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  1. Take an aspirin. Drink a lot of water.
  2. The WHO is nothing more than a sinkhole that is part of a larger theft of taxpayer money. Recently the WHO had more than 7500 employees working for the UN. At that time the average pay for an employee of WHO was $130,000. The WHO and the UN do nothing but create high paying jobs for uneducated residents of backward nations. The US taxpayer foots the bill. Whatever we pay to the UN should be cut in half.
  3. They may have a hard time getting back in. I played in Juarez in 1968.
  4. If Trump attacks he will be vilified. If he does not attack he will be accused of being timid or Putin told him something. Trump destroyed the Caliphate. Libbers did not want him to succeed and criticized him all the way. Now they are mad he wants to pull out. Trump does what he wants and dems cry. 4 more years.
  5. Low oil prices will kill the Russian economy. Russia is a third rate country with a lot of nukes.
  6. Trump is putting the boots to Putin. Russian economy is based on energy and weapon sales. Energy prices falling. Trump selling the F-35. Turkey may buy air defense system that does not work from Putin. That sale is still on hold.
  7. Cuomo wants to be President. Right now the dems have a commie and a senile corrupt politician. Dems may attempt convention shenanigans with Cuomo to get rid of Biden.
  8. Easter will come and go. Nov. will be here soon. Trump will have 4 more years. The election is the real poll. Ask Hillary.
  9. Another phony libber. The same dopes that are worried about the debt now are the ones that made jokes about the Tea Party. Libbers are in love with their own hypocrisy and threads like this show the masochism TDS affected dems have. Try to remember libber hero Obama doubled the debt of all previous presidents.
  10. Second stringer Cuomo will now get to see the first string. A Commie and a senile corrupt politician. Bring on the first team!.
  11. Polls show citizens approve of Trump's handling of the Virus problem.
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