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  1. Now teacher I AiNt said nothing bad about you in awhile infact I actually said some nice things about ya on the other board Even getting along with Chuck as of recently Look.for awhile ya guys were screwing with me hardcore and well.I.may of said some rotten things but only Out Of Anger expirienced at the time But nothing personal and hope to keep things going as they are currently
  2. TY Karl. Late Happy Thanksgiving to you. Our political views may differ but that has no bearing on being friends.

  3. At Sonnys on Harry Ginés not just the Brisquet but the HOMEMADE BBQ SAUCE is to DIE FOR

    The BASE is made from the drippings

    Best sándwich i ever had

  4. Forgot about ya big tex

    happy thanksgiving

    i know our politics vastly differ at times but my new company runa Texas so ya keep it real on Lbj 635 or the Stemmons or Central expy 75 Night be me when ya crazy texas driver cut everybody off

    If I hit Harry Ginés its SONNY Ds Brisquet all the way

  5. Teacher I finally DID MY AVATAR From my Phone Too All By myself Of course ya dont give a RIP but ya ripped me big time afew weeks ago so Still AiNt figures out stories and vídeos yet so Dont get too excited Avatar is a BIG STEP in the righr direction though
  6. Thanks, Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  7. Same to you sweetie!!!

    I hope you have a great day!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving accidently ERASED MY PHONE AGAIN so I havent TEXTED lately

  9. Happy thanksgiving to you 2.


  11. Happy Thanksgiving Gailybee

  12. Happy Thanksgiving Nancy

  13. Happy Thanksgiving Maja El RushLimbaughFan

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