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  1. When our intelligence agencies and military are supplying rebels with arms and destabilizing areas that supply Europe with oil, why wouldn't it raise gas prices in Europe, and why wouldn't the CIC be responsible?
  2. I don't truly believe all men are created equal. Only a moron would believe such a thing.
  3. What you've written here is retarded. Are you really so misinformed to believe organic vegetables are the only vegetables containing nutrients? Geez. Even frozen vegetables have nutrients, moron. Get a clue. By the way, do some research on a filmmaker named Soso Whaley. She ate nothing but McDonald's for every meal and lost weight. Disclaimer: I'm not defending McDonald's or suggesting you should eat there.
  4. With any luck, we can create a world where we never actually have to interact with people we don't know.
  5. Sorry, Dano, the penis is not technically an organ - you won't be able to get a bigger one from Uncle Sam.
  6. Foreshadowing again? Haven't you noticed some of the places have the change dispensed into a tray automatically? That way, Sheniqua doesn't have to count coins and everything moves faster. It's a step in the right direction.
  7. I also forgot to ask how it's not a complete violation of the 2nd Amendment?
  8. I'm moving to Virginia because of the ridiculous liberal policies in Maryland. After the first of the month, I won't even be able to privately sell a "regulated firearm", which includes pretty much every weapon that is magazine-fed more than 10 rounds. This law bans my 9mm Springfield XDM Competition because it can hold 19 rounds, and I may have to get fingerprinted and register it after the new law goes into effect in order to legally keep it. Can anyone tell me how the fuck any of this will save children? No, you can't. Because it won't.
  9. Completely wrong. First off, the phrase in question is "under god." It's not "under a Christian God." You can believe in many different gods and not be a Christian. Secondly, and most importantly, nobody forces you to say "under god" during the pledge of allegiance. I never said the pledge of allegiance in school because I think it's retarded and cult-like. There's the solution - just don't say it. Instead, you have the totalitarian left who want to step in and dictate exactly what should be said and not said. I keep hearing half-wits like you bleating about the fundamental Christian right who
  10. Sounds like they saved the taxpayers some money. What's the problem?
  11. Really? You can't figure it out why a bunch of people who apparently see Wal-Mart as their brightest career option can't unionize? Yeah, that's a real brain teaser...
  12. As the facade of the 2-party system finally crumbles away, we see once again the role-reversal of politics. The Democrats are Republicans are Democrats are Republicans... This is what you voted for, if you voted for Obama. They don't care what the people want.
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