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  1. So........what is the lefts plan to stop it? Are you still comparing the US response to Europe, and how much better they were than the US at controlling Covid?
  2. And just when I think you can't get any dumber................Scout, I'll give this for you....everytime we raise the bar for stupidity.....you leap right over it! https://www.loc.gov/law/help/firearms-control/china.php#:~:text=The Firearms-Control Law generally,and those for civilian use.
  3. You are faster than a bullet?/// Fkn Superman!
  4. The NYT has proven in the last 3 years it is anything but a total shill for the DNC.
  5. Hey FOOL TOOL. NYT is a liberal rag that posted their opinions. I can find NOTHING that says TRUMP owes $100 million in back taxes, other than NYT opinion that he MIGHT BLAHBLAH BLAH. It seems the NYT is the ONLY one reporting this. Odd....don't you think. Grow up little tool and do something with your life. At least get out of moms basement.
  6. So you just spout nonsense that you pulled out of your ass. Got it. I already told you, I did a quick google search. It was....".does Trump owe $100 million in back taxes". And I got no results, so.....if you got proof...share it. Otherwise....shut your stoooooopid commie piehole. The only thing that comes out of it is nonsense. Bye Dummy! If it's so widely reported, why doesn't it pop up when I google that question? Dummy.
  7. You will post a link as proof that Trump owes $100 million in back taxes right? Because I sure cant find anything that backs you up. FOOL TOOL!
  8. Then why hasn't the IRS done anything? What year were these taxes from? Why didn't Oblamos IRS do something if Trump did something illegal? You are .....simply.....that STOOOOOOOPID!!!!!
  9. Please show me where he broke the law. It sounds like he has an excellent CPA and business advisor. You are just jealous. Do you know why the IRS didn't do anything to Trump? Any ideas? Maybe its because he did NOTHING wrong! BWWWAAAAAAHAAAAHAAAA......bombshell....more like a lady finger......
  10. That's not how it works. If you are being assaulted in any way that you perceive is a treat to your life, it is legal to use any means at hand to remove that threat. Sorry....you lose.
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