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  1. You and quite a few others. I hope that those who support such radical ideas aren't squemish at the sight of blood because there will be rivers of it. I can't say as I would surrender mine peacefully or not. I guess it would depend on my mood.
  2. Unfortunately, I have become far too cynical, and jaded regarding humanity to believe in the possibility of a utopian society. The best I can hope for is that we might do a little better than this before our ultimate extinction.
  3. A few forays into the NHB, and I felt like a hole had been burned into whatever passes for my soul these days. This room may be slow but it and the WCR are the only ones fit for reasonable folks to look at. I can feel genuine respect for the majority of the posters here regardless of whether I agree with what is expressed. And i'm still secretely in love with our grammer Nazi.........oops.
  4. It is already illegal to buy a gun for someone else. It is called a straw purchase. You suggest we pass the same law again? No. I suggest that we should stiffen such laws in order to make them more effective. This is from the crime report. The truth is that the nation does have statutes outlawing gun trafficking, as well as laws that can be used to prosecute so-called straw purchasers, i.e., eligible gun buyers who obtain a firearm for someone who is ineligible to buy one. Many law enforcement officials and a growing number of legislators from both parties insist that existing laws are too frail and that a specific statute against straw purchasing is needed to give federal agents more legal firepower to crack down on gun trafficking. Virtually all weapons recovered at crime scenes are purchased from licensed firearms dealers, says the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Of firearms used in crime, 20 percent go from a licensed dealer to a crime scene in two years or less, says Mayors Against Illegal Guns. For the record I am a supporter of the second amendment as well as a gun owner. I do not support gun bans. I do support some common sense measures.
  5. You are solidly in my school of thought. Purchasing a firearm for someone who is not qualified to possess one should be a serious felony. Having a gun stolen from you is one thing, but failing to secure one from kids, or unstable relatives should result in far stiffer penalties than they do. Right wingers secretly LOVE gun bans. Think about it.
  6. All guns laws should be Federal gun laws - to simplify admin & enforcement. & so that we're not constantly in a fog about what our rights are - currently, they vary from state to state, city to city. I must disagree with this. A rancher in Montana may need a .223 rifle to dispatch predators that may attack livestock, while an inner city thug should certainly not be allowed the same weapon since humans would undoubtedly be the intended prey.
  7. I sense that the creation of fictional scenarios with a strong bent towards the irony inherent in the human condition was completely lost on someone here. Just sayin.
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