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    I am a very elusive, philosophical, intellectually individual that is more unorthodoxed than any figurehead you have seen in your lifetime. Common sense and logic still matters.

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  1. Or maybe you are just a confused individual who does not know how to correlate or put things into perspective in a balanced scale. I challenge you to talk like a normal person, and quit with all of this overanalytical mumbo jumbo.
  2. You have no balance in your theory or mind. You are too scattered to be as logical and straightforward as me. So this is what you do. You talk with this very erratic robot talk, and claim that you know a lot of things, but cant even carry a normal conversation. I think you might be mentally illed or something. Who knows.
  3. Oh yeah. Back in 1999 we had a real economic book. Now this overhyped watered down crap you see on cable news today.
  4. They are both the same. What a bleepin idiot.
  5. So is Trump. So whats the point ? Theyre all the same.
  6. Oh. And who are you suppose to be ? You remind me of that robot from the Batman animated series who talked too much, and then talked himself into oblivion. You are nothing more than an overanalytical, hyper-indoctrinated, self obsessed, pineal gland cleansing fool. You are every bit as under the spell of social engineering because you spend all day on sites like these, and call yourself an intellectual. Bah humbug. Im not impressed.
  7. And what does that suppose to mean exactly ?
  8. Hey. We know you White men are pedophiles. What else is new.
  9. Youre still here. Thank goodness. Whats new ?
  10. Wow. Your brain must not work properly. Here, try some Bayer.
  11. I think you are way too overanalytical to understand simple logic. You are like an iPhone on crack.
  12. The consumers have been influenced by Wal Mart and Amazon.
  13. And don't forget Amazon, and other online shopping outlets. Whats your reason for these stores closing Einstein.
  14. The momentum and declination of retail stores have been accelerated by big monopoly businesses.
  15. The big monopoly stores have killed the mom and pop businesses in our country.