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  1. All this is so, all is TRUE. We HAD decades where the Super Rich INVESTED..rolled it over.. because tax rates were HIGH and we PROSPERED. WISER...less brainwashed nations HAVE HEALTH Insurance Systems that work WAY better for LESS cost. Are Americans SUCKERS? Fools? YES.....Obviously. Who ELECTED a gang of FEUDALISTS and Con Artists? Poor Rednecks who ain't in the 1%. Willfull ignorance can COST you bigly. In FEUDALISM.. the Serfs ranked below cattle. Democracy is supposed to b about the interests of the AVERAGE guy ( likely most of us here) We HAVE a delusional facti
  2. That sucks... he should stick to cat scratch. Now THAT is good stuff.
  3. Wrong end of the horse.. but... it's not bad. We could all get sick of seeing a pic of horse butt ten times a day.........
  4. Maybe these slurs would matter if BILL Clinton was running. However... he is NOT and most of those fake scandals are BULLSHIT. Clearly... even as bitter and malicious the Right Wing Turds are.... they have to resort to FAKE scandals,endless lies. They are FINE with that since they do nothing useful.
  5. First.. thanks for a post that's to the point and understandable without my Sole> English dictionary. My ancestors thank you. However......I would note the many automatic appeals add up to a LOT of expence and a Death Sentance can drag out 10-15 yr.. sometimes more. So... the CHEAPER point seldom works. I'd agree.. some folks are psychopathic predators and don't tend to rehabilitate.
  6. Predictable arrogant bigot contempt. As STUPID as some such jerks are.. it may come as no surprise when they are unemployed. Zilla is too STUPID to actually KNOW any FACTS. Here.. the whole Far Right myth ..Crab Legs, Lobster....whatever.. is more recycled LIES. Zilla.. a sociopath and pathologic liar....NEEDS contempt for " Poor people" who, he thinks are mainly BLACK. Fact is.... If you are DEAD BROKE, no income.... you get just over $200 in food stamps. If you get unemployment,Social Security, have a part time job.. you get LESS. If you want to buy Lobster, Crab Legs... you C
  7. Trump's actual policy positions are so simplistic you could write them on a postcard. He's an egotist,an opportunist hustler. He's got no actual HISTORY holding office...and seems to view POTUS as if it's a mix of CEO and King. He lacks a basic knowledge of US Law. He's flipped flopped on MANY issues. He's LIED.... often. There's questions about Trump that nobody probed much or challenged him on. He won't skate free for long. Meanwhile.... a LOT of Repubs find him disgusting. He basically flipped off ALL the GOP big shots. Obviously... any "Stop Trump" thing got aborted. S
  8. Our Right wing Clones say little themselves but curious....He (or they?) love Cut + Paste. Why not just give us LINKS to the ORIGINAL artists? The Actual site? Gun deaths in the USA have been about 30,000 a YEAR. Not counting places with Civil Wars... that is MORE than ALL other nations.
  9. From what I know... so far....a not real detailed photo shows a man who RESEMBLES Cruz's dad,who WAS in the USA then as a Cuban exile. "Fair Play For Cuba" was likely a CIA front.... a "false Flag" so,in addition to Oswald, It's quite possible the other " members" were also NOT Pro Castro. A VERY interesting anomaly is that Oswald certainly "POSED" as a " Commie" yet in New Orleans and Dallas hung out with VERY ANTI Commie right wingers and Anti Castro Cubans.
  10. Probably Fox could find a few hundred Southern evangelicals to say the same predicatable self righteous stuff.. but....they needed a pretty blonde. Born again Cheerleader! Might make a good Vice president!!
  11. The Prez can do comedy. Trump did NOT want to (again) sit there with folks laughing in his face.
  12. Just the debris we get on THIS site has some very Fabricated crap with NO basis. I get that Vikings MIGHT have got here before Columbus. Chinese? Arabs? Maybe (or not). It's POSSIBLE anyone might have come here... never did anything with the "discovery". I guess Native Americans would say...WTF? we discovered it THOUSANDS of years before.
  13. I THINK any sane person gets that the USA is both Sovereign and inclined to do what we want. That said..... it is NEVER in our advantage to act like some wacko Empire. Colonialism? A bit outdated. We do rather well working with others. Nationalism? What's it MEAN? Huh? It the past it was a FALSE LABEL for various BAD things.
  14. Well.. yeah. Ladies rooms have STALLS. No urinals. Probably the odds some " transgender" person is peeing when + Where your child is.. are SO slim as to NOT matter. Even then...a natural male who'd chose to go FEMALE.. will tend to NOT have a thing for young girls. It ain't how it works.
  15. Pretty dismal when Graham, Kaisich are seen as MODERATE (or at least SANE.) As a DEM.....I'm amused at the way the "pander to nutjobs" scam..backfired and now the monsters are 'off the leash. Were there no Trump.. Repubs would be trying hard to derail Cruz. With Cruz.. the "Plan B".. it's a clusterfuk. Have Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, David Duke and other CRAZY ASSES...taken over? Is it about egotist Neo-Fascist or egotist Theocrat? That's all ya got? OMG!! The Bozo fringe have taken over. The CEO class.....had FUNDED crazy.. and finds that CRAZY is not good for them..and will FAIL
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