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  1. The Radical Right Republicans in Congress (aka, the Trump sycophants in Congress), and the Radical Right Republican news media (aka, the REAL fake news media), are complaining that Biden is not trying to unify the country. And they are doing so after THEY, and Trump (aka, the Divider-in-Chief), spent over four years trying to divide the country. Apparently, in the minds of the Radical Right Republicans, “unifying the country” means this: - Biden and the Democrats should forget about the division promoted by Trump and the Radical Right Republicans for over four years. - Biden should f
  2. On January 20th, when he leaves the White House, Trump wants a red carpet and a 21-gun salute. Apparently, Trump feels that he deserves a red carpet and a 21-gun salute for these accomplishments: - He told more lies in four years than any other president in our history. - He was the divider-in-chief for four years. - He eliminated a lot of capable people in our government who were dedicated to serving the American people. - He appointed a lot of swamp creatures to “serve” in his government. And he is the swamp-creature-in-chief. - He took credit for the good economy that he inhe
  3. On January 6th, we saw a very large pro-Trump radical right Republican mob gather in Washington with the goal of committing extreme violence because Trump lost the 2020 election. And we saw a large number of Republicans encourage the pro-Trump radical right Republican mob to commit extreme violence. For example: - Prior to the mob violence, we heard Don-the-Despot whip his mob into a frenzy of pathological, but unwarranted, anger. That is: >He repeated his lie that the election was stolen from him. >He told his mob that the process to certify Biden as president must be stoppe
  4. I watched the hearings for Trump impeachment #2 for a little while. Here’s some of what I saw: - Republicans said that Trump should not be impeached for inciting his mob’s violence, because it would divide our nation. However, they ignored a few facts: >These Republicans tried to steal the election from Biden, which would have divided our nation. >And Trump spent four years dividing our nation on race and ethnicity, on police misconduct, on our free press, on our intelligence agencies, on science, on the environment, on climate change, on health care, on Covid, on wearing masks,
  5. I’ve heard a lot of Trump fans yelling: STOP THE STEAL! And I agree with them one hundred per cent: STOP THE STEAL! In my opinion, there has been too much “election stealing” activity going on for too long. For example: - During his 2016 campaign, we heard Trump ask WikiLeaks and the Russians to help him steal the election. And we saw anti-democracy Republicans in various states implement “voter suppression” tactics, in order to help Trump steal the election. So, it’s possible that Trump, with the help of his accomplices, stole the 2016 election. - And during his 2020 campaign,
  6. In reaction to his failure to win the 2020 election, Trump immediately declared that the election was stolen from him. And then he filed a massive number of frivolous lawsuits in order to undo the election results, and to undo the will of the MAJORITY of the American people. The vast majority of these lawsuits were dismissed, because Trump’s lawyers were NOT ABLE to present any evidence that the election was stolen from him. (The judges who dismissed these lawsuits included Republican judges, AND judges appointed by Trump.) Furthermore, Trump’s Department of Justice found NO evidence tha
  7. Trump has a habit of taking credit that he does NOT deserve. That is, he has a habit of taking credit for the accomplishments of OTHERS. For example: he took credit for improvements to the wall that were authorized by Obama and Biden; and he took credit for the good economy that he inherited from Obama and Biden. And now, Trump wants to take credit for the Covid vaccines. That is: - He wants to take credit for vaccines that were developed by many scientists. In other words, he wants to take credit for the work done by people who he attacks, ignores, and contradicts. - He wants to
  8. Republicans like to say that they want to protect us against the “radical left” Democrats. What they fail to mention is that MANY Republicans are “radical right” Republicans. So what we have here is the “radical right” versus the “radical left”. For example: - On Covid relief, the radical left wants MORE money for our governors, our mayors, and average Americans who are suffering from the Covid problem, which was exacerbated by Trump’s gross mismanagement of that problem. In contrast, the radical right wants LESS money for those groups, and they want MORE money in tax breaks for peopl
  9. For a number of months now, Trump has been PRETENDING that the virus is under control, and that we are rounding the corner on it. In REALITY (aka, NOT in Trump’s TV REALITY), at this point in time, the virus problem is intensifying. And it is RAGING out of control in the vast majority of our states, and we are NOT rounding any corners. And the SAD thing is this; it did NOT have to be that way. And it is that way because Trump is TOTALLY CLUELESS on how to control the virus, AND because he will NOT get out of the way of the people who ACUTALLY do know how to control it. That is, he will
  10. In an essay that I posted about Trump and the Republican Party which was entitled “How to Remain the Leader of the Republican Party”, I wrote this about Trump’s view of governing: Think that governing is creating the GREATEST MESS in American history for our next president to clean-up. As we ALL know, Trump worked diligently 24/7 to do EXACTLY that. And as we ALL know, his diligence paid-off. At a minimum, he created one of the greatest messes in American history for Biden to clean-up. And it is very possible that he created the GREATEST MESS in American history for Biden to clean-up.
  11. Recently, a mob of pro-Trumpers on a Texas highway attempted to force a Biden bus off the road. What was Trump’s reaction to this UNWARRANTED and BLATANT act of violence against the Biden people? He praised the mob, and he called them “great patriots”. In other words, he didn’t castigate the mob, and he didn’t call them “anti-democracy anarchists”. (But why would he? They are HIS anti-democracy anarchists. And in MANY ways, HE is an anti-democracy anarchist.) I’m going to digress now. Trump’s perverse reaction reminds me of some of the perverse right-wing reactions to Obama’s beh
  12. Trump: Don-the-Con, MASTER con artist, the GREATEST con artist in American history, KING of the cons, King Con. I can see him now: King Con climbing the Trump Tower building in New York City. Here’s a list of some (but NOT all) of his cons: - Long before Trump ran for president, there was his “Trump University” con. Trump University, which was NOT a “university”, conned a lot of average Americans out of their hard-earned money. (What’s that say about his “promise” to look out for average Americans?) He got sued 25 million dollars for that con. - Also long before Trump ran for presi
  13. I am so PROUD of the millions of Americans who have been exercising their SACRED Constitutional right to vote in this SACRED decmocracy of ours. And they are doing so DESPITE the SAVAGE and RELENTLESS attacks on them by the DEMOCRACY HATERS. - That is, they are doing so DESPITE the efforts of the Banana Republicans at ALL levels of our government, who want to impede and prevent their efforts to vote. - And they are doing so DESPITE the efforts of Don-the-Dictator-Wannbe, who ALSO wants to impede and prevent their efforts to vote. And furthermore, he wants to intimidate them at the poll
  14. I saw the video clip where Trump terminated an interview with Lesley Stahl of Sixty Minutes, because she was asking him REAL questions, and she expected REAL answers. That is, she was asking him TOUGH questions, and she expected HONEST answers. (Honest answers from a SERIAL LIAR? GOOD LUCK with that, Lesley!) Was Trump AFRAID to answer Lesley’s questions? We all know that he’s a self-proclaimed “tough guy”. Maybe, he’s a tough guy who’s afraid to answer tough questions. As we all know, he’s NOT a tough guy around Putin. Maybe, his “tough guy” image is just an ACT. As we all know, he
  15. As the Woodward tapes reveal, Trump LIED to us and downplayed the danger of the Coronavirus, when he KNEW that the virus was VERY CONTAGIOUS, and that it could be deadly to MANY us. He says that he lied, because he didn’t want to cause a panic. That makes PERFECT sense, if you don’t think about it. But let’s think about it for a minute. Are there any flaws in his excuse for lying to us? Consider these three possible flaws: #1: What happens when we see MILLIONS of people getting sick, and THOUSANDS of people dying? Answer: PANIC! #2: What happens if we don’t know WHY so many peo
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