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  1. this is an argument that has gone on for thousands of years...and will keep going on. without a fundamental collapse of modern society no real change is possible. good news though...in 100 years or so (long AFTER Al Gore and a huge chunk of the human race is dead), the earth will start to look like mars and whatever manages to scrape a living out of that, just might have a chance to make some real progress
  2. what I STILL cannot figure out is why the right is so vehemently opposed to it. (the aca) the line that they are worried about the economy doesn't hold water...they have proven for years that they give a shit about the American economy. or rather that a Mexican style economy (where you are either super rich or dirt poor) is the way to go so that might be it, but i doubt that's the only reason why I would love to know for sure
  3. agreed medicare (2012) 571 billion http://www.cbo.gov/sites/default/files/cbofiles/attachments/43060_Medicare.pdf medicaid (2011) 432 billion...(157 billion of that paid by states not fed) http://medicaid.gov/Medicaid-CHIP-Program-Information/By-Topics/Financing-and-Reimbursement/Downloads/medicaid-actuarial-report-2012.pdf (forward to page 26) military (2012) 553 billion http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/factsheet_department_defense the military budget is where the math become fuzzy and the sources get really political. but 553 bil is about right (give or take a few hundred billion for the stuff no one knows about)
  4. the moral of this story is... never have sex with the chick who lives behind said dennys dumpster without first doubling up on the prophylactics. moons over myhammy....$3.99 sex with the dumpster girl...$2.99 2x glow in the dark condom from dennys bathroom...$1.50 living a life free of syphilis....priceless
  5. Food Companies Spend $10 Million to Keep Junk Food Covered By SNAP .....a lobbyist for the Texas Beverage Association, which desperately wanted all of its drinks available for sale to the fastest-growing market in America: the food-stamp market, which has quadrupled from $20 billion to $80 billion in the past 12 years. Companies such as Coca-Cola, Kraft and Mars have spent more than $10 million in the past several years lobbying Congress to keep their products available to those using food stamps. “No clear standards exist for defining foods as good or bad,” the lobbyist said..... http://news.yahoo.com/food-companies-spend-10-million-keep-junk-food-220551522.html
  6. peace? you speak of peace and yet threaten Mars with weapons of mass distraction?
  7. OBAMA RAN ON THAT VERY PROMISE...that was a major reason I voted for him the first time. the best solution I can see is to establish term limits in congress. it wont solve all the problems, but it also wont make it so easy for the corporate interests to buy a politician for life
  8. newly released video, created by stitching together images taken by a veteran Mars spacecraft, provides a richly detailed, three-dimensional view of the Red Planet. The European Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft has orbited the Red Planet nearly 12,000 times, capturing images of Martian valleys, canyons and lava flows that have provided unprecedented views of planet's terrain. Researchers pieced together the individual images into a video that shows a eye-popping video of Mars in 3D. This has enabled the creation of the most comprehensive data set that has ever been acquired by a German instrument designed to study our solar system," Jaumann said. Nine light-sensitive detectors aboard Mars Express sweep across the surface of the planet, capturing images in sequence from nine different angles. This data is then processed into three-dimensional images by planetary researchers at the German Aerospace Center. "We can see the entire topography almost as well as if we were standing on Mars ourselves," Jaumann said.
  9. while simply cutting food stamp revenue is yet another brainless attempt by the right to get reelected...I do support reform. there is (what I would consider) rampant fraud in this system. and not just by the people spending them.
  10. wife?...LMAO! closest thing that fuck-stain will have to a wife comes in a box and needs to be inflated
  11. name one politician who doesn't lie? wtf do you live in candyland???
  12. its an imperfect solution. but faith in our fellow man is no longer enough to protect kids. the world is broken
  13. its not hard...just pretend your debating your grandmother, don't link other political forums, and don't try to sell us land in Antarctica....rule number 1 is mine and the other mods responsibility
  14. did a good job of shutting you up...was so nice for awhile too. do us all a favor and go play on the freeway
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