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  1. Anyone who posts with a fat purple crayon has nothing worth wasting your time to read anyway. There is an ignore feature ...
  2. You said you saw/heard Mike make this statement on Frontline – no cite or other reference, you just want us to take you at your word. I have seen some of the stuff you have dragged out of your nethers, taking you at your word is not really an option, this Frontline claim is just, um, smoke-and-mirrors, to coin a phrase. All the substantive evidence I can find suggests that the Soviet Union's problems are all on the heads of Leonid, Konstantin, Yuri and Mike, the effects Reagan's military build-up were of minimal consequence. The most important thing is that he was willing to negotiate, which easily could have been the case for the guy before him or the guy after. Post hoc ergo propter hoc, whatever. You will take your Reagan worship with you into your dirt nap, and likewise, I will not let go of my dismissiveness. We might as well pop a beer and move on to non-stalemate topics. Or some eight-ball, or cricket or somesuch.
  3. Not believing it, in that I cannot find any evidence that he said anything at all like that. By Reykjavik, Mike was already in major nuke drawdown mode, so that kind if statement would make no sense. I doubt that you are fibbing, you lack the creativity for it, you have just been misinformed. Interesting anecdote. I get your military background thing, but it has distorted your view of history. By 1980, the cold war was already fading. You may have been skittish on base, but the rest of the country and the rest of the world was getting a bit bored with it all. Kind of a shit-or-get-off-the-pot deal. In short, Reagan gets way more credit/blame than the stooge deserves.
  4. That? Guffaws. Crediting him for ending the cold war is saying that Mikey Gorbachev never existed. Reagan's contribution was negligible. Now, if you want to talk about giving Saddam those WMDs, or supporting the effort to empower the Taliban, maybe he deserves some credit for that.
  5. Well, you know, Kadiddlehopper is so very adamant that Reagan rescued the nation like some sort of hallowed knight in gilt armor, that we were on the verge of a depression at the time, if one challenges that notion and backs it up with stats and charts, Kadiddlehopper just goes nuts, and someone like cannon can keep him running-in-circles-hair-on-fire for days on end. It is kind of mean, one should not bait the troll, but it can be funny to watch. And since we are not going to solve the world's problems here, might as well get some entertainment.
  6. Actually, global warming causes increasingly erratic weather patterns, like OIDK, a massive blizzard that pushes a boat into pack ice where it gets locked in. Summer in Antarctica? Yeah, I was just looking at the weather in Ushuaia, about as far south as people actually live, mid-summer gets up to 50°F. And that is north of the southern ocean current, 125 sverdrups of cold sea water that keeps Antarctica from ever getting warmed up, even in summer. So, they in fact did obtain some potential evidence of global warming. But your barleycorn-sized brains will never be able to grasp the notion that things are kind of complicated. Keep your hankies handy for the corners of your mouths.
  7. IP addresses do not necessarily provide an "exact" location. Like the majority of broadband users, I am on PPPoE, which means my personal router connects to my ISP when it needs to communicate, at which time the gateway server gives my system an IP to use. Then, during idle time, the link drops (e.g., I am reading a long thread) and reconnects as needed. I have seen evidence that the IP I am using sometimes reflects a location 40 miles from where I am sitting. A few people do have "static IP", which would tie right to their location, but that is pretty uncommon. IPv4 only has a couple billion IPs, so they have to get shared around a bit. When the 'net is fully IPv6, everyone will probably have static IP, but that is a few years off.
  8. Not that it is likely to happen, but remind me not to get on the wrong side of you.
  9. Two sites where one can heap abuse upon DeVry, what more could we ask for? It is almost like gluttony.
  10. Nonetheless, beer, wine and HL are kind of different products compared to chocolate, tampons and Slim Jims. There is no valid reason that a store should treat an age-restricted product the same as everything else on the shelves. So it would be a tad inconvenient for the legal purchasers to have to go to the booze counter, getting killed by teenagers drunk on stolen beer is inconvenient for fleshy lifeforms.
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