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  1. Yes. It was definitely a ritualistic ordeal. Reptilians love blood because this is how they maintain their own equilibrium and youth. Those who are in the occult know that this is true.
  2. Excuses. I suggest you do some research my friend about the secret society and their rituals that go on during sports and worldly events.
  3. This has been going on for a long time in sports.
  4. So here we go again another subliminal message that has escaped the masses once again. Tyson Fury beat Dontay Wilder in Las Vegas last week on Saturday night. But how did he win ? Was Wilder really outmatched ? I beg to differ. From what I could see the man was on something and out of shape. Some say he threw the fight. I don't think he did because he has too much pride to do that. Tyson Fury is a ritualist. He is the Gypsy King. I saw a very dark aura over him that night before the fight. He knew he had the edge because Wilder got worked, spiritually. The video here explai
  5. The truth is that none of this matters. Youre wasting your time.
  6. Yes. Trump is a false prophet who is leading a lot of miseducated people down the wrong path.
  7. I this right here is quite telling. No need to argue anymore about it.
  8. Im no freak. Im the last guy here who will act like some perv just to get your attention.
  9. Good evening ladies and gentleman. Id like to know what is the best Thanksgiving dinner you can come up with. I have mines right here. How about some fried turkey, jumbo shrimp, yellow chicken flavored rice, sweet peas, candied yams, string beans, cinnamon rolls, buttermilk cornbread, ham, pecan pie and some stuffing of course. What is your best dinner plate. List it below right here.
  10. More mumbo jumbo. Here you have a pseudo intellectual who overanalyzes and exaggerates everything. Not impressed by your fabrications. Your ancestral dna is dysfunctional at best.
  11. No. My writing is very plain for everyone here to understand. Its just that you are someone who is mentally inept and does not know how to comprehend the basics. You try too hard to make yourself seem intelligent but you are not.
  12. America has always had immigrants from other countries. Some of them fought in the Civil and Revolutionary War.
  13. The word is used to measure its validations. So that means since you cannot comprehend anything correctly. I am asking is it a cause worth fighting for. Is it a valid ideology. Is it necessary. I never said it was evil. Learn to comprehend and read first before making assumptions about the posts view.
  14. Hmmmmmm. So in your mind what makes America weaker ? I cannot wait to hear this.
  15. Kinetic assertions, overexertion of mental force. Ancenstral dna package in the mail addressed to Sole Result.
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