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  1. She does NOTHING to even TRY and prevent this from happening. She obviously thinks her new course of action will help prevent this from happening again. It took a little girls death, for this dumb bitch to get off her ass and do something about it. She is in charge of that city and its law enforcement, and she let the thugs run the show. Armed people squatting in the burned out Wendys???? Really? This is a good thing? The entire neighborhood has become a war zone because of this fool, and a little girl died because of it. And YOU back her up. YOU are a disgrace.
  2. MADCOW is a MORON, that has been consistently wrong about pretty much everything she talks about!
  3. BS. YOU assholes agree with this crap, you assholes do nothing to try and stop it, or even discourage it! So, it's on YOU too bunky!
  4. clearing these idiots out is easy. surround them. Throw about 100 gas filled balloons at them....give the 3 min to clear out, or the flares gets tossed!
  5. Since YOU agree with the loony left, then you are also responsible for their actions. See how that works sparky?
  6. I can't wait to turn my back and drop trow the first time I hear it played!
  7. If they are climbing on my car when my little grand baby is in it? I punch it. If a window breaks, I start shooting. It's as simple as that !
  8. And our PUSSY ASS Dem. Gov. Evers response...put the National Guard on alert. How far is their barracks Tony? What is their response time if they start burning your precious capitol to the ground? Where are you Tony? No press conferences like before? Are you in the Capitol??? In the basement?
  9. Well, obviously if you had to ask....you are...
  10. I'm on THEIR SIDE and they BEAT me! How could they????? Well, cause they really don't give a flying fuck about you Tim! https://www.channel3000.com/state-senator-says-he-was-beaten-by-madison-protesters/ https://www.foxnews.com/us/protesters-attack-wisconsin-state-senator-in-chaotic-night-at-capitol-report https://www.mediaite.com/news/protesters-destroy-two-statues-attack-state-senator-amid-overnight-unrest-in-wisconsin/ https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/504269-wisconsin-state-senator-kicked-in-the-head-during-protests He's a Democrat, AND the only OPENLY GAY State Senator, I do believe!
  11. Does the social worker give the cop permission to defend her/him? At that point, what can the cop do? What are the rules the cops has to abide by to save the silly social worker? Do you have any idea how fast the situation can go from a pleasant chat, to the nut-job having his arm around the neck of the social worker, and a knife to their throat?
  12. Only because of the "RULES" that lefties put on our Military. You are a special kind of STOOOOPID! Some drug crazed nut job doesn't care if he can get it up. Don't women always say rape isn't about sex, it's about the power???? Hmmmmmm?
  13. Yes. We are a violent people. That's why nobody fucks with us very often. So how do do stop the drug addled nut-job that will take great please in raping your little social worker?

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