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  1. this is not my post . now you ass hole post crap under others membership ?
  2. all the bill said that texas wrote get rid of any regulates clean water , clean air , lower wages , no protection to workers . hell it takes us back to the 1800s
  3. wow how hateful can you get? if your life mattered , and it dosen't
  4. The repigs grew the government . Remember bush created homeland security
  5. reagon was an idiot , no we don't need a reagon or bush trickle on you
  6. is it Kwanzaa already? wow time flees . yule is next sunday .
  7. wow have you got it ass backwards . 6 years of refusing to do anything .
  8. bush killed a lot in Iraq , shock and ooooh killed a lot just with that my point is war kills , you wouldn't know that but it does always has . my point is you just a piss-ant .
  9. that reminds me , its sunday , time to change underwear . this isn't a political promise . this is a mandate from the people , cops must change their minds on people . not tolerated any more . an ex-cop from st.Louis said police referred to all blacks as thugs . he talked of beatings they gave out . I know what he's talking about and it fits everyone . you better not get upset if your a victim of a crime . they will give you what they call a tour of the city . the saying is if your not cop your little people . the us and them rule is there .
  10. she was one of the top agents . it got her closer then any CIA agent
  11. yea but once you thought no way would we have a black man as president personally I think if the baggers didn't want Hillary in office ? the way they are all hated, backing her would be the nail in her coffin .
  12. but Christian charity is a CIA cover group . everyone know that
  13. everyone knew about waterboarding , the girl leading naked prisoners around by a leash the electrode all of it . so? The day after Bush was briefed, he denied it happened, gee do repigs lie? Of all the people on both sides of the ilea McCain has grounds to speak about it . He's the only one
  14. Too late their damned. Many repigs pissed along with Dems over the 1 trillion dollar budget bill . And for the same reasons . Some Dems go along with it as not to look like they shut down the government like the repigs did. Fight between mcconnel and Cruz Let the bloodletting begin for you idiots , story on newsmax
  15. Reagan killed kids in south America, bush sr. And jr. Killed kids woman and old in the middle east . Washington killed kids woman and old . All our presidents did . We never went more than 10 years without a war . The 7th Calvary massacred woman and children and old Indian after the Braves left for a hunting trip for custards mascara . they wanted someone that they could beat Reagan = dead kids , American addicted to drugs , also use American poor as experiments in chemical war fare as did Nixon and Eisenhower .
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