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  1. Niagara Falls freezes over, again! It is becoming a yearly occurrence. Before doing it twice last year, and once again this year. The last time this happened was in the early 70s. But, it IS the hottest year on record. Crazy how that can happen huh? In other similar news, I turned my oven to 400 degrees, inserted water, and made some ice cubes. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2958849/Niagara-Falls-frozen-extreme-winter-weather-continues-East-Coast-going-colder.html
  2. In the original, you see his gay Pakistani roommates bare behind as he smokes his pole. True story.
  3. The problem is everyone has their own definition of what libertarian is. Libertarian is not all or nothing. It is in ones rational self interest to pool resources for the common good. Libertarianism is more of a philosophy of self responsibility than a working political system. It has value in limiting the scope and power of the government and their elite cronies.
  4. For once I completely agree with you. It's also true that those who constantly spout hateful things about others - LIKE YOU - are dark and empty inside and hate themselves.. And those who constantly say others do wrong things, really do those things themselves.
  5. Here come the Stasi. Must not speak out on behalf of the people Mr. walker.
  6. If they follow the tea party principles like I outlined above. Yes.
  7. That's exactly the problem. A person entrusted with power should be humble.
  8. You mean they want balanced budget, the era of big government is over, welfare reform? Clinton, Clinton, Clinton I'm not sure the people that are now the tea party had too many problems with the guy.
  9. Well when given the choice on whether you prefer dog shit, cat shit, horse shit or stale bread for dinner. You are surprised more people chose stale bread? I will note we didn't go back to Reagan. It would be a different result.
  10. And I bet the first few people that disagreed were called all kinds of names from people who benefitted from the falsehood.
  11. Mitt Romney: Saturday: "If you do this, this will happen" Sunday: It happens Mitt Romney: Monday: We should have done what I said. Libs: "Monday morning quarterbacking!!!!!"
  12. Answer: At the most, 21% because 79% of Earth is covered by water. But I hear libs all the time telling me that you can't just take a small percentage and call it "global". I love it when libs get all perplexed when they encounter strong minds they can't control with their childish but aggressive ridicule. Libs: "These arent the droids you're looking for" MassLiberty: "They sure the fuk are!!"
  13. Ha. I knew evince and newsmax are the same pathetic loser. Hahahahahahahaha!
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