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  1. Not only did Trump follow the law on the aid, he changed the game entirely for Ukraine. Trump has given the Ukraine ATGM and man carry air defense systems. Russia will have a difficult time if they attempt tp annex more land. Obama did nothing when Putin annexed Crimea. When Ukraine requested military aid Obama gave them little to nothing. Trump did nothing wrong.
  2. Iceberg Lettuce 1 1.99 Cucumber 1 .89 Tomato 4 2.49 Onion 2 1.00 Red Pepper 2 1.25 Chickpeas 1 .75 Olive oil .87 Vinegar .64 Total 10 approx. 4 meals. 2.50 each approx. Prices local supermarket.
  3. As Bolton was disparaged by libbers Dershowitz was loved. Now Bolton is the libber hero and Dershowitz Is a (gasp) Fox commentator. Libbers applauded Dershowitz for his help to the ACLU for decades. Now he complains his old libber friends on Martha's Vineyard will not even acknowledge his existence. It is hard to believe Dershowitz was so naive. Bolton knows far better. Bolton is well aware that libbers real opinion of him is that he is a neocon warmonger. As soon as this farce is over Bolton will make a bundle of money and libbers will go right back to comparing him to Hitler. Dershowitz is a goner. His libber friends will never forgive him. Sad. So sad.
  4. I will not be able to sleep tonight. The poor soul must have looked like a soldier that got hit with a B-40. Sad. So sad.
  5. Everything Bolton writes in his book has to be vetted. Trump can exclude anything he wants that is in the book under executive privilege. Bolton would have to fight it out in the courts the same way Schiffty neglected to do in the House.
  6. Do your own work. Refresh your own quotes on Bolton. Thanks for the knee slapping laughs.
  7. Dems were recently calling Bolton an Iran hating warmonger who is responsible for all wars in the ME. Now Bolton is the authority on what Trump said, didn't say, meant, or didn't mean. hahahahaahahaaaa. If Bush accused Trump he would go from a dimwit warmonger to an authority on the Ukraine. Cheney would go from Halliburton money grubber to the next coming of Christ. Dems never fail to get the audience laughing.
  8. In her zeal to obtain dirt on Trump, Hillary paid Russian agents who compiled phony information that was used to obtain bogus FISA warrants on Carter Page.
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