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  1. As long as Limbhurger keeps the ratings through the roof he will be on the air.
  2. Air America was shut down. No one listened to it. hahahaahahaa I think Al Bore sold it to Al Jizzera.
  3. Portland voters see no problem. Seattle voters saw no problem. Voters know what they want and they are getting the representation they deserve. I see a problem but who am i to go against the wishes of the voters in these cities. Democracy in action.
  4. A cabal of high ranking gov officials conspired to coverup the crimes of Hillary Clinton, fix the election for Hillary Clinton, and frame Trump when Hillary lost the election. The Clinton campaign and the DNC paid for info provided by Russian intelligence that was used to obtain phony FISA warrants. Obama knew and approved.
  5. Barr and Durham are about to blow up Sally Yates. She might need a gofundme to pay the lawyers.
  6. In my town i want more cops and i will vote for candidates who will fund the police. There are only 4000 people in my town. Cops will not be defunded. In cities i want the ELECTED dem officials to do what they are elected to do and defund and abolish the police.
  7. This is what the citizens of Portland and residents of Oregon want. They voted for these policies. Voters are getting what they asked for at the polls. Good luck.
  8. U-Hauls are leaving Seattle and Portland at a good rate. Rental costs of U-hauls leaving are rising fast. Lots of people heading towards Idaho. Mostly only a city block. hahahahaha.
  9. Voters need to speak. The policies are the reflection of what the voters wanted. Re-elect the same politicians and the results will be the same. Dem voters can stop the riots by voting out the current bunch. Riots spreading into residential areas should bring out voters.
  10. Riots are what the voters demand. Voters in Oregon knew what they were electing. Money and business will leave Portland and take jobs with them. The residents leaving may not even stay in the state. This is what is happening all over the country. Dem cesspool cities are the laughingstock of the nation and woke residents are getting what they wanted. Defunding the cops will get them more of what they desire. Democracy in action. I see no problem.
  11. “Now I will tell you the answer to my question. It is this. The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from the oligarchies of the past in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just around the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now you begin to understand me.” ― George Orwell, 1984
  12. These dopes are losers who are without doubt going to be left far behind. Students who are wasting time and getting arrested are going to find it difficult to get back into the swing after all the fun they had throwing water bottles. Professional agitators will just move on to the next riot. This generation of students will blame their failures on Covid-19. Dims will want this bunch to be classified as the generation that was held back by Covid. They need reparations.
  13. As Durham brings forth indictments of Biden voters, who are part of the largest hoax in USA history, dims will again refer to the the Mueller reports finding of nothing. hahahahaaa. You will read endless quotes of this part of the report and that part of the report that all amount to nothing. No collusion. No obstruction. Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller, stood on a platform with Barr and agreed that there was NO collusion, NO obstruction. Dims will never give up on Russia Russia when their own candidate and the DNC colluded with Russian agents to obtain phony dirt on Trump. A cabal of high ranking gov. officials conspired to coverup the crimes of Hillary Clinton, fix the election for Hillary Clinton, and when that failed frame Trump. Durham is going to indict some of these Biden voters and they will be convicted. Obama knew and approved. My only hope is the dirtbag Rosenstein will be indicted.

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  • Hey kfools.. does this help? 

  • By Vegas

    Liberals are going to hell.

  • grgle

  • Where’s at @slideman?

  • Hola

  • I know this one, this new chat thing. I've seen it called the "shoutbox" among other things in my past. Very hard to hide from the chat box. The question is asked, there's no time to go search what other folks think, this is real time. Only seconds should be between chat box replies. This one is made for me. In the chat box one has to be quick on their feet with stuff at the ready. This chat box is the worst nightmare of anyone trying to deal with ol' teach. 

  • By pmurT

    hey @teacher that sounds like too much work for me LOL I need that useless thing called *time* in order to authenticate facts and truths which get posted by deceitful Dems

  • What does the red number refer to? currently, on my screen it says 2


  • Where does it say 2?

  • So. In the chat....if you tag a member the text afterwards should be a private message. 

  • How do? I'm teacher. If I'm online and the powers that be can figure out how to make it immediately apparent to me that whatever I've said here has been replied to I'm gonna show up right quick and kick some teeth in. It's the chat box, all this is new and scary. I know this gig. This starts now. 

  • Hey kfools, did you lose your securtiy cert? On my browser it is saying your site is not secure?

  • Mine too. I'm looking into it.

  • Mine too. 

  • I thought it was my location.. 

  • Just gave to renew the security cert. No big deal I'll do it tonight

  • OK thanks


  • Happy Anniversary, America... on your Civil Union.

  • All lives matter.

  • Double post deleted.

  • By teacher

    Scroll the other way for a while and you'll see me saying that these days the chat box ain't gonna work as one has to be quick on one's feet. The question is posed, there ain't no stinkin time for ya'll to refer to your betters for the answer, ya'll don't understand these things, this political debate, ya'll don't have the answer at hand, ya'll haven't thought this through, ya'll ain't ready for the next question I'll ask,  ya'll can't handle the pace that a bloke such as I can bring it in the chat box, ya'll can't handle this format.


    This one is made for me. 

  • By teacher

    Being offended does not make one correct. 

  • By teacher

    Some few days before the next election Mr. Fools is gonna pin my horse thread. it's gonna be horrible, I shall endevour every day to bring some some fresh. 


    I still own this cat box.

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    "I'm coming to you for ask a quick favor."

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    "Anyone that places a color in front of their name is racist." That one is not mine, got it from another member. 

  • Where’s all the hot bitches? 

  • By teacher

    Kidding me? 

  • By nuckin futz

    How do I get rid of this chatroom box?

  • By nuckin futz

    How do I get rid of this chatroom box?

  • By nuckin futz

    Get me out of Chatbox!

  • By jefftec

    The chatbox stays expanded and is a nuisance blocking screen images. What setting is there to control/collapse chatbox?

  • By kfools

    Just click the no holds barred to collapse it.

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    diddle dee dee

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