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  1. I'm not obsessed with either. you stupid or something?
  2. A Rhodes Scholar obsessed with race and homosexuality
  3. You voted for Obama only because he was black. what's that make you? HELLO!
  4. It's unbelievable how he gets away with it.any other president would've been either crucified into resigning or impeached by now but not king Hussein. it's like a little more than 3 quarters of this nation is on one giant acid trip or something, maybe it's the food or drinking water, who the hell knows....... Hussein actually makes Clinton and Bush see like alter boys............ Stimulus Fraud Green Fraud Forgery Fraud Fast and Furious Obama Care Fraud Illegal executive orders NSA Fraud Benghazi Fraud Seal Team six disaster IRS fraud And whatever
  5. More hope and change Stanley Fischer will guide QE Infinity along its destructive path The Obama administration has nominated a top level globalist to act as vice chair of the Federal Reserve, the private banking cartel masquerading as a federal agency. If selected, he will replace Janet Yellen as Vice Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. Yellen is slotted to replace Ben Bernanke. Zambian-American-Israeli economist Stanley Fischer left mega-bank Citigroup to head up Israel’s central bank. He is the former number two honcho at the globalist loan sharking operation,
  6. Surprised? hey offed his grandmother to keep his origins quiet, why not this lady? Hell, Obumber didn't even go to his grandmother's funeral.
  7. Yes! Hussein has destroyed the communist concept of big government..........
  8. Liberals hate anything manly. I love football but hate the new NFL. hockey rules!!!!!
  9. Jesus would probably make them the cake and tell them to change their wicked ways and sin no more as they walked out the door. what's your point?
  10. Conservatives here would say that pointing out their hypocrisy doesn't qualify as bad treatment or trashing them..........
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