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  1. Then why doesnt the Pig let the salons open up under those guidelines?
  2. I can't believe that you are against shooting them. Looters are scum, it can quickly lead to murder. Shoot a few and see what happens.
  3. No...Dems just rant and rave and stomp their little feet, when they don't get their way. That is your legacy.
  4. QAnon.....who cares about that drivel? You? I had to Google it when you silly Dems started barking about a new conspiracy theory to attack Trump with. I bet if I ask 100 people in my area what QAnon is, they will go....who?
  5. If there is a war....your side loses .....badly
  6. The evil Dem Mayors and Governors are willing to let their Dem controlled shithole cities burn because they think it makes Trump look bad and they can convince brain dead idiots like you that it's true.
  7. No...he isn't. Your handlers have brainwashed you into thinking that. Please give me an example of Trump inciting rioters and looters.
  8. Your uninformed opinion. And guess what, opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one!
  9. So.....somehow you that that YOU and all the leftys in the world will find something illegal.....when Obamas IRS had his taxes for 8 years???? Is that what you are saying? You are a special kind of STOOOOOPID. WELL DUH!!!!!
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