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    I am a very elusive, philosophical, intellectually individual that is more unorthodoxed than any figurehead you have seen in your lifetime. Common sense and logic still matters.

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  1. Yes it did. And we got out. Your kind is dying out. You need to focus on the spiritual growth and culture of your own kind.
  2. They do this because they envy Black America. Our history is linked to those so that is their own fault. Not ours. We are here, and when you are gone, we will still be here.
  3. This is a lie. And it is because much of what your kind has hidden a lot of their dirty deeds from you. nd this has been going on for years sir. So you are already biased because you arent willing to admit this truth.
  4. Of course they do. We all came from the same homeland. Our ancestors are African. Simple.
  5. They are insignificant because noone in your family has been killed by these mass shooters. And I have not heard you complain about the businesses who hire illegals either. Seems like you are one dumb dog.
  6. I can tell you with a straight face there is more than 12% Hispanics and Blacks in this country. And that is not even counting the barrier islands. Id say it is around 14-15% and 17% are Hispanics. So anyway, lets get that straight. And lets understand that a person of color is 3 times more likely to get shot by a cop or thrown in jail than a Caucasian.
  7. I believe that black men make up at least 10% of the population. Much more of us around the globe. And if you would get the racist cops out of the picture the numbers for Whites being in prison would double. Its a fact.
  8. Just remember if Uncle Sam comes for your gun you wont be able to stop him. Your gun is no match for a bomb.
  9. Again. Why do you feel more threatened by a bunch of Mexicans than you do white male mass shooters ? Youre not making any sense here.
  10. Just a question. Lets hear your response.
  11. These statistics are false. Lets see. Get rid of the White Supremacist system and cops. And its all even.
  12. Let me guess. You feel more threatened by them than White Supremacists right ?
  13. Most people are not aware of this. Not all kids put stoppers in their noses. And this is only the beginning. I have not even talked about the mosquitoes yet.
  14. What do you mean. Children swim in the water. It is not about what party they are affiliated in. This post was to address the fact that White Supremacy is a self inflicted disease and that people of color are not the problem.
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