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    I am a very elusive, philosophical, intellectually individual that is more unorthodoxed than any figurehead you have seen in your lifetime. Common sense and logic still matters.

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  1. Is that you on those pictures. Don't lie.
  2. Its learned because human beings are collectives. Like robots. When you see a person yawn, then sometimes you yawn too. Its natural.
  3. Why are Whites killing other Whites. You are only at 60% right now and declining quickly...
  4. I think racism is taught. Its a learned behavior.
  5. Do you know what White Nationalism really is ? Its terrorism. Simple and plain. This is a group that wants to depopulate the Black race here on Earth. That is the main agenda.
  6. I call it Black on Black crime. Which is far less of a threat to the nation overall. Thanks for the deflection.
  7. And what do you know about White Nationalism. Like be coherent for a change.
  8. We know about Chicago, and that also needs to be addressed. But to ignore White Nationalism and not call it for what it is is undermining the reality of it all. So the next time we have one of these massive shootings by a White male you will know. Its not just us making a fuss. Stupid muther effer.
  9. The White Nationalists will deny it. They can never come to grips with anything that is real.
  10. This is an epidemic. You had over 200 mass shootings so far this year. And some are unreported. Its happening at a very alarming rate and even in the softest zones known to man. Its there for all to see. Come back when your brain is working again.
  11. That opinion is irrelevant. What is relevant is that more people are dying because of racism. And racist propaganda. This is similar to the days of Hitler and 1940's Germany.
  12. No. Its call putting things into perspective and holding people accountable. Your extremist views bore me.
  13. Vilification is necessary for the generations who suffered because of the judgment of ones pigmentation.
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