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  1. And where is your link to unbiased, factual proof of this? Or are you trying your hand at libel again? And thank you...you as well.
  2. Internet Troll Someone who takes pleasure in causing drama by arguing with people without wanting or accepting anyone's response, also known as a "Justin" "Man, this Justin guy is such an internet troll." https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Internet Troll
  3. Really? So most men who die as bachelors are child molesters? And where is your link to unbiased, factual proof of that? Or did you just make it up?
  4. Sooo...first you accuse me of stalking you. Then you turn around and stalk me? You seem a confused man on this.
  5. That old one? Please.... Anyway, I have never been married. I am not that weak. When did you stop collecting child porn?
  6. Riiiight. The goal of the Democratic Party and ALL liberals in it - is to 'destroy America'. If you honestly believe that? You are - IMO, either staggeringly stupid and/or emotionally disturbed.
  7. 不 Thanks for proving my point. What's it to you? BTW - The fact that my name has not already answered your question...well, it does not make you look too 'worldly', imo. Have a nice day.
  8. 1) What do you care if he is? 2) Why are you (seemingly) so fixated on 'black' people? I count at least 3 people so far in just the last few days you have asked that question of. Is it hatred? Or something else? Have a nice day.
  9. 8 posts directed at me in the last 46 minutes. I would say I am on your mind a LOT. And you obviously, In my opinion, simply are hoping I will drop this because you realize it makes you look REALLY ignorant...or worse. Here is my sentence: ''And where is this link to unbiased factual proof of how 'the left constantly prove their hypocrisy'?' Is the entire point of this sentence to ask you for a link? Yes or no? As ignorant as you seem? I think you know the answer is 'yes'. But you are a troll. And I know your type. It is almost impossible for you to admit you are wrong to someone you are debating. I could - because I have (at least some) integrity. But you do not...so you cannot. Have a nice day.
  10. (and I see you obviously were hoping I would forget this as - IMO - it makes you look INCREDIBLY ignorant/uneducated) Now - IMO - you are CLEARLY just spinning/lying. OF COURSE you 'care' what I asked for. Because your sentence CLEARLY is referencing MY SENTENCE. DUH!!! Here is my sentence: ''And where is this link to unbiased factual proof of how 'the left constantly prove their hypocrisy'?' It asks for a link. The rest of the sentence SOLELY describes what needs to be in the link? Again...DUH!!! And your reply was: 'Two great examples were in the post you quoted, dumdum' That means you posted two great LINKS - which you did not. How can you be so STAGGERINGLY inept NOT to understand this? Are you senile?
  11. Blind Rage? Over a senior citizen troll on a chat forum? Who I seriously believe has an IQ under 90 and probably did not even graduate high school? Whom stays signed on ALL DAY on a chat forum? 不不不不不 I honestly pity you. You work 80 hours a week? 不 At what? Playing Bingo? Okay - what do you do for a living? Dig ditches?
  12. No you did not, IMO. You did not mean it for a second. Olive Branch? You are a GRADE A troll. You probably have the honor of an Afghanistan Terrorist. I do not believe for one second you are sorry my mother died. I think your 'olive branch' was nothing more than you playing PC. Also, I have practically no respect for you whatsoever. Why would a 'I'm sorry' from a nothing like you mean the SLIGHTEST thing to me? And I am DEAD serious. Have a nice day.
  13. Well, you just proved me right. Thank you. You NEVER log off from here. This place is obviously SO integral to you happiness that you never log off...ALL DAY. Man...if I ever live as long as you do (which I hope I do not)? I hope to GOD that my life is not SO sad and empty that I stay logged on ALL day on a chat forum.
  14. Whatever. And no you are not sorry. You are not capable - imo - of an honorable thought for anyone that does not directly benefit you.
  15. Blah, blah, blah. You and your semi-endless statements about this and that - that you NEVER prove. You seem so INCREDIBLY full of it. That is pretty sad, IMO.
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