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  1. uh huh...chubby,cellulite and depends... not a good look. But he has a Trophy Wife (until she can cash out and escape)
  2. This fool accuses DEMS of "Pure hate" after an absurd rant about strippers, midgets, pimps, whores...and so on. As a long time Dem.. I can say we NEVER tried to do any bill advocating any stripper/middet 3 somes. Some people voluntarily share their wealth with pimps and whores.. but....dems don't advocate that. IMHO TBHWT.... is one delusional,hateful, simpleminded HATEFUL nutcase.
  3. All this is so, all is TRUE. We HAD decades where the Super Rich INVESTED..rolled it over.. because tax rates were HIGH and we PROSPERED. WISER...less brainwashed nations HAVE HEALTH Insurance Systems that work WAY better for LESS cost. Are Americans SUCKERS? Fools? YES.....Obviously. Who ELECTED a gang of FEUDALISTS and Con Artists? Poor Rednecks who ain't in the 1%. Willfull ignorance can COST you bigly. In FEUDALISM.. the Serfs ranked below cattle. Democracy is supposed to b about the interests of the AVERAGE guy ( likely most of us here) We HAVE a delusional faction that's into cult,emotional crap.. and they fail to see how USED and abused they ARE how they are USED in a VAST PLOT to drag this nation DOWN. Friggin bogus "patriots" who think an urge to SHOOT other Americans is "Patriot"? WTF? They are SELLING OUT.......dirt cheap.
  4. Around the world... people now see the USA as unreliable, confused ad a bit b.
  5. So... our local shithead is back with a new fake identity? Some idiots have a predictable style.... because it's all they know.
  6. Nah.. but in Your BULLSHIT fake news universe..."whatever".. In fact it was a very good speech ..probably one she SHOULD have done sooner. " Had to be restrained" ....seriously you dope.. what hallucination was that.
  7. Mr goofball... is a NUT who thinks any thing vindicates his delusions. Here...the conclusions jumped on are....unclear at best and.... as is.. Trump had advocated (mostly) protectionism ...tariffs and the story seems to say.. other countries ain't into that.. at leat those DISCUSSED. i don 't see anything about CHINA.. our #1 trade issue. What I read is countries who are NOT into Tariff..ar4e not into tariff. Meaning..what? Goofball.. tries to say......OMG.. Some crap Trump said is GREAT...Bestly Great.. yet.. the actual STORY....fails to say much changed. Who is the Elephant in the room? China. China is who MAKES stuff we BUY. Yeah.. Japan and Korea also factor.. but.. of those..China is who sells much.. does not BUY enough. TRADE GAP. goofus... CLAIMS whatever.. and yet ECON is so damn variable that if you read and relay the DATA, conclusions TRUTHFULLY.. it may still not end up right. If you had a list.... 10 most well known economists. 4 will be 'left" 3 will be right wing and the other 3 will be WHOre$ who agree with whoever PAYS Great Trump Victory..sez Village Idiot!! Get back to me on that. Going by the linked STORY.. It fails to show any big "victory". Instead....it's more like countries re-affirm their usual point of view. it's as if Goofus says thanks to Trump.. there will be warm weather in July. yeah.. no doubt but...... HOW warm? 90F? 125 f?.
  8. I am a history buff,into the strategy, tactics, tech of it.. but....i am/was.... fussy about what WAR i'd join. Were I a lot older or younger.. there's things i';d sign up for. However.. I respect those who served even when.. in a not good cause. on the internet... I can say i am the most genius.. the most babe magnet, a marvel Superhero .. but...so WHAT. So what. All we are is the THOUGHTS and WORDS we express. I MIGHT have a boner like a redwood tree and i might be so COOL that.... I scare myself. NEVER MIND. My WORDS ( minus a few typos) are all we know. Wre ALL are who we are but.. HERE.. I judge by the THOUGHTS, the WORDS people say. I KNOW who I believe. I KNOW also who is BOGUS. I knew people who in 10 YEARS... told no lies. I knew people who could not go 10 min without a LIE. I can't believe Zilla has not been stabbed and gutted by one of the young boys he's raped. just a matter of time. This Piece of crap BIGOT is a poster child for the IDIOT Psychos who adore trump. evil...and dumb as hell.
  9. Yeah.. Crappy Trolls LIE. it's who they are. Goofboy... If you could go a MONTH telling the TRUTH... I'd be STUNNED and maybe then I have to think SOME stuff you say is not GARBAGE. So far.... Garbage. Garbage...more garbage. i Can SMELL liars, frauds.. so....I KNOW who here is a POS..a TURD.
  10. Indeed.. Mr Scrooge REALLY had to reach and grope to pose as if he gave a shit. i DID at times have an "unreliable income" and were it not for 'food stamps' i reckon i'd have done CRIMES. i likely ain't the ONLY person who'd do "whatever" if having few options. Food Stamps give ECONOMIC stability to farms, to supermarkets, and let people short on cash.. pay the rent, put gas in the tank. We SCREW UP our economy (big time) on a regular basis. Suppose small town loses the main factory?There's MORE folks who barely pay the bills. Some do CRIMES when.. they have few alternatives. You have Domino effect...problems. If i WANT to shoplift stuff..... i can do it. i do not WANT to STEAL but...suppose the SYSTEM SAYS..DOG EAT DOG.. well..... this dog gonna eat. I'd be the NICE guy.... others might be nasty. Ever hear of the ' Social compact" ? If you went to college, took poli Sci 1A.. you'd know. This is....NEVER say.. "let them eat Cake'... you CAN lose your head. The Social Contract is..... if you are RICH.... you need to care about, help the NOT RICH...... because... there's a LOT of "not rich' and they.....WE..... can get you...take your cash ,your Mercedes, your fancy watch.. and KILL you.. You CAN.. hide in a BUNKER. You CAN do that.. but... most rich folks want a normal life and so do not want to abuse, pissoff, the poor folk. So... as SOCIAL COMPACT trade offs go..... food stamps (EBT) is a CHEAP payoff.
  11. Dude.. we seem to be on the same side. However... There's some odd thing where i reply to some right wing turd and get blamed for pissing on someone else. Do we agree.... Trump SUCKS?
  12. i am NOT ever for Trump, Trumpets, idiot Trolls, mindless Teabag zombies, other Neo-feudalists/alt Right bigots.. etc. if I jumped on anyone based on some ASS distorting words.. SORRY. I KNOW these MINDLESS creeps will lie,cheat, whatever. Screw those punks.
  13. Yes indeed. While I FEAR the likely WRECKAGE Mr Trump and his nuts, kleptocrats, will do...... the lasting SHAME that...America is NOT so honorable.. is petty.. stupid......that's why i am SAD.
  14. While we do not really require Presidents to be in ' good physical shape' (few are) we SHOULD want above average mental Health. Trump... qualifies for ...NEITHER.... could qualify for SSI as psychologically damaged.
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