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  1. Gods of silver, gods of gold, blah blah blah.... America worships but one god: The Almighty Dollar.
  2. I'm against the health care bill simply because of the federal mandate attached to it worries me. Essentially the federal government is forcing everyone to buy something or pay a penalty. This opens the door to the federal government compelling us to pay for other things we may not want to buy. Where's our freedom and liberty in that? I can understand things like car insurance because it provides protection to others in case you harm them, or taxes becuase it pays for common things like police and fire department, but getting medical insurance is fundamentally a personal choice like buying life insurance or homeowner's insurance. If you elect not to get it then your estate gets nothing when you die or your house burns to the ground etc. If we choose to smoke, sit around all day, sleep around with multiple partners, do crime or not properly maintain are car and home we're prone to get sick and face problems down the line but its our choice. I shouldn't have to buy into an insurance pool to cover free-riders under penalty of a fine. There's already a way for doctors and hospitals to offset their expenses for treating indigent people. It's called a tax write-off. Free riders who do have money and assets but chose not to pay can get sued and gone after by the collection agencies. If we really want to fix the medical system in this country what we need is universal healthcare like England, France and other countries have because let's face it, medical expenses for anything these days are outrageously expensive and profit-driven medicine is rewards doctors for finding new revenue sources instead of finding cures. I know the fines only apply to the 2% that are uninsured but I'm thinking it opens a can of worms. Then again Mitt Romney and the Republicans used to hail it as Republican genious before Obama got on board with it so we'll just have to wait and see what happens. It just sucks that everything Obama does kicks in several years later giving the Republicans a chance to overturn it.
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