the comedy right through the election that Trump will win.
  10. Dems claiming hearsay evidence is good. Dems are in a world class hurt and i am looking forward to more public hearings. If Pelosi was smart she would end this farce as fast as she can.
  11. Is that all there is? If that's all there is my friend then lets keep dancing. Lets break out the booze and have a ball. ifs that all, there is. Peggy Lee. hahahahahaha
  12. Meuller the senile was better than what the dems did today. IG report is imminent. Warren admitted that she would have to attend the trial. Dem Senators will not be campaigning. Dems are in a hurt.
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