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  1. Most likely a sock of the original chickie sock. What are the chances of it being the same person? Doubtful. That the problem when you create a replacement copy message board. People sign up under each other names. Hell, im a known liberal negro over at that other place...lol
  2. Because way too many low wage losers in this country pay no federal income tax. They would simply use more of our taxes.
  3. Successful people who provide and support for their own families are what is wrong with the country? Cool....I didnt realize we had that much power. Perhaps people like you would feel better in countries without so many successful self supporting people. Move to Haiti, son.
  4. Tyrone Shoelaces Thats the only negro name I could think of
  5. Let me also point out that MY CHILDREN have a better quality of life than the vast majority of any of those other countries. So you think I should want to lower the quality of the life I have provided for my kids to be "Fair" to the kids of some loser who doesnt provide for his own kids???? No thanks.
  6. Im only responsible for my own children in this country, and they arent living in poverty. I have done my job. I dont give a shit if your kids are in poverty in this country...I didnt make them, they arent my responsibility.
  7. Zimmerman would get to put a second "Negro stamp" on the side of his gun.
  8. Interesting facts about Phil Robertson, the "REDNECK" you libs seem to hate. *He is way more successful than you will ever be and he was even way more successful than you will ever be before the show. * He is most likely more educated than you libs. He has his Masters in Education. Spent several years teaching and still remembered as one of the best teachers that school ever had. * He was a better athlete than any of you. He was Starting Quarterback at Louisiana Tech. Terry Bradshaw was his back up Quarterback. Phil decided to not play his last year of eligibility and that allowed
  9. I have 61 guns in my home now, and absolutely no violent crime. I bet if I had 61 negroes living in my home, violent crime would skyrocket.
  10. Actually the vast majority of shooters are niggers. Im pretty sure more niggers arent right wing. Example: I know my neighborhood has more guns per capita than most cities in the nation, way more than chicago. Yet, we have no violent crime. Why does chicago have so much? Easy...NEGROES.
  11. Yep...his classmates are speaking out now. The dude was a socialist...and an anti gun socialist too. Sounds to me, he wanted to go out making a statement about guns being dangerous and become some kind of liberal hero. We obviously dont need to ban guns, we need to ban liberalism from school.
  12. For the record, the media also keeps calling the gun an AR-15 automatic assault rifle. Looking at close up pictures of the gun. Its not an AR-15. Although blurry, Im almost 100% sure its a Rugar Mini-14. Which I dont think you can call it an "assault rifle", being that the Rugar mini 14 is legal in all states with silly "assault weapons bans", including California.
  13. Actually he used a Rugar Mini 14. Perfectly legal in any state with an "Assault Weapons Ban" including california. Like we have always told you, libs. Assault weapons bans are retarded, because they ban what the gun looks like, not how they function. The Rugar Mini 14 is more of a ranch style hunting weapon, not a military style weapon you libs think look scary. It just happens to use .223 and accepts different mags.
  14. theft.....nothing more. The people should be put in jail for felony shoplifting. Hell, the other day spent about 400 bucks on groceries at walmart. When i got home, i noticed on the receipt that the check out girl failed to scan the 50 lb bag of dog food I had on the underside of my cart. I immediately drove back up there and paid for it. I guess us conservatives are more honest and have better morals than the liberal welfare sucking crowd.
  15. The GOP will never allow a good Conservative like Cruz to be the Presidential nominee. The GOP has moved way far left and will destroy any chances Cruz has of being president. Just sit back and watch. The GOP will nominate another liberal Rino like Christie and lose another election. Personally, as a Conservative, Im fed up with the GOP and their presidential nominees. Look at their last 5. Bush, Dole, Bush, Mccain, Romney.....Not a true conservative in the bunch. When the GOP nominates another liberal RINO, and believe me they will.....I will be voting for any democrat who is running against
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