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  1. Fine. Go on strike. But no more government bailouts and when GM and Chrysler take another dump, they can all be out of a job. Good idea.
  2. So do you have an actual point? So, because I drive a car, eat food from a store, have a cell phone, somehow "I/WE" caused an earthquake, that caused a tsunami, and took out a reactor. Is that your point?
  3. And when the State becomes the domestic terrorist, they will fulfill their duties.
  4. Why can't you seem to grasp the point? If it's all about saving lives, why shouldn't you comply? What about your family and friends? Will those lefties comply? How about all the Hollywood elites? Will they comply?
  5. WTF does any of that have to do with it? Do you own a car? More than one? If it's just you in the household, you don't NEED a second car.
  6. No. He's fine. He just misspoke. Minor Gaffe. That's Joe don't yah know? Doesn't mean a thing.
  7. It's exactly the same in principle you idiot! You are claiming the government has the right to take away what they deem you don't NEED. My idea would save a heck of a lot more lives than the BS laws you idiots are proposing. Would YOU comply if the government made this a law?
  8. I addressed this with Maineman and he backed away. Ex. The government has a competition to make the MOST safe car, van, and pickup. Who ever wins will be the SOLE manufacturer of vehicles. Then all manufacturers will work for the winner and make those vehicles. They will be regulated so they can't go more than 5mph over the speed limit. Each type of vehicle will have a designated lane. ALL other vehicles will be forbidden and bought back by the government or you can keep, but not drive. This would save THOUSANDS of lives each year. You do not NEED any other type of vehicle. Period. Is that fair?
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