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  1. good comeback. Do you need a moment to take in your epic failure you stupid lying puce of trash?
  2. Why you voted for Trump. You are an easily manipulated dumbass period.
  3. He Hey gayedge. Your entire bullshit identity is going down faster than Rudy can tuck in his shirt. I hope it hurts you idiot.
  4. I wonder what is going to happen when this is revealed to just be a bunch of sore loser nonsense with no basis in reality? Do you guys just go onto the next conspiracy and pretend you didn't fall for this?
  5. Funny how when they counted early votes it wasn't exactly the same...lololol How you been dingleberry?
  6. Barr is complicit with Trump. The only one coming will be his cellmate. But keep your delusions. It's funny to me.
  7. Nah his fat ass is just breathing heavily. Don't get too excited. Btw Trump has had three years to lock up Hillary as his rallies cry for. What is he waiting for?
  8. I get that you think it's an important issue. But your very stable genius thought the solution was to build something that children are now climbing like a jungle gym for fun. Can we just admit it's a hilarious failure?
  9. Ok the wall predates that. Point taken. Not sure it helps your argument though.
  10. The wall was a joke from day one. It can be defeated by a child who can climb or a 100 dollar power tool. This is what you get when you let an imbicle lead you. You get child like ideas, bronze age technology and laughed at by the rest of the world.
  11. No one expects the wall to stop people? That's hilarious. You might want to tell Trump, he built his campaign saying just that.
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