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  1. this is not my post . now you ass hole post crap under others membership ?
  2. all the bill said that texas wrote get rid of any regulates clean water , clean air , lower wages , no protection to workers . hell it takes us back to the 1800s
  3. wow how hateful can you get? if your life mattered , and it dosen't
  4. The repigs grew the government . Remember bush created homeland security
  5. reagon was an idiot , no we don't need a reagon or bush trickle on you
  6. is it Kwanzaa already? wow time flees . yule is next sunday .
  7. wow have you got it ass backwards . 6 years of refusing to do anything .
  8. bush killed a lot in Iraq , shock and ooooh killed a lot just with that my point is war kills , you wouldn't know that but it does always has . my point is you just a piss-ant .
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