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  1. Why should we when its children attempting the beat down. You have proven yourself an ignorant fool enough times here to show your level of maturity. You sir, are a complete and utter fool.
  2. Splunch, come on. You are missing the point. NO politician or news person should be saying that Trump is lying, Trump is killing you, Trump doesn't care about you. I think that is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard from the left. This country is scared shitless right now and doesn't need doomsday idiots spewing garbage like Pelosi. "Trump fiddles while Americans die". A stupid reference to Nero???? Does she think she is being clever? Stupid bitch should be removed from office. Really? Hey Nancy..how does that stupid statement help anyone now? Once this blows over, fine. Go to it, but Now is not the time.
  3. And you are an idiot. Don't have any then. You have no clue, none, nada,zip, zero, knowledge on the subject of insurance companies. The only good thing about a world without insurance companies, is there would be a lot less lawyers!
  4. the policies say that they don't cover it. WTF? How stupid are you? Accountable for what? So with Lloyds of London bankrupt, how will international shipping go?
  5. Does anyone have any idea what would happen if Lloyd's of London, or a bunch of big insurance companies closed their doors?
  6. There is a good chance it would bankrupt many companies. We are talking potential 300+ billion a month. Insurance cant cover everything. Nobody could afford it. If I asked a customer 3 months ago, if they want to pay an extra $3000 a year for business interruption coverage that would cover if Your business closes due to a government ordered shut down that was ordered because of a virus pandemic, they would tell me no way. go pound sand, That isn't gonna happen.
  7. So? Big fuking deal. My neighbor down the street had it. Recovered and back to work. Shes a nurse at a large city hospital. She is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more important than this two bit CNN charlitain.
  8. Do they own the factories? Have you seen the quality of the test kits that are coming out of China? Why would you trust them to make anything for us?
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